Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).

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hi got server 2012 R2
running the batch script at longon  using gpo to install an applicaiton in all computers. the script is in the server and the location is shared to everyone with read/write rights.
below is the script am using.

@echo Off

cd c:\

reg Query "HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\CentralProcessor\0" | find /i "x86" > NUL && set OS=32BIT || set OS=64BIT

if %OS%==32BIT set PATH="\\\cylance\abc_x86.msi"
if %OS%==64BIT set PATH="\\\cylance\abc_x64.msi"

C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe /i %PATH% LAUNCHAPP="1" /quiet

when i run the above script getting error message as  " UNC PATH NOT SUPPORTED"

how do i fix this ? ?
Running into a major issue with one my of virtual machines that is running exchange 2007 server. Out of nowhere, I've gotten this message twice now in the last few weeks. The error that I'm getting is this "msg.hbacommon.outofspace there is no more space for the redo log you may be able to continue this session by freeing space". The only thing that gets rid of this message is powering off the server completely and powering it back on. After that the exchange server will start working again without any error messages for a few weeks this issue has happened twice and both times this is the only thing that has fixed the issue. I went through the snapshot mananger and found a snapshot for a virtual machine we never use anymore so I started the process of deleting the snapshot for that machine. I'm sure this issue will come up again and I'm trying to figure out how to fix this problem.

My current system is a Dell PowerEdge 2950
Running VMWare ESX Server 3.5.0 64607
I have 6 Virtual machines attached to this server

I have 2 Virtual Machines that haven't been used in over a year that could be deleted but I'm not sure what is the correct process of deleting a virtual machine and gaining back the space and not harming anything else in the process.

If somebody could give me some suggestions on what could be taking up the space in my virtual server and how I can clear up some of that space?
Also my data storage says it has a data store of 1.35TB and I only have 14.2 GB of…
setting up a printer to do scan to FTP server.

my manager gave me FTP  server ip/ username/ password

for file path- he told its going to root folder.  so in printer ? what should I enter in file paths ? obviously I cannot leave it blanks . any ideas ???
got a general question.
got a laptop with an external monitor.
when the laptop lid is closed I got monitor working good with 3840*1080 resolution. looks good.
but when I open the laptop lid to extend display, the monitor resolution settings stays same - but physically having a look in monitor is different. Icons are big and fonts are stretched. if I close laptop lid, again all looks good in monitor.

is this how it works? or can I change any settings so monitor stays good even when I open the laptop lid .

We have a PC that we use as our server with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server (Service Pack 2) installed.

Our Server PC has the following specs:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Version:                   5.2.3790 Service Pack 2
Processor:               Intel(R) Core 2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80 GHz
RAM:                        3.99 GB
System Type:          32-bit operating system

This PC turns off by itself about once a week and it is hard to get it turned back on after it turns off.

Using "Event Viewer" on the PC, an error message says that the PC shutdown was unexpected. (Event ID: 6008)

To get the PC turned back on we usually have to;

1. Take all cables and plugs out from the PC, which includes:
   - Power cord, mouse, keyboard, ethernet cable, VGA cable going to PC from display, external hard drive.
2. Take out CMOS battery from PC
3. Hold power button on PC for 30 seconds
4. Plug in power cord only to PC
5. Wait for 30 seconds then press power button on PC

The PC starts turning on. We then do the following:
6. Put CMOS battery back into PC
7. Plug in other cables to PC

Any thoughts on this?

got a server 2012R2 std -  doing terminal server
going to upgrade it to 2016 std

should I consider anything before upgrading to 2016 ? or is it just click next next and finish , and all should be good ??
in srever 2016,
configured pptp vpn.
when i try            telnet ipaddress(of the pptp vpn sesrver) 1723 - telnet isn't working. as a result vpn also not working
i checked windows firewall with advanced features. i got the 1723 port allowed for inbound connections.

what other things i can check to see why port 1723 is not open ?
got 2016 server which is AD - domain environment
for security reasons- I don’t want any users to click on url links if they receive through emails(outlook2016)

is there any way to block users from clicking in outlook ??? through gpo ? or changing registry through gpo ?

I want them to receive that email/ see those links. if they want, they can copy and paste but don’t want to click on URL in outlook itself to reduce security risk . can this be achievable ?
got azure ad connect to sync Active directory accounts to office365
and got few accounts just directly created in office365 cloud.

if I want to make a cloud office365 account as Alias to an email account which is synched from AD, how do I do it. ??

if both accounts are through AD, I can add through attributes tab in proxy address as “smtp:xx” and Alias will be created.  

but if one account Is from office365 cloud and one from AD synched account office365 account, how do I make alias ?
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got server 2016  std
got routing and remote access configured in it.
how do I find what type of vpn is configured in it ?? whether it is pptp or l2tp or sstp ?
anyway to find it ?
I've got a really weird one here and I think I just need to talk it out to determine where things are going wrong so lets go over it.

I have three single domain Forests, lets call them A/B/C for short.
Domain B and C Trust Domain A so that Users can log into B and C, but A does not Trust B or C.

A = Contains ALL Users Logins
B and C = each Contain Servers accessed by Users from Domain A

Users log into all systems in Domains A/B/C as User@A / A\USER

SO, Normally, After logging in to any given Server attached to any given domain, they can reach the shares of any other server and open content there that they have been assigned rights to without being prompted for a UN /PW.

So a User logs into Server_B11.B as A\User then opens an explorer window types in \\Server_C99.C\Share and if they have rights to reach this server it just opens, no prompting.

Some new systems were added to Domain B, but they do not work in the process above as expected:

Instead, on the problem servers Lets Call one Server_B22.B, the User logs in to the server as A\user (which is a local admin on that server) , and when accessing \\Server_C99.C\Share they get the Windows Credential Prompt to Provide a Username and Password.

