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Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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I am partly responsible for supporting the IT of solicitors firm. They recently asked me to setup guest wifi access for their office. They have an existing wifi setup which is provided by a leftover TPLINK router which i just used as an AP. The router doesn't appear to offer guest access so i now need to consider getting a replacement AP that does offer this service. My main issue is working out whether the guest feature on an AP alone is enough to isolate the users who are logged on from the office resources or whether i need to do additional networking configuration. There is a Cisco router in place which is managed by another company we use specifically for programming it.
I would have preferred to not involve the Cisco router when configuring the guest network but i am not sure if this is at all possible.
I am not too fussy about the model of the AP we use , so long as its not over complex to configure, i have recently been using Ubiquiti and like the way they can be configured. It is a small user network of 5 users running off a Windows 2012R2 domain.

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I would like to separate hard wired connections from wifi APs.  The purpose is to separate traffic and assign separate class c subnet to each group.  

Equipment used
Watchguard firebox
Qty 2 Uniquiti 24-port Poe+ 500 watts
Qty 10 Uniquiti HD access points.

Separate subnets for each group:

Hardwire users on port 1 of Firebox with dchp turned in - hardwired - connects to first Uniquiti switch.  

Wifi access points on port 2 of Firebox with dhcp turned on -  WiFi access points - connects to Second switch.

The second Uniquiti switch that connects the hardware connections  - port 1 disconnects or the ubiquity access points will start missing heart best and disconnect

 Firewall policy set to  any traffic can pass between the the Firebox interface ports 1 and 2.  Ping traffic passes from and to sinners with issue.

If all the devices / hard wire and access points and the two switches - are put into 1 single subnet - no issues.  

Comments would be appreciated.
Tp link dongle

I need to be able to reset a Motorola (Brocade) AP 650 Access point back to factory defaults. I've tried the Motorola AP Discovery Tool, and it has errors and does not work. Any ideas would be helpful. Only have to support these APs for about 1 more year. I do NOT know the IP address of the AP's but I do know the zero config for layer 2.

Again any ideas would be helpful. Thank you

A client has been given a quote by an AV company that includes Araknis High Power Wireless Access Points.   These seem to retail for $420.00 each.

When Araknis claims "High Power", is their wireless signal any stronger than, let's say, an Apple Airport Extreme, or Eero WiFi?

I assume that they are offering something for the money, I'm just not sure what.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that 802.11 n and a devices are restricted in power, which enables them to be installed without any permits, etc.

Hi all,

We have a 640 w/ crown 4300 amplifier and want to connect quite a few wireless speakers so we can forgo a whole mess of cabling. Can someone provide some guidance or suggestions on equipment or process to set up?

- suggested outdoor speakers
- configuration
- connection types

much appreciated.

I have a customer that wants to extend their wifi network connection to various houses on their land. Each house is about 50 to 80 ft apart. they are using linksys wrt54g routers and repeating their wireless signal from one house to another. so from left to right at-least four houses using wrt54g in each house repeating the ssid. They keep telling me I didn't set it up correctly because they cannot get signal at the last house. I did mention to dig cable not an option and I am not sure how to tell them that the device is obsolete and repeaters through walls and repeating 2500 plus yds wont work unless we dig one cable to center house form first house with router. I just need some words or ideas to inform them that it will not work in easy to understand terms. My explenation of obsolete device, weak frequency channel, this walls and distance is not clear enough I guess. I am not sure anybody has been through this, but i just need some advise on how to inform the customer that the only option is to order more dsl service to their guest houses or dig cable. Also, am i correct for telling them that the devices are old and not reliable? I am installed dd-wrt firmware. I hope this makes sense. thanks for any suggestions
Office (home): basement (finished)
Desktop: hard-wired LAN cable
Other Devices: wireless (iPad, laptops, iPhones, etc.)
ISP: Comcast/Xfinity with "Blast" speed
Modem (personal not rented): Arris/Motorola SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 (1 month old)
Wireless Router: Linksys EA7300 - dual band (1 month old)
SPARE Wireless Router (not in use YET): Linksys EA6500 dual band

I recently bought and moved into a pretty good size 3 level house (3,500+ sqft) with a finished basement, main floor, and upstairs.

Up until now, I WAS always getting really good signal and fast downloads (80-90Mbps) via wireless anywhere in my home in the last 3 places I rented.

Now, at my new place, it's as if the wireless doesn't work, even though I have FULL bars/signal on my devices. Basically, it's hit or miss, and not consistent.

FYI...Everything seems just fine hard-wired with my desktop (Speed Tests are 80ish Mbps)

What is the best way/mode to use my two routers via wireless (I don't have the option to run a LAN cable between them)?

I want to use my 2 wireless routers: Linksys EA7300 and SPARE Linksys Router (EA6500) to "boost" my signal by putting it either on my main floor or upstairs.

1) Which Router should be upstairs as the "booster" and which one should be in my office, in the basement, connected to the cable modem? Basically, should the newer/better one (EA7300) vs the older spare (EA6500)?

2) Which mode should I use given my 2 routers  I have?
EA7300 …
I forgot the password to the software .

how do I reset it. ?
There are two sets of Sonos one on the main network and anther on the guest network.

Do I need to get anther bridge/ adapter for the guest network ? the main has one.
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I need a good outdoor wireless access point, that's easy to install , and fast.

What do you recommend. ?

budget - up to $200-$250
It seems that some of the CLI commands have changed from the 3700 series to 3800 series Cisco access points.  Can someone help me with the follow:

3700 Series:
To change the IP address: capwap ap ip address
To change the gateway: capwap ap ip default-gateway
To change the primary controller: capwap ap controller ip address

3800 Series:
What is the earliest wireless controller code which will support the new Cisco 3800 series access points.
Hello Experts, I need some assistance since I'm not that familiar with SonicWall

I have a TZ215 FW with both, LAN and WLAN active configurations, I upgraded my ISP BW from 10Mbps to 20Mbps (cable provider) and just realized that everything connected to the LAN interfaces on my sonicwall (X0) are getting the full 20Mbps (or really near with speedtest.net) but all my wireless clients only get up to 10Mbps...

