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Microsoft Windows XP is the sixth release of the NT series of operating systems, and was the first to be marketed in a variety of editions: XP Home and XP Professional, designed for business and power users. The advanced features in XP Professional are generally disabled in Home Edition, but are there and can be activated. There were two 64-bit editions, an embedded edition and a tablet edition.

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I am creating a Windows 10 image to deploy.   Before I do so, I want to run the Windows 10 decrapifier (available on Spiceworks).

Is the following the correct order of events to image the laptop:

1) login as a local admin, run the decrapifier
2) run Sys Prep
3) create TIB file using Acronis boot CD, and USB stick to store image on.
Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 Enhances Cyber Protection
Acronis Data Cloud 7.8 Enhances Cyber Protection

A closer look at five essential enhancements that benefit end-users and help MSPs take their cloud data protection business further.


I am Unable to add XP machines to server 2016 domain - "The specified network name is no longer available"

This is a new domain and so far I have had no issue adding other 2016 servers in to same domain.

Net logon i set to Automatic
Workstation and server services are running

I can ping FQDN of the domain controller

No AV running

I am just stuck on what it could be?  I know its not ideal to have XP but several of our users still support some VB6 3rd party components that do not work on Windows 7 or above.
Acronis:  I have a server and I want to make a copy of it using Acronis Backup AdvancedWS_11.7, now I want to make this server virtual, put it as hyperV, can I do that with Acronis? or is there any other tool that you know of?

Thank you everyone.
I wish to cancel a backup which appears to be running without my starting it.
The PC is running windows 7 Professional 64 bit

I am using Acronis Backup version 12 which is described when I click the "About" button as follows:

Web console service: v.12.0.2607

Backup management server: v.12.0.3622

Backup management console: v.12.0.6081

When I launch backup Exec in Microsoft explorer using Http://localhost:9877/

And observe the Status it indicates that a backup is being performed with 52% complete.

I normally manually start backups and wish to start another backup without waiting for this backup to complete.

How can I cancel the backup that is running (or any backup that is running).
Powerring down the PC and poering up again makes no difference, even with the MMS service stopped (Acronis Managed Machine Service)
Software recommendation for Bare Metal Restore of Dissimilar Hardware.  I have an older Asus VivoBook S500C running current version of Windows 10.  I would like to purchase a new laptop and do an image restore without starting from scratch reinstalling individual software packages.
I have a very old 2U LaCie Ethernet Disk which has a proprietary Windows XP Embedded software installed. I recently moved it from one physical location to another in a server rack and since then can no longer access it over the network as it won't accept the network credentials.

I can connect a KB/Mouse and monitor to the machine and see it boot up, I can then input the admin username/pw and boot into this special XP Embedded. I can see the data on the drive via a "Backup Wizard" but there is no traditional windows explorer.

There are no diagnostic issues present on the drive and the firewall for the drive is completely disabled. I can even connect to this drive via Remote Desktop Connection and see the same as if I connect directly.

However, if I try to access the drive contents via a networked computer using the IP address in order to map the drive... I'm presented with the prompt to Enter network credentials but it won't accept the admin password at this point, despite accepting those same credentials on login and via Remote Desktop Connection. I know the credentials are right because it's the same admin credentials for all of our network drives.

The disk itself is visible/detectable via the LaCie network assistant but it displays a message that it "Cannot list the device volumes. See the [web] Dashboard for more information." Clicking on the provided button to open the web access dashboard opens my browser …

This page Enables you to Download virtual machines

Test Microsoft Edge and versions of IE8 through IE11 using free virtual machines you download and manage locally.

It's pre-built just have load them and they work

Anyone know if there is similar for Windows XP?
I need a VirtualBox

Do I need to build from scratch using a DVD?
When I got here, I believe the XP Service Pack 3 PC connected fine to their Win10 Pro PC, which they use as their "server" to share files.  Now I have replaced the Win10 PC with a newer one--and now I can't connect their XP PC to it.  I can successfully ping from XP to Win10 PCs, but when I try "Net Use F: \\Whse\F-Drive" like all the other PCs on the LAN use, I get:

"System error 64 has occurred.  The specified network name is no longer available."

