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Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP is the sixth release of the NT series of operating systems, and was the first to be marketed in a variety of editions: XP Home...

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Troubleshooting Solution

My windows XP machine is running at 100% CPU all the time

Ive tried installing AVG and Avast to check for viruses but oddly they wont install, ie no shortcut. …

Free Up Disk Space On Your C: Drive

IntroductionRunning out of space on the C: drive of your Windows XP machine and no budget…

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...  …

Ransomware - Wannacry/wcry and everything else ...

Ransomware in general is something none of us …

Applications worthy of being in a Windows Techie Toolkit.


This article mainly focuses on Windows XP but the utilities we are going to …
Troubleshooting Solution

IE browser on XP

I just reinstalled Win XP on my laptop and I am trying to browse the Internet with IE but it won't …

Registry Cleaners - Good or harmful to your PC?

It is only natural that we all want our PCs to be in good working order, improved system …
AutoHotkey logo

AutoHotkey - Getting Started

AutoHotkey is an excellent, free, open source programming/scripting language for Windows. It started out as a keyboard/mouse macros product, but has expanded into a robust language. This article provides an introduction to it, with links to additional resources for EE members who want to learn more.

Microsoft release Security Patches for Windows XP and …

Microsoft release Security Patches for Windows XP and Windows 2003, against the SMBv1 Security …
Nine-Monitor Configuration

Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to move mouse in multi-monitor configuration - AutoHotkey Script

In configurations with multiple monitors, it can be difficult and time-consuming to move the mouse pointer to a particular monitor. This article presents a script written in AutoHotkey that defines hotkeys — such as Alt+Ctrl+1, Alt+Ctrl+2, etc. — to move the mouse easily and quickly to any monitor.
Troubleshooting Solution

Why does Acronis backup to Cloud take so long?

Acronis True Image is trying to to back up to the Cloud, but calculates it will take 2 days.
Troubleshooting Solution

Which is better Acronis True Image 2021 or Malwarebytes?

I have both Malwarebytes and Acronis True Image installed.   I understand there is a conflict …
Troubleshooting Solution

Windows XP 32 Bit

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a link to where I can download Windows XP 32 bit? Thanks …

Once again, security threats are prompting Microsoft to …

Once again, security threats are prompting Microsoft to provide patches for Windows XP, which …

Can I transfer my OEM version of Windows to another PC?

Can I legally transfer my OEM version of Windows to another PC?  (AKA - Can I put a new
Troubleshooting Solution

Why does Acronis pop up an alert for ransomware?

Acronis Active Protection pops up an alert about ransomware.   Please see attached screenshots.
Troubleshooting Solution

Upgrade from XP to 10

Hi all
I need to upgrade from XP dual core machines to windows 10
I think to do a fresh new …
Troubleshooting Solution

how to share folder from win10 to winxp

hi i know to share folder from xp to win10 i need to enable smbv1 in win10 then i can read/write …
Troubleshooting Solution

Old software and new device Bios SATA IDE problem

I have a new laptop, were the Bios SATA has no IDE option (so I can run windows XP on it)
 It …

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