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Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).

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I have a user that been through 7 computers. User states that their computer crashes everytime they use multiple things such as applicaton shared folders etc. I wanted to know if anyone ran into this issue if so, how can I fix this issue.
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

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I want to automate download files from FTP server using winscp. This basically needs ssl connection. Protocol is FTPS.

Please help me with sample script.



I have a requirement daily database refresh at 4.00 am and i schedule this job, now need to download .bak file from ftp site daily basis so that SQL job can restore the .bak file from local drive.

Please help!
Anyone has a Script for Windows 2003 Server to Monitor a folder "D:\Oracle" if it gets Move to any other location on same Server? Appreciate your urgent help.
I'm writing a batch file that needs to read In a text file with multiple lines (2-3 or more) and assign them to variables (i.e. Line1, Line2, Line3).  which will then act on those to run jobs based on the variables read in.  What is the easiest way to do this preferably without for loops or delims. etc.

In the domain, we have two locations which have folder redirection to a 2003 server (I know...)  and in the other, the redirection is to a 2008R2 server.  I want to change the folder redirection to 2012R2 servers in both locations and I am thinking of suspending folder redirection in both locations and returning the data to the local workstations.  Once all workstations are hosting their own documents,  I would redo folder redirection to the appropriate servers.  Does this sound like a viable plan?  ( about 45 total workstations. 15 in one location, 30 in the other)
one of our new clients has a 2003 server for a legacy program. 2 users in house and 2 using terminal services use it.  the users inhouse can use it but RDP users cant logon because of the following "Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. ). Group Policy processing aborted. " we have checked ip address, flushed dns and re-registered dns and the error is still happening. event log error is Event id 1054 . any suggestions would be appreciated
Having problems with Windows Server 2003 rebooting randomly.  Not finding much info on the events I have found.  Appears to be related to lsass.exe.  Here are the two events that I'm finding appear to be related to the reboot:

Event Type:      Information
Event Source:      USER32
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      1074
Date:            9/5/2017
Time:            4:13:47 PM
User:            NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
Computer:      243-COMBO1
The process winlogon.exe has initiated the restart of computer 243-COMBO1 on behalf of user  for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found
 Reason Code: 0x50006
 Shutdown Type: restart
 Comment: The system process 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe' terminated unexpectedly with status code 1.  The system will now shut down and restart.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
0000: 06 00 05 00 43 00 3a 00   ....C.:.
0008: 5c 00 57 00 49 00 4e 00   \.W.I.N.
0010: 44 00 4f 00 57 00 53 00   D.O.W.S.
0018: 5c 00 73 00 79 00 73 00   \.s.y.s.
0020: 74 00 65 00 6d 00 33 00   t.e.m.3.
0028: 32 00 5c 00 4c 00 6f 00   2.\.L.o.
0030: 67 00 46 00 69 00 6c 00   g.F.i.l.
0038: 65 00 73 00 5c 00 53 00   e.s.\.S.
0040: 68 00 75 00 74 00 44 00   h.u.t.D.
0048: 6f 00 77 00 6e 00 5c 00   o.w.n.\.
0050: 53 00 68 00 75 00 74 00   S.h.u.t.
0058: 44 00 6f 00 77 00 6e 00   D.o.w.n.
0060: 5f 00 32 00 30 00 31 00   _.2.0.1.
0068: 37 00 30 00 39 00 30 00
0070: 35 00 31 00 36 00 31 00   …
For windows 7,10, server 2003, server 2012.. how can i, from a command line or without having to open windows backup.. find out how much free space is left on the usb drive that windows or windows server backs up to.

Running Windows Backup from control panel or Windows Server backup from admin tools.
But i need it from command line or some other way.
Windows 2003 Server in VM
Unfortunately, was not aware to disable HyperV components before upgrading
Now when Windows 2008 boots up I get a BSOD.
Is there anything that can be done through the command prompt to get the Windows to work?
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I've created a task that runs a batch file to copy 3 files from a folder on the local c:\

1 file is copied to another folder on the C:\.
1 file is copied to a folder on a mapped drive.
1 file is copied to another folder on the same mapped drive.

If I run the batch file manually it runs fine, and copies all the files, to all the required locations.

