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Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.

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Is there a wireless or bluetooth microphone that I could clip to my clothing and it connects to a laptop with a receiver that I could use for a video presentation coming up?  I use gotomeeting?
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OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks

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CameraCameraHow can I connect a microscope camera wirelessly?

We have a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop with Windows 10 installed on it.

Someone's child was using the laptop and now the laptop seems like it is forever in Airplane Mode.

When clicking on "Wi-Fi", it turns to ON for 2 seconds then turns off as Airplane Mode is on.

Airplane Mode is set to "ON" and the option for clicking on "Airplane Mode" is greyed out and can't be clicked on.

We would like to try and fix the WiFi as it worked before this.

I have done the following to try and fix this issue:

1. Connected with Ethernet cable to internet (Internet works fine this way but shows Airplane Mode still on)
2. Updated laptop with most recent Windows 10 updates
3. Updated driver for "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
4. Updated driver for  WiFi network adapter we use
5. In "Device Manager", disabled then re-enabled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
6. In "Device Manager", checked off option for WiFi network adapter we use; "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
7. Uninstalled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection" then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
8. Uninstalled WiFi network adapter we use then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
9. Tried using Network troubleshooter but no solution

Any ideas on what could be done to fix this WiFi issue?

A small conferencing center needs help boosting their AT&T cell phone signal.
They are in a wooded area, and it's an old building, with metal mesh in the exterior walls, and several fireplaces with stone walls. There's a big kitchen at one end.
The building is long, maybe 200 feet from end to end.

Can a building have more than one booster?
Which one should I get?

I saw a pretty persuasive web page from Wilson Amplifiers, that placed high on a DuckDuckGo search.

I want to have the ability to connect safely to my network from home. Is there any freeware out there that allow me to do that? Do I have to open up any port on the wireless router?
After a storm and a power outage, none of my users are unable to access a Cisco AirLap1130 access point.  The Access point is joined to the Cisco Lan controller.  It has an IP address.  I can ping it.  And it appears as if it is working.  But devices cannot connect to the access point.  What should I try and do to fix it?  Cisco says my contract has expired so I am technically on my own.

I have a Synology router MR2200ac  which doesn't reach some places in the house (upstairs).
Don't have an UTP cable up there, otherwise I could buy an extra MR2200ac. How do I extend the network, WITHOUT needing to login again to another access point? The mobile phone should just switch over to strongest nework.

Please advise.
I would like to use Mikrotik RB3011 router with Ruckus R510 Ap.
I don't know if this is possible? If yes please advice or event better provide any link with info /tutorial ...
Say, the following device :  D-Link 3G FLLA Wi-Fi Model DWR-720/PW   takes a SIM card and allows one to mkake telephone calls from the built-in handset. It also offers wifi to the user. We are loking for a device with similar functionality as described, except that it does not need a handset but rather a FXO Port allowing one to connect in a regular POTS.
The important features are the Wifi for the end user and the ability to plug in a POTS. Cost is a factor and availability in South Africa is preferable. Kindly suggest devices ofering this functionality.
PS.  This device is being used as a replacemenent to a traditional analog telephone
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OWASP Proactive Controls

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Hello Experts,

I've posed this question to Engenius support, but have not heard back, so thought I would see if anyone here has any suggestions.  I purchased an EAP1300 access point and then traveled to one of our offices to install it.  As I was working through the configuration I found that I was not able to change a number of settings to configure the wireless network as needed, and the settings I’m referring to are all greyed out.  I also noted that the list of wireless security mode options is limited compared to what is listed in the user manual.  This is essentially resulting in having to set a Hex wireless key on the access point, which will not translate well to the use of the wireless network by our staff on site.

I upgraded the firmware to the most current version (3.5.5) but still ran into the same issue.  To this point I have not been able to find any setting that "locks" portions of the wireless configuration options and forces the use of a hex wireless key.  Does anyone have any information on how to make these selections available?  I am ultimately trying to set up a wireless network with WPA2-PSK security and a ASCII regular text passphrase.

