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Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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I'm working with a HP Pavilion P7-1414 running Windows 8.1. The computer currently has a Ralink RT5390 wireless card that comes with the computer.
After you connect it to wifi and start browsing, the machine will either bluescreen or freeze. If it bluescreens, according to the program "whocrashed" it's a DPC Watchdog Violation error and has been referencing two different system files: hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe. I have installed a brand new Startech PciE 300n adapter (PN: PEX300WN2X2) and discovered that is also uses Ralink drivers, and will also bluescreen or freeze the pc after connecting to wifi and browsing. I have tried about three different versions of Ralink drivers on both devices and all will result in failure.

Here's the curveball, I have a USB realtek wifi dongle that I installed, confirmed it was using Realtek drivers, and it is NOT crashing or bluescreening the computer after a couple hours of testing.

Any suggestions as to what's going on? Is it underlying ralink driver corruption or perhaps a registry issue? Issue just started happening on Monday the 15th, and the customer suspected it might have been a Windows Update. I checked the update history and saw where there was an attempt to upgrade the Ralink Driver a few days prior to monday, but reports failed. Don't see any other updates that could be affecting it.
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           I am needing technical help in resolving my HP Deskjet 2543 printer scanner copier's inability to communicate or connect wireless to my laptop.  The printer itself appears to be fine because I am able to print via USB connection, however, unable to do so at a wireless level.  The wireless button on the printer merely blinks a blue light at a steady off and on pace.  The signal bars on the screen of the printer go across off and on with about 2 passes, then, the bar display disappears.  

            I am not sure this information will be needed, but, I am running Windows 10 on my laptop.  If more information is needed, please feel free to let me know and it will be provided upon your request.

            Thank you

Intermittent issue
I’ve yet to see this but that what end user describes

Win 7
My folks have a cabin that has a modem/router in the front room. We do not get a very good signal in the back room due to distance.

I'm looking for a good recommendation for a simple range extender that can be plugged into a wall.

Hi there,

I have a 2504 WLC at a remote site overseas currently on code  I need to update the code on it due to the KRACK vulnerability, but wasn't sure what the best route was to go on this. Cisco's suggested release is (ED), but I'm hesitant to downgrade the code as I've heard some horror stories (losing configs, etc.) and I don't have an onsite resource there in case things to to hell.  Cisco TACs recommended 8.3 release is would I be better off just upgrading to that version instead?  Would that be safer for a remote update?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

I'm looking at some of the above: anyone know if the one with 3km distance has good penetration against 2 layers of walls
(each layer of about 15cm thick)?

I'm placing a wifi router with a camera in my car & from my office which is about 500m away, I want to be able to connect
to the camera to monitor the car (from vandals) from my office PC.  There could be 1 to 2 layers of walls in between.

Feel free to recommend any other products.  Don't need encryption, only good distance/penetration

I'm working with a small business (5 employees) that work out one building that is separated into two offices by a fairly heavy-duty wall.  We have wifi in one building (using a consumer-grade wireless router), and would like to add wireless access to the other office, but only a very weak signal bleeds through.

I know that I could add a wireless router to the other side, set up with the same SSID and encryption/passphrase, and have it work reasonably well... however, in the past I've run into issues where a device on wireless 'A' doesn't let go of the signal and grab wireless 'B', even though B is stronger.

I contacted our CDW rep to find out what a base SMB solution for this type of scenario would be (two access points that support roaming, without a controller), and his best solution was a couple of Meraki MR 33 access points, at roughly $450 each.

$900 was more than the boss wanted to spend... does anyone know of a more cost-effective solution for an SMB?
We have a c3750-48PS the switch works fine on the computers, but the Access Point doesn't come up, it lights up, but it doesn't see the Wireless Controller. The Access Point is a 2802I.

Any ideas?

We have a ceiling fan which has a R7S halogen bulb fitted.

We are looking to buy a smart bulb to replace this bulb which will enable us to:
1. Change the colour of the bulb via WiFi on our phone
2. Turn the bulb on or off via WiFi on our phone

Are there any smart WiFi enabled bulbs which are type R7S?

DDNS service detected Host *****123.com by ipcfg cmd and UpdaterClient service in Temp.IPv6,

Few Questions :
           1) wireless Router getting WAN.IPv6 privileged over the wire. Router ?

