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Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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Installed a new SonicWall SOHO wireless router and the other computers at home cannot be viewed over the network.

How do I change this?
We Need Your Input!
We Need Your Input!

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Dell Optiplex 3020 i5 (4th Gen) running Windows 7 Pro is having issues connecting to automatic wireless network at startup.  This user is a residential on AT&T U-Verse, in which AT&T provided the first D-Link DWA-140 which dropped connections regularly.  AT&T has replaced the wireless router with unknown model.  This user is in another state, so on site visit is not an option.  The user then bought a D-Link DWA-192 per AT&T tech recommendation.  This unit stays connected 99% of the time, but never at startup.  If he unplugs the USB cable and reconnects, it works just fine.  If he powers off the unit and turns it back on, it doesn't connect.  I have changed the USB to not allow power saving.  I have reset Network interface.  I have recommended uninstall of drivers, restart and reinstall latest drivers.  Waiting on that attempt results yet.  User has contacted D-Link tech support on multiple occasions with no results.  The computer is running Norton Security.  User did originally install CD provided drivers and then updated to latest version from website, but not the new Krack BETA version.  I do no deal with D-Link devices very often and see a few struggles for people with this problem and D-Link.  I have run CHKDSK /r on the computer.  It is a Samsung EVO 850 SSD for the OS.  Looking for suggestions, as I would suspect driver related problems... But if 2 separate techs have given up on this problem and that was their feelings as well.
I am responsible for recording training sessions and I need a way to obtain an improved recording of both the presenter as well as participants questions.

I believe the best option is to find a unit that includes:
- 1 lavalier microphone - wireless (for presenter)
- 1 desk microphone - wireless for participant
- 1 microphone mixer/receiver (two channels is all that I require) - must have an output jack with proper impedance to feed into a MacBook Pro audio recording the two channels.

Another option: bluetooth mics with Mac OS software audio mixing.

I don't have much of a budget so ideally, I am looking for a unit that is under $350.

- Most of the models that I have looked at are either more than $350 or are packaged with the wrong types of microphones (i.e. handheld mics or 2 lavalier mics).

Thank you for your advice. :)
I have a new Samsung WEA302i. I want to configure it as a standalone access point which i understand is possible.

When I browse to the IP address of the device I just get a "Welcome" message in the browser.

Does anyone know what the URL should be for the configuration/setup page is?


We have a Denon AVR X4300 which is connected with speakers and we have surround sound for music, radio, etc.

Back of Denon:

We are having problems connecting FM internet radio stations to our Denon AVR X4300.

At most, 3 radio stations connect with use of internal FM radio antenna connected to Denon AVR X4300.

A different radio in the room, which is a basic radio with antenna, has over 10 radio stations it can connect to.

1. Which provides the best quality radio over the surround sound system; Internet radio or external FM Antenna?

2. If external FM Antenna is best quality for radio, what would be the best external/ outdoor FM DAB radio antenna to use for Denon AVR X4300?

3. No point in buying and installing an external antenna and then finding out the the sound quality is better on one of the internet services.
It would be redundant and annoying to finding that out later.

Hi All,
We want to build a custom M2M antenna having a LTE and WiFi antennas inside.
It should work between -40 and +85 Celsius degrees.
The problem is that we cannot find a supplier for a low profile antenna enclosure.
Does anyone know such a supplier?

Android Latency using Ubiquiti AC-AP-PRO.

I have a network with 12 AP's above. The underlying layer3 switches are Dell and the POE switch for the 12 AP's is Ubiquiti with 1Gb connections.
I have done ping tests as attached and the normal stuff checks out, (WiFI device to router, servers or fellow Windows PC's etc).

What doesn't fully check out is mobile devices, mobile printers and Android Point of Sale devices . Their latency is erratic or so it would seem with 2ms, then 500ms response times like a yo-yo, averaging 150ms with no packet loss!

With so much testing done on AP settings, including shutting down all WiFi AP's except 1, and removed all Wireless devices expect for 1x Android device and the result remains the same.

I came to the conclusion that Mobile devices, especially Android and the cheaper WiFi devices do operate like a yo-yo in terms of Ping(ICMP) response, however I need confirmation please.