Thanks in advance,

I regularly travel using Audible books for entertainment, and would like to find the best Bluetooth wireless headset that would allow me to listen to my books but also make and answer telephone calls on my iPhone.  I really don't care about stereo, and would prefer a single-ear device with an ear-hook (since ear buds tend to fall out of my ears).  But when I looked into the top rated devices (Plantronics 5200 and Sennheiser Presence) it isn't clear if they will allow me to listen to books & music in between phone calls.  Can you please recommend a device that satisfies these requirements?


I have a client that needs strong wifi access to a swimming pool area that's about 200 feet away from the house
- I currently have an outdoors Ubiquiti installed. WiFi access is accessible but not strong enough. 1 or two bars.
- There's basically no obstructions in view between the house and pool area.
- I looked at the "EnGenius ENH1750EXT Wireless Access Point 802.11ac Dual Band Long Range Wifi" AP. It's around $510. It has far more power than the Ubiquiti Nano unit currently installed. Price is not a concern with the client. This unit near double the power rating as the Ubiquiti unit.
- the customer does not want to install a point to point type installation for there's no power at the pool area

My question is,
- does anyone have any recommendation about this unit or another powerful unit?
Lenovo X1Carbon no longer wants to connect correctly to WiFi network. The issue is that the laptop tries to connect to our internal WiFi and goes to no connection and then also the Guest network (that I have removed from known networks) causing the laptop to have no network connection. The user has to disconnect from the SSID and then reconnect to the SSID to gain the connection. I have removed all known SSID's and reset them up from known networks but the issue still occurs. Any thoughts?

Computer is Running Windows 10 pro- all drivers are up to date
Hello gents I have a new Cisco Aironet Mobility Express 1830 series POE AP connected to a port in my POE switch.   The AP is getting activity as there is currently a solid green light on the device.   I am looking in my DHCP scope and not seeing the unique ID show up for the device so I could locate the IP address.   Anyone know if they can advise if the port on the switch is assigning a dhcp IP to the device from the server since the device is getting activity and how I can see if the device is online other than CDT which is not picking it up
I am trying to make a hp laserjet 607 printer work on our network wirelessly.   we are currently using Datamax RL4e Printer .  I need an adapter that can be configured like the datamax rl4e printer.  
Security-Authentication Mode WPA/WPA2
Group Cipher - Encryption  CCMP
 Authentication Protocol   WPA2-PSK
EAP type
does anyone know an exact model that will work?
Hello, I am looking to upgrade our current wireless access. I am using several Cisco WAP321 access points. They work fine but tend to be slow. I would like to keep it simple as we really do not have the need for a sophisticated set up. I currently mange each access point individually and would like to keep it that way if possible. I have looked into some new ones and they require a management console or control centers. I would rather not go that direction if I don't have to. With WAP321's I simply connect directly to the device and configure it then just connect it to the network. I can then manage it through a browser. Are there any faster access points that I could set up the same way?

Thank you
My Logitech Anywhere Darkfield mouse could pair
with its Unifying Usb receiver & work well on my
home Win 7 or Win XP but on my office Win10
laptop, the pairing greys out : see attached

How to fix this issue?

There's applications whitelisting on my Win10
laptop which office support colleague has
whitelisted the Logitech unifying software &
there's no more alert that pops up when
running the unifying software/pairing.

The unifying software is Ver 250:
4,147,600 bytes        Logitech_unifying250.exe

Is there a newer driver for Win10?

By plugging & unplugging more than 10 times,
sometimes, it detects the unifying receiver but
after using a while, mouse will not be detected
anymore (ie moving it will not move the cursor).