I have tried many things that do NOT work--including similar questions on e-e--but I'm hoping someone here will know what WILL work to solve the problem.  TIA
What is the best free way to clone an hard drive (moving to SSD)

with a bootdisk. so I don't need to install anything on windows.
I am working on a large VB6 project.  I am using Windows XP  as the development environment.  For various reasons, I moved had to a new Windows XP machine.  I have everything set up the same as the old machine (Win-XP SP3, VB6 SP-6 etc).  My program needs connects to an SQL database.  I have all the same references selected as on the old machine, however for some reason my connection to the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Recordset 2.8 Library isn't "connected".  I get a debug error the first time I use ADODB as in:
Set rsTable as ADODB.Recordset

Open in new window

There is no intellisense associated with ADODB.  I have the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Recordset 2.8 Library selected in the References.  I have reinstalled the MDAC28SDK.  I have also re-registered the MSADOR15.DLL file.

The program will run on the machine, connect to the SQL etc fine when run from the .EXE, but won't run in the development environment.

Anyone have any ideas about this?
thanks in advance
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IT Pros Agree: AI and Machine Learning Key

We’d all like to think our company’s data is well protected, but when you ask IT professionals they admit the data probably is not as safe as it could be.


I used to use This Acronis Drive Monitor free software for SATA drive (the name of the file is ADM_en-us.exe).
The Lenovo T470 has mSATA drive; I tried to use the above software for Lenovo T470, but did not work.

Question: Is there a free software for mSATA drive monitor please.

I want to ask about high contrast ,by mistech i pressed alt+clr+prtscn and high contrast be on and now would not turn off.so i want to turn off high contrast using admin .so tell me about process....
This is a strange scenario for a question like this.
I have a 32 bit windows XP machine that is running a "dos" program for accounts payable. (we are in the process of replacing).
This computer does not access outside internet.
This program extracts information for checks we have written for a positive pay file. It's a Fixed Format Text file.
I have another "dos" program that uses a database to pull that data in. Then output it back to text in the format our bank needs it in.
Again, Fixed format. Put's it in a shared folder she has access to from another computer.

Then, we have a windows 7 32 bit machine that DOES access the internet, and log on to the bank, and where it says "Browse" we go the shard folder to get the file (ie: \\\RECON\POSIPAY.TXT).
It then uploads and processes and everything is fine.

Today we swapped the windows 7 machine for a 64 bit windows 10 machine.
Went to do the same thing but when we upload the file, it comes back from the bank as an invalid format.
We re-run the Dos Programs and try again. Same thing.

We fire up the windows 7 machine, and it works perfectly.
This is strictly just an ASCII text file. No funny business. Nothing fancy.

Does a 64 bit Winsows 10 machine look at ASCII Text files different  than a 32 bit ASCII text file?
Do I need to add line feed characters? End of File Character?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
Rj Coats
I have several folders in windows xp that can't be opened. I have tried everything  .

These are recovered files from a backup...

Thanks for your help!
Can't find drivers for windows XP new installation.

In device manager: Network adapter, audio devices, Video etc are missing

Tried about everything.

Thanks for any help!
Wondering if there is a way to find out on which page/record users stopped viewing a report?
So if they opened a report with 100 records (each record on a page), and closed at page 60, we can save that info somewhere and open the report next time starting from there...
Has anyone used Acronis Server Backup 12.5 (or any server backup) to a AWS S3 cloud storage? Does AWS accept FTP or SFTP connections to S3 Storage?
It seems their cloud storage is priced well. $276/yr for a TB. Any comments to cloud storage in general for backups?
We are deploying Windows 10 workstations using True Image.  I want to set browser default to IE, and PDF default to adobe.  
The 2 methods I researched are below.  In your opinion, should I build the defaults into the image, or just use GPO?  
Also,  if I choose to build the defaults into the image, will the OSD method work with Acronis True Image?  Or will I have to implement this a different way?


Saw a youtube link (which I've now misplaced) that Bluestack software could
replace VCE exam dumps player:

I've installed it on my Windows but doesn't seem to find any option that could play it.
Anyone knows?  Or any other freeware player to play VCE dumps on Windows (not
for Android)?
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JavaScript Best Practices

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I have a client who runs a franchise and the software provided by the franchise only works on Windows XP. At the begining of the year we replaced their workstations with Windows 10 PC's running virtual VM ware with windows XP which is running fine. The file server is running windows 7.

