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Troubleshooting Solution

Paused-Critical Hyper-v Server 2019 due to low disk space and unable to free up any space on disk


Server 2019 Hyper-V virtual server is pausing-critical due to low disk space.  The VM is stored on

Alberta Bighorn Country

Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Setup Guide & Best Practices

Remote Desktop Services setup guide for physical and/or virtual deployment. We've been building RDS environments in both all-in-one and TS/.RD Farm mode on Terminal Services and then Remote Desktop Services with RD Gateway in Server 2008. What follows are some of the key takeaways. Enjoy!

Microsoft is abandoning Remote Desktop Services  At least …

Microsoft is abandoning Remote Desktop Services

At least that's how I'm interpreting things as I …
400TB Disaggregate Cluster

Practical Hyper-V Performance Expectations

Herein one will find an aggregate of some of my experience building and deploying virtualization stacks both in standalone, clustered Hyper-V, clustered Hyper-V with a Scale-Out File Server (SOFS) backend, and Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).
Troubleshooting Solution

how to find modified files in a folder?

I have a folder in D:\myapp in a windows 2019 server.

I have modified some files in it within 2 …
Troubleshooting Solution

Add 2019 DC to Windows Server 2008 R2 AD Domain and then transfer FSMO roles


I want to add a 2019 DC to our production environment - which has 2 DCs - and transfer all or most

Troubleshooting Solution

One RAID array or two RAID arrays

When setting up a server, I think about whether to set up OS and user data in one RAID or create two…
Troubleshooting Solution

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer


I have a problem when I try to test any account via Microsoft's  testconnectivity choosing "Outlook

Advice Solution

icalcs /reset and icacls /grant in *one* go


We have a *very* large file system and a standardised permission set:

Sometimes users move

Troubleshooting Solution

Can not add or remove features on Windows Server 2019


On a windows server 2019 standard edition when you try and add anything using add or remove features

Advice Solution

Is it possible to prepare a 2019 Windows PDC completely prior to deployment within a network?


I am attempting to prepare a 2019 Microsoft Server, Standard, to deploy within our small school

Advice Solution

Join domain before or after software installation ?


When installing a piece of software - What determines if the installation needs to be done AFTER

Advice Solution

Server Licensing


Just a bit confused on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 licensing scheme.  There are cores and CAL's.

Troubleshooting Solution

Getting 12/31/1600 7:00:00 PM when running get-aduser



I am running this line but the "whencreated" attribute of many users shows 12/31/1600 7:00:00

Troubleshooting Solution

Cloning from traditional HDD to SSD fails to boot

byAdam D

Dell T320 server, H310 controller, Windows Server Standard 2012R2

RAID 1 - SATA HDD's (old spinning

Troubleshooting Solution

Lost password for Windows 2019 Standard


We have lost our Windows password for Server 2019 Standard--and I need to know what my options are.


Troubleshooting Solution

How to determine if .NET is being actively used?


I've been tasked with removing old/outdated versions of .NET from some of our servers that we've

Troubleshooting Solution

Initial checking or preparation work for Dell server Power Edge R 350 (Windows 2019 Server)




It is a long time I did not touch the Server (most of the time working with desktop).

I have here

Troubleshooting Solution

Setup a satellite DC using SBS 2011

byAdam D

Hello.  I am looking for either a link/directions on how to create a satellite DC that is connected

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