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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging fro...

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Over 15 years' experience in enterprise network design and implementation focused on routing, switching, Wi-Fi and Cisco ISE.

Troubleshooting Solution

Know specific page of a 'https' website


Hi Experts!

Help in a group discussion about https sites and knowing one of its pages accessed.  In


Do's and don'ts on wireless security.


MAC filtering is like handing a list of names to a doorman. If

How Do I Fix Slow Streaming and Buffering Problems?

Tired of waiting for your show or movie to load?  Are buffering issues a constant problem with your internet connection?  Check this article out to see if these simple adjustments are the solution for you.

Amazon recently filed a patent for a system wherein while …

Amazon recently filed a patent for a system wherein while someone is shopping inside of a store, and…
Troubleshooting Solution

Safari browser not working in iPhone but other browsers are working


Hi Experts!

Curious thing just an hour ago: my safari doesn’t navigate and no website is displayed,

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 10 is unable to connect to a specific WiFi connection only.


A windows 10 laptop is unable to connect to a specific WiFi connection.  This connection did work in

Troubleshooting Solution

Wifi speeds

I have a fibre connection that gives me wired speeds of around 80mbps.  Am I condemned to achieve …
Troubleshooting Solution

Unable to connect to network drive message only using WiFi


I am running Access with o365 from a domain with a workstation that can connect either wirelessly,

Advice Solution

Can a Meraki MR33 Access Point be connected "directly" to a cable modem and still be secure?


I recently got my hands on a Cisco Meraki MR33 Access Point and subscribed for 1 year. I haven't

Troubleshooting Solution

Laptop has no Internet


My boss has a Samsung laptop. He is going on a trip next week and wants me to see if …
Troubleshooting Solution

Internet Speed Increase or a WiFi Range Extender??

I would like an expert to help me decide on the proper route to take on the internet speed slowness. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why won't laptop see a wireless network when others can?


I have a laptop running Windows 10.  In my office it connects wirelessly with out issues ( I will

Wifi Flaw

A layman's explanation and look into Wireless Security

Nothing is ever secure - things get "broken" but not always easily mended. This is the norm today. Despite security measure put in place, cyber attacks are still successful because security controls themselves can be vulnerable as well. Catch this Wi-Fi security weakness run through.
Troubleshooting Solution

Connecting a laptop to a wireless connection (NOT Personal Hotspot or WiFi!)


Aside from Personal Hotspot, what other options are there for my acquiring a wireless connection to

Troubleshooting Solution

How to make my old USB printer wireless?

Because I changed my internet to a higher speed, I received a wireless router for that higher speed.…
Troubleshooting Solution

AireOS and Catalyst ios name system.


Looks like AireOS and Catalyst IOS have different name system. I got below section of Cisco

Troubleshooting Solution

More Reliable Wi Fi Signal at Remote Sites


We time races and post results almost instantly.  If the local wifi signal strength is present but

Troubleshooting Solution

Linksys 4 port wireless router

byAnn K
I connect 3 computers through cat 5 wires to linksys router. Problem is that I can't access the wifi…

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