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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging fro...

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A network security and systems engineer with over 12 years of experience in the field, ready to help and share my knowledge with others.

Troubleshooting Solution

Internet Speed Increase or a WiFi Range Extender??

I would like an expert to help me decide on the proper route to take on the internet speed slowness. …

Do's and don'ts on wireless security.


MAC filtering is like handing a list of names to a doorman. If

Amazon recently filed a patent for a system wherein while …

Amazon recently filed a patent for a system wherein while someone is shopping inside of a store, and…

How Do I Fix Slow Streaming and Buffering Problems?

Tired of waiting for your show or movie to load?  Are buffering issues a constant problem with your internet connection?  Check this article out to see if these simple adjustments are the solution for you.
Wifi Flaw

A layman's explanation and look into Wireless Security

Nothing is ever secure - things get "broken" but not always easily mended. This is the norm today. Despite security measure put in place, cyber attacks are still successful because security controls themselves can be vulnerable as well. Catch this Wi-Fi security weakness run through.
Troubleshooting Solution

Asus Bluetooth USN-BT400 adapter works but....

Got an Asus USB-BT-400 dongle for Win10Pro2002/64. Lot of trouble installing asus driver. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Lenovo  T470s.....WiFi not working...

Win 10 Pro....about 3+ years old....business laptop with lots of engineering programs installed....
Troubleshooting Solution

Configure AP and Routers remotely to use a different sub network

I am having quite a challenge with mobile wireless devices eating up IPs in DHCP in Windows Server …
Troubleshooting Solution

computer missing some WiFi networks

computer not seeing some networks. it is seeing our schools networks but it is not seeing a new …

Meet the Summer 2017 Scholarship Winners

The Summer 2017 Scholarship Winners have been announced!
Troubleshooting Solution

AP cannot join WLC

AP 3602 cannot join WLC4400. The AP has same vlan as controller and has static ip address assigned, …
Research Solution

Starting out with UniFi APs and Controllers

I posted this in the UniFi community and perhaps this is counter to some posting principles but here …
Troubleshooting Solution

Use the same Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse for two different computers

I'm looking to use the same Bluetooth keyboard and the same Bluetooth mouse on two separate …
Troubleshooting Solution

WiFi Antenna Position

Our environment is a manufacturing floor.  Currently our access points are almost 40ft in the air …
Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a way to auto assign a public DNS to any device connected to my router

Hi all,

I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM wireless router.   I have noticed degraded performance in my …
Troubleshooting Solution

5G network problems!

I have recently switched to 5G with my internet service provider.  Now, my printer does not work.
Troubleshooting Solution

Wifi speeds

I have a fibre connection that gives me wired speeds of around 80mbps.  Am I condemned to achieve …

How to setup a basic Point to Point link using Ubiquiti airMAX devices

This article is a step by step guide on how to create a basic PTP link using Ubiquiti airOS devices.…

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