           2) ISP has dhcpv6 to some clients enterprise way at Apr. 2014 when the multiple networks complexity trailing two years later ?

           3) Motherboard  OEM Vista II replaced off in 2010 and lost from home of ,  found  the  board having Repaired records recently at the OEM machines account however , nobody claim to verify or stop its applying when ,  THIS 1st bulit-in board.mac presented on my 2nd board hold with computer running . Its DUID in the 1st board mac address and broadcasting , as IANA and NIC rules protocols, DUID  won't be modified even board changed.

           4) The broadcasting / casted machines, nodes, networks and so on info globally , how to correct and be updated ?  NOWHERE to be acceded these years which already contacted anywhere maybe help this.

PHOTO: ipcfg temp.ipv6  , updator, ddns
ipcfg temp.ipv6  , updator, ddns
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The place I park in office is about 200-300m from where I seat:
I can't see the car as blocked by walls.

My car is parked along the street which can get vandalised (scratched, etc):
I wanted to be able to view my car from my office PC/laptop (or at least from
my iphone) remotely : the street is a straight one & if I sit in the car, I could see
if someone is approaching (even >100m away).

Anyone has any solution to this?  I don't want a recorded video as it's too late
& the vandal would have taken place.  I wanted a camera/device which will make
it like I'm viewing from within the car (but I'm viewing from my office seat).

Feel free to show me any eBay/Amazon links of the items you recommend.
Not something more than US$300 ideally.

I have an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6: perhaps one of them can be mounted in
the car (with a low-cost 4G data plan of US$20/month for 20GB data)?  If it's
something that don't need any data plan, will be better but I'm Ok to get one
I am tasked with upgrading an office/warehouse WiFi.  The office area is approximately 2500 sq. ft on main floor, and 1100 sq ft on 2nd floor.  The remainder of the building consists of 3 warehouse areas: 2 are approx. 2750 sq ft ea, and the 3rd area is approx. 5500 sq ft.  8-10 users in the office and 10-15 users in the warehouse that come and go all day.   Traffic is primarily Port 80/443, email, and smartphones.

Am looking at 6 A/Ps: 3 in the office (2 on 1st floor, 1 on 2nd), and 1 in each of the warehouse areas.  Am considering TP-Link EAP330  to accommodate the client's budget, as well as Aruba IAP-305.  

Does anyone have familiarity with either of these and why you would select one over the other?

Thanks for your input.
We have a Ubiquiti UniFi. I've joined the "community" but cannot figure out how to post my issue. It appears that we can pay a subscription of $60 per month for problem resolution -- does anyone know whether we can subscribe for only one month?

Here's our issue:

Our APs are version 3.2.1.

We exported our ubnt file and imported it to another host computer. The goal was to make the new computer the UniFi Controller. The new controller can "locate" and re-start APs. However, we cannot set a new PSK for the wifi. The new PSK appears in the Setup bar, however it is not getting applied to the APs.

I took one AP off the wall and re-set it. Since the reset, the AP will not re-join the unified network. I'm hesitant to do it with the other APs because we need a functioning wifi in at least some areas of the office.

I followed instructions found in the UB forums regarding this issue. I unplugged the AP from power and pressed the "reset" button for 30 seconds, then plugged it back in. This had no effect at all.

All suggestions welcome.

I have a SmartThings Motion sensor and a SmartThings Power Outlet.

I set these devices up so that when I would walk into a room, the sensor would sense my movement and turn on the Outlet.

However, if I do not have my internet for these devices, the Outlet will not be turned on.

I have seen devices such as sensor lights but was wondering if such things existed for a socket where WiFi was not needed.

Can you recommend any sensor sockets that work like these devices but do not require WiFi?

I have inherited a wireless setup and could use some help.  I have access points that seem to be disappearing from my Cisco 2500 series wireless controller.  The access points are Cisco Aironet 2600 series.  I hear that I can reset the access points in a way that would allow the wireless controller to see them again, but I'm not sure how to do this.  I'd rather not lose any of the configs on these access points if it can be helped, but understand it may be necessary.  