Hope you can assist?
without non administrator how can run Wampservices or wampserver in windows systems.If they are in admingroup  they are runs wampserver.how can i provide rights to non administrators
I have a client who has quiet a large house, with a lower ground and 2 floor above ground. They have a fibre a connection coming into the ground floor which provides internet connection for that level and the lower ground. The 1st and 2nd floor is a separate living space with it's own ADSL connection coming in.  My client wanted to unite the whole house under one wireless connection and have them use the fibre connection (and we cancel the ADSL one). Most of the living spaces are vertically above each other so the house doesnt span much horizontally. I wanted to use a Ubiquiti networks solution (as i have installed some of the AC's before)  but i am not sure whether i need a Mesh AC or ordinary Ubiquiti one. If i use Mesh i would probably have one on each floor (though i have never set one up before). If it's a ordinary solution can i use an AC- Pro and then use another one to repeat the signal ( is this possible)? I want to provide a solid solution for the client so that i can more or less evenly distribute the wireless connection on all floors and have them move about without their devices disconnecting and reconnecting to the different access points distributed around the house (like they do at the moment). There is no CAT5 wiring in the house.

I have Linksys router Wap 300N.
In thought i could use simultaneous the 2.4 + 5 GHZ band, but i did not get it to work.
I can only use the 2.4 band or the 5ghz band.
I read somewhere that this is a restriction of this router.
Can anyone help me with this question?
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Cisco WAP 1142 show POE status as "power injector / normal mode". Before it was showing "POE full power". What is the issue and how to fix it?

Why can I not set a static IP address, on a Windows 10 Pro laptop, for a specific Wireless network.   I go to Manage Known Networks >  Choose network > Properties:  then nothing, no way to set an IP address.  There are some versions of Windows 10 that do allow you to adjust the IP properties for that specific wireless network,  I think.

Surly I'm missing something here?

What is the best Wifi solution for a two story 55,000 sq feet building? Only for 10 users.
WLC5500 has one interface(802/11a) down, while other(802.11b/g) are up. Please see picture attached, which i got from WIRELESS ----> Interface.

I checked internet and got a similar case with mine( see below link). but my WLC and AP are all located in USA.

Thank you


(Cisco Controller) >show ap inventory NABC

NAME: "Cisco AP" , DESCR: "Cisco Wireless Access Point"
PID: AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9, VID: V01, SN: FTXxxxxxx


I am currently using a mix of Linksys LAPAC1750PRO and have been very disappointed with their stability, even after upgrading to the latest firmware.  I would like to upgrade, but need to find that sweet spot between performance and price.

I used to run old Linksys WRT routers with DD-WRT and they were fantastic, but the radios started to die, and it was a pain to make a config change if needed.

One of the features that drew me to trying the LAPAC1750's was the Clustering, which doesn't even work that well.

I am looking for a controller-less solution, and had my eyes on a Cisco Aironet WAP371AK9.  I have hear ubiquitis waps are outstanding - I guess I am looking for anecdotal experience.  I work for an SMB, we only need about 6  access points for out entire building.

One feature I would like to have is the ability to schedule a device reboot, something I was able to do using DD-WRT, these crummy 1750PROs do not even have such a feature, nor the ability to SSH in and reboot from a shell; so I cannot even write up a cron job to do it from a linux box.

Would Any body care to comment on what they have used and had good success with?
We have a Brocade/Motorola RFS6000 Controllers running AP650s for our warehouse and 7 branches. One of our AP650s at the home office was dropping signal. I replaced it with another AP650 that I had reset to factory, but it did NOT receive and update from the controller and did not register/work. I  then reset the original AP650 to factory defaults, and put it back..and it also is not connecting or receiving any update information from the controller, even though the AP is listed in the device database.

How can I register an AP650 with the RFS6000 to work??  The management software is Brocade Mobility v5.4 (Wingz??)

Any guidance you can offer would be appreciated.

I am looking for  a Wireless GPS tracker for vehicles

the devise should support  IEEE 802.11r -  fast roaming

it should be able to collect - vehicle  speed , location  ,  engine operation status ( To check Whether the vehicle is working or parked )   - then send all this information to a Location server .

It must be of high quality and acceptable price .

Do you have any suggestions ?

Hi, we have Verizon wireless and using the zBoost - Directional Dual-Band Indoor Antenna
Model: YX027-PCS-CEL

It is getting old and not really helping boost the signal, what other better models are out there you recommend?
Hello Everyone,

We are thinking about upgrading our Cisco 801.11n wifi  access point to Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-HD Access point. We bought a test unit and very easy to setup and all in one central management robust unifi controller, we have 100m up/down internet from TWC. During our LAN speed test we are getting about 80 mb/s up and 90 down, which is normal. when we test it on the new Ubiquiti wireless access point , we are getting speed of 32-34 mbps and upload getting to 90mbps on a 5ghz band. on a 2.4ghz band we are getting about 16mbps down and 80-90mbps up. Our current network configurations example is attached. We have contacted Ubiquiti and support doesn't seem to know what went wrong still waiting for their engineer to reply. all switches are in full duplex speed. We are suspecting the firewall is filtering traffics by design, and if so, we would like to know if there is a way to fix this.