As it is now time to change the file server we relaced it with a Windows 10 Maching.

The problem now is the Windows XP machines wont find or map a network drive to the new Windows 10 maching although I can ping it from anvirtual XP maching.

All firewalls are disabled and in network and sharing centre network discovery is enabled.
Hi Experts,

Each year I have data in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet which I want to enter into forms on several webpages for filing tax.  No logging in is required.
The solution will need to give me the opportunity to manually check the entries made on each page before submitting it (but if I find a problem I'm willing to abort, fix it, and restart if needed).

This is the first webpage that needs to be submitted:

I don’t think I’ll bother posting my input data (the spreadsheet) because its layout is flexible and I don’t think we need to get into that level of detail.  I am a programmer, but I’m wanting ideas on what tools to use, and the basics of reading the data from the spreadsheet and transferring it to the webpage.  Maybe a bit of code to get started would be helpful.

Would AutoIt be a good choice for this?  If so, should I basically follow this tutorial from 2016, installing the extra bits of software recommended in it?  If so, how would I read the data from the spreadsheet?
Or would iMacros but a good choice?  I would have thought it wouldn't.

Environment & limitations:
-      Windows XP (yes, all the latest technology).
-      Firefox 52 ESR.
-      Can’t use IE (which is version 8 and can't be upgraded in XP) because the webpage doesn’t seem to support it.
-      I’m only interested in free options.

Hi Experts,

I have a .bat file that is used to backup data.  I want to include all folders / files on a drive but exclude one folder.  I can't seem to get it to do the exclusion.

Here is the WinZip Command Line.

"C:\Program Files\WINZIP\WZZIP.EXE"  -xd\\PL1\PL1-G-Data\Photos\*.*   "Z:\PATLAPTOP1\PL1-G-Data\%date%\PL1-G PatData All.ZIP" "\\PL1\PL1-G-PatData\*.*"  -r -p

- Job is run on the PC where the 'Z:' Drive is located.
- Drive to be zipped is on PC \\PL1.
-  The Drive to be zipped is PL1-G-PatData.
- Folder (with sub folders) that needs to be excluded is PL1-G-Data\Photos

What needs to be done to get it exclude the PL1-G-Data\Photos folder.  Right now there are no errors but it is including the Photos folder?

Note: If using an 'Exclusion Parameter File' is a better way them I ok with it.

Bob C.
is not a valid win 32 application

when I try to install a custom program made by a programmer for our group
using windows xp

program works on windows 10 and windows 8

.exe file is complete and I used usb to transfer

when I google
is not a valid win 32 application
results say "does not download correctly"
In using the Folder Redirection policy to redirect Documents on a Windows XP computer, the redirection is working properly and no files are populating in the CSC folder after the policy runs which is what is wanted.  The problem is that under C:\Documents and Settings\Domain Profile\My Documents data is showing up there from the user account's server Redirection folder.  This XP machine has a small hard drive (60 GB) and immediately will fill up causing the machine to not work.  
On the AD server looking at the Folder Redirection policy folder on GPMC.MSC and going to the properties of the documents. Under Target, the setting is Basic, Redirect Everyone's folder to the same locale.  Under Settings, Create a folder fgor each under the root path is selected with Grant the user exclusive rights to Docs and Move the contents of the Documents to the new location both checked.  Apply redirection policy to Win 2000, etc. is not selected.
Under Policy Removal -- Leave the folder in the new location when policy is removed is selected and Redirect the folder back to the local user profile location when the policy is removed is not selected.  How do you stop the server document Redirection data from going back to the local machine's local profile under C:\Documents and Settings\Domain Profile\My Documents and filling this small XP machine's hard drive.
Windows XP VMs on VMWARE ESX not able to login with the AD and local Admin credentials.
AD and DHCP IP reservation are checked, they are fine.
Can't use any third party Images to crack local admin credentials.
Please suggest.

Windows XP





Microsoft Windows XP is the sixth release of the NT series of operating systems, and was the first to be marketed in a variety of editions: XP Home and XP Professional, designed for business and power users. The advanced features in XP Professional are generally disabled in Home Edition, but are there and can be activated. There were two 64-bit editions, an embedded edition and a tablet edition.