However, if I then run the Scheduled Task, only the local file copy works and I get a 0x1 error in the scheduled task.  This happens whether the task is run "on demand" or is set to run at a certain time.

The user that has mapped the drive, created the batch file and scheduled task and is set to run the job is a member of the local admin group.

The user is able to create new files in each of the locations on the mapped drive so I don't think there is a permissions issue, but I could be wrong.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  If I need to provide any more information then please let me know.

I run a applicaiton and i receive this error mesage: Error 5000: .NET Framework has encountered a problem and needs to close
I use an old windows server 2003 i unninstall and reinstall net framework 2,3.5,4 but sitll the same problem,how can i solve this problem?thank you

see capture1 pic bellow
I am trying to add Windows 2008 R2 server to windows 2003 Domain server. It says " the following error occurred attempting to join the domain the specified server cannot perform the requested operation." I did almost all the steps i found online to troubleshoot but none of them worked. When i try to join other machines to the same domain, it gets joined so no issue with Domain Controller. I have disabled IPV6 in the machine having trouble joining to the domain. I can ping domain with server name and FQDN. DNS is set to DC server IP. Below is the NetSetup log:

08/29/2017 17:48:00:817 -----------------------------------------------------------------
08/29/2017 17:48:01:315 NetpValidateName: checking to see if 'QAKSQOOOMDM' is valid as type 1 name
08/29/2017 17:48:01:790 NetpCheckNetBiosNameNotInUse for 'QAKSQOOOMDM' [MACHINE] returned 0x0
08/29/2017 17:48:01:790 NetpValidateName: name 'QAKSQOOOMDM' is valid for type 1
08/29/2017 17:48:01:998 -----------------------------------------------------------------
08/29/2017 17:48:01:998 NetpValidateName: checking to see if 'QAKSQOOOMDM' is valid as type 5 name
08/29/2017 17:48:01:998 NetpValidateName: name 'QAKSQOOOMDM' is valid for type 5
08/29/2017 17:48:02:487 -----------------------------------------------------------------
08/29/2017 17:48:02:487 NetpValidateName: checking to see if 'keppelseghers.com.qa' is valid as type 3 name
08/29/2017 17:48:02:487 NetpValidateName: 'keppelseghers.com.qa' is not a valid NetBIOS …
Virtual Environment 4.3-10/7230e60f
Virtual Machine 103 ('adserver' ) on node 'clsrvvm2'
INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 103 --mailto ayik@clearex.com.ph --storage backup_server2 --quiet 1 --mode snapshot --mailnotification always --compress lzo
INFO: Starting Backup of VM 103 (qemu)
INFO: status = running
INFO: update VM 103: -lock backup
INFO: VM Name: adserver
INFO: include disk 'ide0' 'local:103/vm-103-disk-1.qcow2'
INFO: backup mode: snapshot
INFO: ionice priority: 7
INFO: creating archive '/mnt/pve/backup_server2/dump/vzdump-qemu-103-2017_08_17-18_30_02.vma.lzo'
INFO: started backup task '886d0077-6835-4baa-bb96-6f7ea94b5a05'
INFO: status: 0% (350093312/53687091200), sparse 0% (5844992), duration 3, 116/114 MB/s
INFO: status: 1% (562561024/53687091200), sparse 0% (8937472), duration 6, 70/69 MB/s
INFO: status: 2% (1159725056/53687091200), sparse 0% (20103168), duration 26, 29/29 MB/s
INFO: status: 3% (1694367744/53687091200), sparse 0% (24412160), duration 32, 89/88 MB/s
INFO: status: 4% (2174222336/53687091200), sparse 0% (31268864), duration 37, 95/94 MB/s
INFO: status: 5% (2759589888/53687091200), sparse 0% (37707776), duration 42, 117/115 MB/s
ERROR: VM 103 not running
INFO: aborting backup job
ERROR: VM 103 not running
ERROR: Backup of VM 103 failed - VM 103 not running
INFO: Backup job finished with errors
TASK ERROR: job errors
Hello everyone,
I'm having an issue installing Exchange 2010 in my Virtual environment.
I have taken over an already created old 2003 exchange environment and domain that I'm struggling getting rid of. Originally, our 2003 exchange server was hosted on a physical server environment which I converted to virtual and got rid of most of the physical servers. Today, I'm getting a bunch issues installing exchange 2010 due to Operation Mode (option grayed out) and controllers. To be honest, I never faced a situation like this where I had to migrate mailboxes from exchange 2003 to 2010 and I would really appreciate some step by step guidance. Thank you in advance!