Any help in unraveling this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there,

I have a 2504 WLC at a remote site overseas currently on code  I need to update the code on it due to the KRACK vulnerability, but wasn't sure what the best route was to go on this. Cisco's suggested release is (ED), but I'm hesitant to downgrade the code as I've heard some horror stories (losing configs, etc.) and I don't have an onsite resource there in case things to to hell.  Cisco TACs recommended 8.3 release is would I be better off just upgrading to that version instead?  Would that be safer for a remote update?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

I'm working with a small business (5 employees) that work out one building that is separated into two offices by a fairly heavy-duty wall.  We have wifi in one building (using a consumer-grade wireless router), and would like to add wireless access to the other office, but only a very weak signal bleeds through.

I know that I could add a wireless router to the other side, set up with the same SSID and encryption/passphrase, and have it work reasonably well... however, in the past I've run into issues where a device on wireless 'A' doesn't let go of the signal and grab wireless 'B', even though B is stronger.

I contacted our CDW rep to find out what a base SMB solution for this type of scenario would be (two access points that support roaming, without a controller), and his best solution was a couple of Meraki MR 33 access points, at roughly $450 each.

$900 was more than the boss wanted to spend... does anyone know of a more cost-effective solution for an SMB?
DDNS service detected Host *****123.com by ipcfg cmd and UpdaterClient service in Temp.IPv6,

Few Questions :
           1) wireless Router getting WAN.IPv6 privileged over the wire. Router ?

           2) ISP has dhcpv6 to some clients enterprise way at Apr. 2014 when the multiple networks complexity trailing two years later ?

           3) Motherboard  OEM Vista II replaced off in 2010 and lost from home of ,  found  the  board having Repaired records recently at the OEM machines account however , nobody claim to verify or stop its applying when ,  THIS 1st bulit-in board.mac presented on my 2nd board hold with computer running . Its DUID in the 1st board mac address and broadcasting , as IANA and NIC rules protocols, DUID  won't be modified even board changed.

           4) The broadcasting / casted machines, nodes, networks and so on info globally , how to correct and be updated ?  NOWHERE to be acceded these years which already contacted anywhere maybe help this.

PHOTO: ipcfg temp.ipv6  , updator, ddns
ipcfg temp.ipv6  , updator, ddns
We have a Ubiquiti UniFi. I've joined the "community" but cannot figure out how to post my issue. It appears that we can pay a subscription of $60 per month for problem resolution -- does anyone know whether we can subscribe for only one month?

Here's our issue:

Our APs are version 3.2.1.

We exported our ubnt file and imported it to another host computer. The goal was to make the new computer the UniFi Controller. The new controller can "locate" and re-start APs. However, we cannot set a new PSK for the wifi. The new PSK appears in the Setup bar, however it is not getting applied to the APs.

I took one AP off the wall and re-set it. Since the reset, the AP will not re-join the unified network. I'm hesitant to do it with the other APs because we need a functioning wifi in at least some areas of the office.

I followed instructions found in the UB forums regarding this issue. I unplugged the AP from power and pressed the "reset" button for 30 seconds, then plugged it back in. This had no effect at all.

All suggestions welcome.
I have inherited a wireless setup and could use some help.  I have access points that seem to be disappearing from my Cisco 2500 series wireless controller.  The access points are Cisco Aironet 2600 series.  I hear that I can reset the access points in a way that would allow the wireless controller to see them again, but I'm not sure how to do this.  I'd rather not lose any of the configs on these access points if it can be helped, but understand it may be necessary.  

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Experts,

We have 20 Open Mesh Wireless Access Points in our building serving over 250+ Clients. Everything was running fine until we added 2 new SSIDs and tagged them on VLANs. These access points are connected to Netgear POE Switches and All these switches are connected to our Netgear Core Switch which is backed by iBoss (Firewall and Filtering) and Sonicwall (As a Router).

After we added two VLANs, our wireless network has been unstable since. We cant airplay to Apple TVs, Cannot connect our wireless computers / iPads to our 2 newly created SSIDs most of the time.

I did the VLAN for the first time and could be doing something wrong on that front. I have tagged the ports where i have access points connected and the ports that connects to the core switch. On Core Switch, i have tagged the ports that connect these switches and the port that connects with the iBoss.

Please let me know if you need any additional information on this issue.

Wireless Hardware





Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.