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Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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I have a TP-Link 3150 v2 wireless ac router.

Does it support access point and repeater mode?

If not, please suggest some wireless ac routers that act/support in Repeater and access point mode.

Reach out to me for any questions.

Thanks for your support.

Warm Regards,
Sriram K
Senior Technical Writer.
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SD-WAN: Making It Work for You

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Routing problem.... I do not think so.  What do you think?

I am trying to setup a new Wireless setup.  We are currently using HP MSM760; but, it is E.O.L. and we purchased an Aruba Wireless system to replace it.  I have never worked with either Wireless Systems and I am charged with:

1.  Learning how the HP System currently works.

2.  Duplicating the setup in the Aruba system.

I have been reading Aruba user guides  and setup you tube videos and I have everything connected and I have begun testing the SSID's.  The problem is that when I get any laptops or wireless devices connected they get authenticated and the device receives and IP address from the correct VLAN.  The Device shows up in the DHCP server and the IP address is associated with the Computer name; but, those wireless devices cannot ping anything on the network nor can anything on the network ping them.

I think that there must be a configuration setting that needs to be enabled.  Something that is unique to Aruba and outside the instructions I was given.  Aruba Support is stating that this is a network routing issue and they cannot help unless the main router can communicate with the wireless device.  I personally think that the reason there is a routing issue is because the Wireless Client is getting Authenticated into the Aruba system and a configuration setting is required to allow routing.

The thing is that the Aruba controllers can ping  devices that are on all of the required VLans.  The…
I want to design an audio amplifier using lm386 in Proteus. I have made the circuit correctly but on running the simulation it shows zero ouput.on giving a sine wave to the circuit it shows excessive cpu load, simulation not running in real time.
how can I optimize my circuit.
image adress

Just received the Vonets device & tried the above suggestion of setting it to "Bridge + Wifi repeater"
followed by steps in page 7 & 8 below:

I'm able to use it as Wifi repeater ie by placing it say 12 ft away from my Wifi broadband
router & with my laptop is a 'blind spot' of my bedroom, my laptop could connect to that
device "wifi hotspot" & get to Internet (which previously my laptop cant get to Internet).

Now, the other requirement as per the original enquiry in the EE link is to connect it to
a LAN port & serve as Wifi hotspot: can't get this working: when laptop tried connecting
to this device's SSID, it prompted for password which when I enter, it simply gave the
message "password not right" though without connecting this device to a LAN port, the
very same password works.   I've tested connecting the built-in LAN cable to LAN port
OR (ie one at a time) using a LAN cable to wire the WAN port of device to wall's LAN port.

If this works, the next thing I'll need is to connect this device to my laptop (while my
laptop is connected to a LAN port on wall & serve Wifi hotspot to others
I have this Bluetooth headset (Wireless Model ST-006) and i tried to pair it to the windows laptop so i set the headset to pairing mode. i waited for quite a while so it thought something was going on. i tried in other devices like an iPad and a mac book and they worked perfectly. i then went to device manager in the windows laptop and show hidden devices and found my Bluetooth headset named 'ST' so i just simply uninstalled it. after i did that i tried pairing it again and still didn't work. after i restart the laptop i realized that the 'ST' was reinstalled. so i tried disabling it instead and still didn't work. i then went to the events tab of the device and saw it saw that is was reinstalled by this thing called "bth.inf" . does anyone have a solution for this?
hello experts
i have a Cisco 1852 AP, configured it to controller, several Cisco 1832 have no problem to join it, but i have two AIR-CAP1702I-D-K9, i can't get it joined, i already update the soft to same version with the controller,, from the console i got the following message, not sure why it is trying to load c3700... file.
please advice.

*Jul 20 05:58:01.000: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSEND: DTLS connection request sent peer_ip: peer_port: 5246
*Jul 20 05:58:01.255: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSUCC: DTLS connection created sucessfully peer_ip: peer_port: 5246
*Jul 20 05:58:01.255: %CAPWAP-5-SENDJOIN: sending Join Request to archive download capwap:/c3700 tar file
*Jul 20 05:58:01.327: %CAPWAP-6-AP_IMG_DWNLD: Required image not found on AP. Downloading image from Controller.
*Jul 20 05:58:01.331: Loading file /c3700...

We are looking for a security camera that can alert the user if motion is detected and does not take up much bandwidth.

We have Nest cameras which are on 24/7 but the problem is that they take up a lot of bandwidth.