This is Windows 2008 server.
I could not uninstall an application from the program feature.
Many times has been uninstall but the application still appear in program feature.
Tried to uninstall from registry uninstall sub key, but i do not found the application in the registry entry, but it still appear in program feature
Dear experts,

I'm newbie to scripting so as always your help and time is very appreciated.

on source infrastructure : I have server1 on domain A with lots of local groups. all these local groups on server1 has domain groups and user members. it is a standalone windnows 2003 server.

on target infrastructure: I have domain B with windows 2012 server.

findings: I found below script on TechNet but slightly confused about copying nested members or group members to target DC. I could not understand on which line it is copying  group members to domain B domain Controller after creating Universal or Domain Groups on Domain controller. Surely, created groups must have their members.  


task completed: I used basic bat file on source server to get local groups and their members. For an example:  net localgroup "Administrators" >> GroupMembers.txt   this gave me the outcome I need but it I need to sort it correctly so that when I use it to import the outcome sorting should be easy to collect for the PowerShell mentioned in the link. I did NOT use POWERSHELL on Source Server.

question: I need to move all the local groups and their members from server1 domain A to Domain B Doman controllers so all groups are domain based groups instead of local groups as it is now in domain1 on Server1. Is this possible to achieve this with the script found in the below link? Is there any …
HI Experts,
Could you advise what is the most popular or leader in deployment script.

Currently, I'm using Jenkins, Shell, ANT, Maven along with product APIs (weblogic, etc). I'm thinking to considering the right tool (open source or licensed) which has the capability and meant for deployment. Since there are so many new products in the market now.

More interested in application deployment and to start exploring on Infrastructure side of it as well

Requesting you all to put me in the right direction please

Below it the landscape I found interesting.
Application popup: dwwin.exe - Application Error : The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application.

Could you please any one help me on this issue .

Thanks in advance.
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Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure

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I would like to resolve an issue that i face with event viewer error id 4000. Users can't logon to server (Windows 2003, R2) from some computers after a power outage.
I have a 2003 server std that is a domain controller and exchange server.  There are 7 domains on this server.  I have been asked to upgrade exchange from 2007 to 2010.  Can someone guide me to a step by step process for doing this? I have never built an exchange server before, and need this to be successful.
Icons are missingI am trying to do a lab for an on line class , I want to  create a USER , but I am missing all the icons here . what does this mean , is there something not connected or not installed ?

thanks !!!!!!!
We are baffled by a situation where two computers are unable to access a website that more than 150 other computers are accessing with a problem. These two computers are behind a common modem and router, but tracert shows the packets make it to the server. Running Wire Shark shows:
wireshark.pngOther websites on a different server (and ip) behind the same firewall are accessible from the same two computers behind the same router and modem.

To try to clear up the situation....
Two computers (running POS Ready 2009) at location A are unable to display a website on server A (running Server 2003). This is true whether using the domain or the IP Address for the server.  These same two computers are able to access a website on the Server B (running Server 2003) which is behind the same firewall as Server A.
Other computers are able to display the same website on Server A from multiple other locations with no problems.
Hi All

We have two domain controllers one is a server 2003 and the other is server 2008, the server 2003 was the first domain controller installed and we would like the 2008 server or even build a 2012 server to be the new Primary controller.

what steps need to be taken to decommission this
Trying to get 2 DFS servers to replicate, but getting 13540 Event Viewer ID:

The File Replication Service cannot replicate e:\dfs.roots\data because the pathname of the customer designated staging directory:
 d:\frs-staging is not the fully qualified pathname of an existing, accessible local directory.

Windows Server 2003





Windows Server 2003 was based on Windows XP and was released in four editions: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter. It also had derivative versions for clusters, storage and Microsoft’s Small Business Server. Important upgrades included integrating Internet Information Services (IIS), improvements to Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP), and the migration to Automated System Recovery (ASR).