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Experts,

We have 20 Open Mesh Wireless Access Points in our building serving over 250+ Clients. Everything was running fine until we added 2 new SSIDs and tagged them on VLANs. These access points are connected to Netgear POE Switches and All these switches are connected to our Netgear Core Switch which is backed by iBoss (Firewall and Filtering) and Sonicwall (As a Router).

After we added two VLANs, our wireless network has been unstable since. We cant airplay to Apple TVs, Cannot connect our wireless computers / iPads to our 2 newly created SSIDs most of the time.

I did the VLAN for the first time and could be doing something wrong on that front. I have tagged the ports where i have access points connected and the ports that connects to the core switch. On Core Switch, i have tagged the ports that connect these switches and the port that connects with the iBoss.

Please let me know if you need any additional information on this issue.

We have a Microsoft Surface Studio display which has a PC built into it.

In our training room, which sometimes gets reconfigured with no tables for an open space, we are looking to get wall mounts that will allow this Display which has a PC built to do the following:
1.       Sit very tightly against the wall when it is not in use. Out of the way so that when the room is full of people, people will be less likely to brush against it. Also the training room is small, so the flatter it fits everything against the wall the better. Also, the small PC in the mount should be tillable so that it can be tilted downwards to sit better against wall.
2.       When using it, we need to be able to put it out from the wall, and have the ability to pull it downwards adjustable to the height we want. For example, it will need to appear as if it is sitting on a table where a person is using it as their work desk PC.
3.       We are looking for something also that looks very well, visually.
At the end of the day, what it will be for us is, when not in use, there will be no work desk in the room, the base unit and the display  will be folded flat against the wall. When in use we want lots of adjustments, and that it holds the position adjustment that we set so that it appears to be sitting on an office table.
I have a wireless network with a bunch of wireless repeaters all from SonicWall. When I am connected to one of my repeaters I can ping the company server and it responses with no loss packets. I can browse out to the internet no issues. However when ever I try to connect to my company drive It says it can;t make the connection

What could be the issue?
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How do I update my Alcatel a462c Android 4.4.4 processor MSM 8609. Can you please direct me or tell me how step-by-step or send me somewhere where they'll do it for me thank you very much.
I am currently setting up my home cinema room, where I want to control everything using my Echo Dot. I have set up Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV stick, Blu-ray player, etc.. to my  receiver, where each device has its own channel. All of that works perfectly.

As I`ve mentioned, I want my Echo Dot to control everything. Because of this I want the Output from the Echo Dot to come through the receiver, no matter what channel the receiver is on,  i. e. if I am using Sky Q I still want to be able to talk to and hear the Echo dots.

Does anyone have a solution I could apply?

Trying to project my Wifi signal to reach 700ft with a beamforming signal to reach my property across the road from me. I was thinking of using a Wireless N600mW smart router R10000 from walmart. Would this be adequate or would this require a directional antenna to broadcast the signal?
It seems that some of the CLI commands have changed from the 3700 series to 3800 series Cisco access points.  Can someone help me with the follow:

3700 Series:
To change the IP address: capwap ap ip address
To change the gateway: capwap ap ip default-gateway
To change the primary controller: capwap ap controller ip address

3800 Series:
Any idea how to fix this error?
I setup wifi in a 4 bed 2 storey house & there have been alot of wifi issues!
Multiple devices & 4 heavy users.
Apple Tvs, Ipads, Macbook, Iphones & 2 windows laptops
Constant drops on wifi & constant reboots of Fiber router.
EG Freezes when watching netflix & need to connect to another SSID.
They get approx 50mb download from the router (which also has wireless enabled)
They didn’t want to wire so i used 4 tplink powerline av600’s
(i’ve used them before with little issues)


So i’m thinking of just swapping out the AV600’s with Archer C2 wifi routers & using standard tplink powerline plugs


I setup as Access Points.
I disable dhcp, wan, use separate channels, disable firewall,nat,guest network. I set dns to &
All have seperate SSID's. A mix of 2.4 & 5G.
I set the 2.4 channel width to 20mhz
I’ve been testing on my home network & it works fine then just loses connection for a couple of mins.
Happens every hour or so.
I get obscure DHCP error messages in the system log.
I upgraded the firmware & it’s more stable but not perfect.
I try continuous pings from a pc & ipad & they seem fine?

Other than hard wiring is there any advise to minimise issues?
Or is it a limitation of powerline?

Wireless Hardware





Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.