Here is my criteria for the camera we are looking for:

- Less than €100
- Does not constantly take up bandwidth 24/7; only uses bandwidth for tasks such as notification sending, if user wishes to access pictures taken by the camera,etc.
- Does not need a subscription
- Can send a message to a person's phone when motion detected or when the camera sees someone
- Released in the past 2 years or more recently

What would be recommended as the best security camera with the above criteria?

Trying to connect WGPS606 Netgear print server on a network but the setup fails when detecting the print server to a windows 10 machine .  I have checked the ethernet connection from the print server port to the ethernet in the back of the computer . I understand that the printserver does not have dhcp so how will it detect the print server using the ethernet port ?
I have a HP laptop which every 3-5 days loses the WIFI device. It looks like is controlled by the HP Support Assistant, and when it disappears in HP Assistant it shows "Disabled by Device Manager", so what I have to do every time is reinstall Wireless driver from HP web site and after that it reappears back under Network Adapters. Has anyone seen this happened before?
Is there a solution to it? Thanks.
Hi All,

I am using 6 Sonos speakers in multiple rooms at the same floor.
There are 2 accespoints with the same channel and same SSID .

When one accespoints is online the most 2 far removed speakers stutter sometimes or loses connection, the other speakers wont stutter or lose connection when this happends.

If I connect both accespoints then only 1 or 2 speakers keep working while it has the same configuration as the other accespoint.

I tried several things like changing the channels or disable mesh encryption but Sonos keeps failing.

I searched online for multiple options but it seems a lot of people have issues with the Sonos speakers with multiple accespoints in the same configuration.

Does anyone here know a solution so i can use all my Sonos speakers at once over 2 accespoints?

Kind Regards,

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Hi everyone

I want to backup the config for a Cisco Wlan Controller 2100 & 4100 models, I believe it can be backed up directly from the GUI of the WLC ? I'd like to do it directly from a Windows server. Do I need to install TFTP software or can the config just be downloaded to a folder on the Windows Server ?

Thanks all
Hello, and I hope you are having a great day...
This question is for Server core 2016......
I cannot access the internet....
Here is what I know with respect to hardware and drivers:
pnputil -e
published name:            oem0.inf
driver package provider:      tp-link technologies co., ltd
class:                        network adapters
driver date & version:            04/01/2016 1030.6.121.2015
Signer name:                  microsoft windows hardware compatibility publisher

name:                              wi-fi
interface description:                  tp-link wireless usb adapter      
ifindex:                        3
status:                              not present
macaddress:                        nil, nothing showing
Linkspeed:                        0 bps
(the ethernet driver is fine, no issues to report here)

arp -a
added default gateway to arp table as a static ip address ( and physical address)
description:            tp-link 150mbps wireless n nano usb adapter
Model:                  TL-WN725N
status:                  it works fine under server 2016 desktop experience
additional info:            technically its a windows 10 usb adapter. The installation
                  ran under server core 2016, with out a hitch. It found the driver
                  and as far as I can tell, it should be working.
Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you like. There is also is no rush for this (i have until January 2019, to master it   ;-----]]]).
Thank you, Simon (administrator, rapidcomputers.co.uk)
Hello People,

This is kinda engineering question. Its about the hardware and power knowledge.

I have a Ubiquiti Loco M5 which is connected to a public access point (No encryption required)
Everything is working, except random disconnection which I'm pretty sure its because of the range. Its connected with -80
I am 1 Km away from the AP - but the signal is poor because Loco doesnt have enough power!!

How can I boost the receiving on Loco M5. I mean HARDWARE. not configuration within the Loco which I tried EVERYTHING.

I need something to add to the device in order to make it more powerful for receiving signal! like changing the adaptor? or PoE? I've heard if I changed the power supply, it'll help. But I have no idea about the power and what should I buy.

Any ideas?

I'm trying to use a Draytek Vigor 2760Vn to extend a network using WDS. I am trying to use the Draytek router as a AP to extend the current network without having to use extra cables. The network using a BTHub 6 for its main wirless network. The Draytek router is in another room that will have some computers connected the the physical ethernet portds.
BTHub 6 - IP addresss, DHCP range -
DrayTek - IP Address using the same SSID as the BTHub

When I configure the DrayTek using the WDS configuration, I scan for the BTHub SSID. Under the AP Discovery, It is found and I click the BTHub SSID selct the Add To button and select it as a bridge.
My goal is to keep all devices on the same network and use the Draytek to replace a VOIP router.
What am I doing wrong?
What is  mouse-over control?
I am responsible for recording training sessions and I need a way to obtain an improved recording of both the presenter as well as participants questions.