Of note, the Prompt Shows the Wrong Domain in the default (you would expect the User's domain "A" to be presented, but instead it shows the Computer's Domain "B")

The Prompt also …
hi guys,
am pretty sure this question is not meant to be here. but still trying
to become a ethical hacker, what would be the best certificate/course to get ? just thinking to get a career in security field /ethical hacker .
is ec council ethical hacking course a better one. ??
I just got exp as network technician for 2 years now
We are upgrading the windows domain and forest to Windows 2008 R2 from Windows 2008.
It is a single forest and single domain with no trusts.
There are a lot of read only domain controllers and the replication delta can be 2 hours or so behind according to the repadmin command.
I plan to upgrade the domain first and then force the replication and then do the forest upgrade.

I will be taking backup of the PDC (which has all FSMO roles) before the change.
Any other things to consider before upgrading the domain?

From what I have read the only roll back plan in case of issues is to shutdown all other domain controllers and then restore 1 DC (PDC in my case).
And then demote and re-promote the other domain controllers.
Is that right? Is there any other quicker rollback plan?

And if above is the only rollback plan then my thinking is that I can just VMware snapshot the PDC and revert to snapshot for PDC in case of issues (making sure that all other DCs are demoted and re-promoted as well after that).
Are there any issues with this plan?
external harddisk which has some important data went - uninitialised disk and not recognising in external harddisk seagate

is there any third party paid software where I can recover data fastly ??
need it ASAP
in server 2012(physical server)which runs AD/dns/dhcp/iis/sql
 I started disk check in this and had to force stop it at 28% as it went more than 12 hours and need to get clients back online - . As a result, the file systems got corrupted.

in Server  cannot open any services like windows backup service/task scheduler/server manager., etc. – everything comes with an error “.net framework initialisation error”

And cannot write/modify files in “c”drive – comes with an error “file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”
Cmd lines like-sfc/scannow does not work as well.
got a backup of “c”drive .
what are the other options available for me to make the server back to running in normal ?
any ideas without taking down the current server offline  ?
can I use server2vhd- concert to virtual machine- and try something ??
got server 2012
I did a chkdsk on “c” drive and restarted server, it’s still offline . it’s been 7 hours now.
how long does it take to finish up chkdsk  on 350gb “c” drive ???
ran “chkdsk :c /r”

I did it remotely - started after hours ,hopefully it comes before 9am.
if it does not come online in next 4 hours.. can i do a force shutdown/turn on again server to make it come online ? will it become an issue to shutdown chkdsk in middle ? ?
Hi , got 2012 server
using windows server backup to backup ( "c" drive/systemstate/baremetal recovery) going to externalUSBHDD

backup was going good so far until last week. it started failing with error
"windows backup encountered an error when writing data to the backup target. detailed error :the operation ended before completion" and everyday it fails exactly after 27 mins of backup.

checked event logs: got error 517
"backup operation that started at xx has failed with following error code 0x80780166(windows backup encountered an error when writing data to the backup target). please review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.

any ideas to fix this, would be great .
got server 2016
trying to add an existing vdi to rds collection pool in broker server

- in broker server, went to server manager
- went Remote Desktop services
- in left I got “VDI”- when I click on it, it shows list of vdi’s . but if I want to add an another vdi to this list ??? how do I add it ?
I cannot find any add option ?

could you guys help me with this
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I just re-installed Windows Server 2003 Enterprise along with SP2.

I am unable to Activate Windows.

Unable to establish a connection with the activation server...
Message number: 32777

-Microsoft Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Configuration is DISABLED on the server.
-No proxy is setup for Internet access
-On the Tools menu, Internet Options:
  Check for publisher’s certificate revocation = UN-CHECKED
  Check for server certificate revocation = UN-CHECKED
-This server has Internet access and DNS resolution works.

Please help


got  server 2012 R2. it acts as DC/DNS/DHCP server

in event viewer, in system logs- i keep on getting netlogon error related to dns 5774. "the dynamic registration of dns record failed on the following dns server"
The dns record name keep changes in all errors 5774

got the network adaptetr config as :  ip-

if i go to dns- properties- these are the forwarders i have.:

any ideas why this error occurs and how do i solve it ? ? ?  
note:  this error never caused any issues. no one complained so far and its going on for few months.
We still have a file server installed in WIndows Server 2003 and we want to use, DFS to migrate it to windows server 2016.
I would like to know, if this is compatible, because it's configured this morning and till now, nothing is replicated (about 6 hours).

THank you
am just trying to create point to site vpn configuration in azure server.
it says can use self signed certificate for it. and can be created using windows10 or server 2016 computer ..

can it be any windows10 computer ? any computer from different network ??? or it should be a local computer in azure  network ? ? ?
hi guys,
i got a watchguard and azure cloud server.
got a branch office vpn gateway/tunnel confiugred between watchguard and azure server. and all works good for local users within watchugard network.

now am trying to create a mobile ssl vpn in watchguard for remote users, so they can connect to local network of watchguard and connect to cloud server. - but mobile vpn works:can connect to all local devices but could not reach cloud server... i know am missing some config or routes to connect mobile vpn and brachoffice tunnel vpn and also config in server to reach mobile ssl vpn back ?  ?? is this anyone done before or any ideas ?
got dws 3160- dlink wireless controller.
it is something a new device which i came across. all dlink access points are managed from this controller.

i found all access points are 2 or 3 firmwares behind. i want to update firmwares in all access points.
is it something anyone knows here how to update firmwares for access points from dws3160 controller?  ??   i can see the access points ip address from controller, but cannot get to web page of access points with ip address . think that is how it works.

so any ideas or steps to upgrade firmwares in access points through dws3160 ? ?
i checked for youtube videos, could not find any video

Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).