Think I've seen in youtube that this Anywhere
mouse could be paired with other receivers?
How can we go about doing this (in case the
Unifying doesn't work).  Would still like to
use this Anywhere mouse as there's glass
surface at home/work.
Business Wireless coverage.  I have a business with two suites across a long hallway from each other.  The suites are connected with LAN so that's no issue.  Problem is Wifi coverage.  Wifi router (Cisco RV340WAK9NA) covers one suite, but the signal is very weak in the suite across the hall.  What is the best way to extend this wifi network keeping in mind that users routinely go back and forth so I don't want them to connect to one AP and go across the hall with a weak connection.  I wasn't sure if a mesh system worked for this or if I need some sort of roaming IP ability.


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Angular Fundamentals

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Can someone provide assistance in regards to a question I have about a Cisco Aironet 700 unit?  We currently have 3 at a location and are installing a 4th.   I need to know if there is a way I can export the configuration setting from one already setup and import that generated file into the new 700 unit that's going in.   If that can not be done is it possible to simply copy settings page per page?  I have no worked with this device so I am trying to determine the best way to get this 4th device added without issues.   They are all setup exactly the same way.
I am looking for a 2-in-one laptop where the keyboard that comes with it, will still function in fully "detached" mode.

In order for the OEM keyboard that the laptop comes with to function in fully detached mode, it would have to have batteries and be chargeable from the laptop itself, as opposed to an add-on cable.

Assistance in finding this would still be greatly appreciated.
Good day,

Employees be logging in and using internet data.

How do I limit the usage ?

I current use uap pro as ap.
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a solid point to point solution?  About a year ago I installed two TPLink CPE510's for my boss to connect his barn to his home(~150 yards).  This was my first attempt at p2p, but the install and setup went smoothly.  Unfortunately, within a few months, the client side device was losing connection roughly once every 2 weeks requiring a power cycle of the client to remedy.  Now I'm being told it's losing connection every few days, and while it's down, he loses his security cams.  As the guy who installed, naturally, I now own the problem.  

He wants an 'upgrade', but I'm not sure what's out there.  The 510's are pretty cheap, which leads me to believe they aren't exactly top shelf, but I could be wrong as my sample size is limited to these two units.

Pretty basic setup, modem>router>CPE AP>CPE Client > Open Mesh AP.  

I plan on making a trip out there to see if I can tinker with the settings, but considering the logistics of changing a setting, having to wait a day or so for a disconnect, going back out there, rinse, repeat...it may just be easier to replace with 'better' gear.

Thank you for any reviews/experience/recommendations.
We have a big porta Cabin which is 100-120 meters away from the Main building.

Mail building core switch and porta cabin switch is connected through Fiber optics cable for data connectivity.

We have Wi-Fi in the mail building and Cisco POE switch connects all the access points in the main building and we have spare ports on the POE switch.

The approximate distance between the Main building POE switch and the Cabin is 100-120 meters.

Now staff are requesting Wi-Fi access in the porta Cabin and we need only two Wi-Fi access points.

Please suggest if I pull two UTP cable from Main building POE switch till the Porta Cabin access point. Will the Wi-Fi work in Porta cabin?

Please let me know the cheapest solution to set up Wi-Fi Access point in the porta cabin.  
Logitech Keyboard K350 I have been to the site and looked up solutions tried them all. The board is only 5 years old. THE ONLY thing I did unusual is disconnect the cables took my computer outside and with an air compressor blew out the dust and cat fur...! Put it back the unit came back up and unfortunately the keyboard and my Logitech M570 stopped working. So I went to the closet pulled out the old PS2 keyboard and fortunately was able to type this message spent about 2 hours on it last night following all the rules and nothing so far. Does anyone here know what I can try. Again nothing changed but the dust cleanout........frustrated.....!ARRRR!
I have been here to downloads at Logitech the drivers and update software. Restarted No Change.
And here with many other pages too long to list here.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Wireless Hardware





Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise (business) installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered using radio communication. This implementation takes place at the physical level (layer) of the OSI model network structure. The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.