Does anyone has any idea of what is going on here?

Thanks for your support
have a DinoFire DR100 that I can not get connected to my Mac.


I found the little USB chip and inserted it into my Mac. A window popped up that prompted me to configure my keyboard, and the letter to the right of my leftmost Shift key was a z. But this failed.

I got another window (no screen shot available) which showed an error with two buttons:

Skip   OK

I clicked OK and have not been able to get that window to pop up again. I would try Skip the next time.

Does anyone know how i can get this pointer configured for my MacBook?

Anyone has preferences and why?  Would it make sense to go with Cisco WAP Aironet, etc,   if the rest of the devices are Cisco.  Switches, routers, etc.
Any idea how to fix this error?
Looking for some guidance on this.

One of our customers has an ADTRAN Bluesocket WiFi device set up for wireless in a school.

Currently the users have to be manually added to the ADTRAN so that they can have WiFi access.

I'd like to be able to integrate the ADTRAN with AD so that users in a specific OU or OUs can have WiFi access.

I'm looking at the Bluesocket Admin Guide on pages 107 - 111.


Is this what I'm looking for, or am I off base?

If I'm not looking in the right place, I'm looking for someone with some experience who can point me in the right direction.

This is a project that was assigned to me where I have the AD experience, but not the ADTRAN integration.

We are implement the multiple VLans and Wi-Fi  in our company:
Vlan 1:default Vlan (
Vlan 2:Office Vlan(
Vlan 101:production Vlan (

We are using Aruba instant virtual controller to control all the APs. In the core switch default gateway is which is the router Interface.

We had no problem for the connectivity using wired. But we found the if connected using office wifi (Vlan 2) and try to reach those device have wired connection in (Vlan 101) is no issue. But If the device is connected using Wi-Fi then we can not reached.

IN the Wi-Fi controller we never set any policy to block it.Please advice ?
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I have bluetooth on my Surface Pro 4 which is connected most of the time.  Sometimes when my phone rings, it will switch and I can answer my phone via bluetooth, but sometimes I can't even force it.

How can set my phone to take priority when bluetooth is connected to my Surface 4 Pro?
Hello Experts

I have a question about using several Wireless Access Points sharing SSID on the same location

I have a customer that is rapidly growing. They are expanding the area that needs coverage and are getting more people.

They started with a router with WAP (Wireless Access Point). This is an older router that is not Mesh aware. (Draytek 2820n)
They grew in size and added a dedicated WAP. We set it to have the same SSID & Pre Shared Key as the WAP in the router
Both were working well together and the users could roam around seamlessly

The dedicated WAP failed and we replaced by a new Mesh aware WAP (Cambium Networks cnPilot E400)
We also added a 2nd dedicated Mesh aware WAP (Cambium Networks cnPilot 1000)
We set these 2 Cambium WAPs to work in Mesh mode with the same SSID & Pre Shared Key

So they have 3 WAP
* the router's WAP  (non Meshed)
* WAP 1 Meshed with WAP 2
* WAP 2 Meshed with WAP 1
* all with the same SSID & Pre-Shared-Key

Since then the wireless users experienced constant drop outs and various instability. These are random and unpredictable

I am in the process of trying to debug the whole thing by disabling all WAPs except one then repeating the process with the other 2 WAPs

Question 1: do you see anything wrong with the set up as explained?
Question 2: Is there any reason to think that the mixed "Meshed" & "Non Meshed" AP would create this issue?
Question 3: Any other tests I could do?

Any other …
Hi Experts,

I am installing new wireless equipment at a very small motel this week. They have AT&T business internet and just want to provide an SSID and password/key to guests to connect. No splash screen or anything like that. They were originally using Netgear signal boosters that you plug into wall outlets, but customers stole them.

I told them I would only use pro-level equipment, so I have ordered 2 UAP-AC-PROs and the Ubiquiti 8-port 60w PoE Switch for 12 rooms. Eight rooms are in a 2-floor building, four on each floor and the other building is just four rooms on a single floor. I plan to install one AP on the ceiling in room 3 (middle, bottom room) of each building, including the two floor building. The rooms are small so I think this will suffice.


Do I need to order a security device or new router? Can I use the AT&T provided router and connect it to the Ubiquiti PoE switch and configure the WAPs using the Ubiquiti controller software installed on the office PC? And will that software without a security device or new router be able to provide two SSIDs?

The owners are trying to save money (of course!) so I wanted to see if any other gear was necessary. It appears that the solution I've provided will do the trick, but it is not ideal security-wise. Any advice is appreciated!


I'd like your recommendations on security cameras you may have CURRENTLY used. Nothing 7 years old please. ;) This will be a single camera system, not a DVR/mulitcam system.

We could use POE to power. Needs reliable (tested by you hopefully LOL) and easy to use SOFTWARE for offsite monitoring and time lapse (sent to FTP?). WiFi and tough, but cheap were also requirements.
Hi Everyone,
I have a Dell D830 with Ubuntu 17.04 installed.  It has a Broadcom Wireless adapter but:
>I cannot identify any WiFi network
>Appears that the WiFi adapter is not working

*I verified it is using a 3rd party adapter by following:
>Click the button at the far right side of the menu bar and select System Settings.
>In the System section, click Software & Updates.
>Switch to the Additional Drivers tab.

Any suggestions to make the WiFi work?

Wireless Hardware





Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.