I believe the best option is to find a unit that includes:
- 1 lavalier microphone - wireless (for presenter)
- 1 desk microphone - wireless for participant
- 1 microphone mixer/receiver (two channels is all that I require) - must have an output jack with proper impedance to feed into a MacBook Pro audio recording the two channels.

Another option: bluetooth mics with Mac OS software audio mixing.

I don't have much of a budget so ideally, I am looking for a unit that is under $350.

- Most of the models that I have looked at are either more than $350 or are packaged with the wrong types of microphones (i.e. handheld mics or 2 lavalier mics).

Thank you for your advice. :)
Hi All,
We want to build a custom M2M antenna having a LTE and WiFi antennas inside.
It should work between -40 and +85 Celsius degrees.
The problem is that we cannot find a supplier for a low profile antenna enclosure.
Does anyone know such a supplier?

Android Latency using Ubiquiti AC-AP-PRO.

I have a network with 12 AP's above. The underlying layer3 switches are Dell and the POE switch for the 12 AP's is Ubiquiti with 1Gb connections.
I have done ping tests as attached and the normal stuff checks out, (WiFI device to router, servers or fellow Windows PC's etc).

What doesn't fully check out is mobile devices, mobile printers and Android Point of Sale devices . Their latency is erratic or so it would seem with 2ms, then 500ms response times like a yo-yo, averaging 150ms with no packet loss!

With so much testing done on AP settings, including shutting down all WiFi AP's except 1, and removed all Wireless devices expect for 1x Android device and the result remains the same.

I came to the conclusion that Mobile devices, especially Android and the cheaper WiFi devices do operate like a yo-yo in terms of Ping(ICMP) response, however I need confirmation please.

Hope you can assist?
without non administrator how can run Wampservices or wampserver in windows systems.If they are in admingroup  they are runs wampserver.how can i provide rights to non administrators
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I have a client who has quiet a large house, with a lower ground and 2 floor above ground. They have a fibre a connection coming into the ground floor which provides internet connection for that level and the lower ground. The 1st and 2nd floor is a separate living space with it's own ADSL connection coming in.  My client wanted to unite the whole house under one wireless connection and have them use the fibre connection (and we cancel the ADSL one). Most of the living spaces are vertically above each other so the house doesnt span much horizontally. I wanted to use a Ubiquiti networks solution (as i have installed some of the AC's before)  but i am not sure whether i need a Mesh AC or ordinary Ubiquiti one. If i use Mesh i would probably have one on each floor (though i have never set one up before). If it's a ordinary solution can i use an AC- Pro and then use another one to repeat the signal ( is this possible)? I want to provide a solid solution for the client so that i can more or less evenly distribute the wireless connection on all floors and have them move about without their devices disconnecting and reconnecting to the different access points distributed around the house (like they do at the moment). There is no CAT5 wiring in the house.

I have Linksys router Wap 300N.
In thought i could use simultaneous the 2.4 + 5 GHZ band, but i did not get it to work.
I can only use the 2.4 band or the 5ghz band.
I read somewhere that this is a restriction of this router.
Can anyone help me with this question?
Cisco WAP 1142 show POE status as "power injector / normal mode". Before it was showing "POE full power". What is the issue and how to fix it?

Why can I not set a static IP address, on a Windows 10 Pro laptop, for a specific Wireless network.   I go to Manage Known Networks >  Choose network > Properties:  then nothing, no way to set an IP address.  There are some versions of Windows 10 that do allow you to adjust the IP properties for that specific wireless network,  I think.

Surly I'm missing something here?

What is the best Wifi solution for a two story 55,000 sq feet building? Only for 10 users.
WLC5500 has one interface(802/11a) down, while other(802.11b/g) are up. Please see picture attached, which i got from WIRELESS ----> Interface.

I checked internet and got a similar case with mine( see below link). but my WLC and AP are all located in USA.

Thank you


(Cisco Controller) >show ap inventory NABC

NAME: "Cisco AP" , DESCR: "Cisco Wireless Access Point"
PID: AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9, VID: V01, SN: FTXxxxxxx



Wireless Hardware





Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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