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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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We are using Aruba Airwave with a Cisco WLC/AP infrastructure. One thing I'm noticing is that if I go into AP/Monitor/(select AP) - that I can see a client count next to radio 802.11an or if I click on the clients tab it will show me a list of the clients. Yet the number of client will not graph. See the attached anonymized screen grab. Any thoughts on why  it wouldn't graph?
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I have just started setting up my first Raspberry Pi (3).  It was easy to set up initially, but after setting up remote access with VNC, I disconnected the HDMI monitor (actually my TV).  Now when I remote into my home laptop using teamviewer and then remote from there into my pi - this also happens if I just remote directly from my home laptop to the pi - (Still having trouble remoting from anywhere but on the same wifi network) the display is wrong.  Everything is fuzzy, but the worst part is that I not only cannot see the entire screen at once but in new windows I can't see the top of them, so many times I have to guess what they say.  Is there some setting I need to change?

VNC information window occludedRemote into Home machine via teamviewer which then remotes into Pi
We have 4 new Dell G7 15 7588 laptops that were upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro that are connected to the companies domain and connected to the wlan. The users are experiencing issues logging into the domain, where approximately 9 out of 10 times state that the password is incorrect. We have verified that the password is correct when being entered and have removed the laptops from the domain and rejoined them but the issue persists.

The laptops do not have issues logging in when hard wired into the network and other laptops connected to the wireless network are not experiencing issues. Also, Active Directory is not referencing any failed login attempts for the users trying to login to the laptops on the wireless network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
The user is having trouble connecting their Blackberry Android to an Apple WiFi network.
They have a Blackberry Priv.  
Their home network uses Apple Airport Express
The phone indicates that it is connected to the D55 Wi-Fi network, but they can't browse

I made sure that all Airports had the latest firmware, and restarted each Airport.
I suggested that they connect to the 5G network rather than the 2G, just in case there was too much interference.

Is there anything that should be done on the Android?

I would like to be able to turn off the internet connections to wired computers. I was thinking of adding a managed switch next to my isps router and then using that to turn the ports on or off.

I am not sure what to buy tplink have l2 type with poe on 8 ports so might be good in the future. They have l2+ 16 port no poe managed switches at a reasonable price too. I would also like to give my computer full bandwith when I teach online, at present everyone affects it I think when I am in classes. Will a managed switch get me what I desire?

my choices seem to be TL-SG1016PE or
TP-Link Switch T2600G-18TS(TL-SG3216) 16x1000/2xSFP L2 Managed

I also would like a better wifi access point I think my tplink wa901 is struggling.

advice would be welcome.
I have over 200 wireless machines that are currently wpa2 and TKIP.  My old Cisco controller didn't allow wpa2 and AES so we used TKIP.  My new controller a Cisco 5520 doesn't not allow wpa2 and TKIP. I'm stuck in catch 22.  Is there any way to change TKIP on the machines remotely, my users have no rights on the machines and I'd have to take off all the autologin settings and one by one change the encryption.  I don't want to have to create a group policy.  I'd rather use a script if possible
Looking at any WiFi controller Aruba Cisco etc

Requirement is for guest WiFi users to be set to a password that doesn’t change

Are there guest access ways of doing this on controllers so that users have no access to the main network

I was looking at static IPs or even a separate scope with 10 addresses (required for 5-10 VIPs) what’s best way to do this? (In general with modern WiFi controllers examples and 2012 Domain controller setup)
I am unable to connect to the wireless network getting error the connection attempt cannot be completed,followed Microsoft  help site https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/52621e0d-729c-4c4b-be93-334d2fa014df/windows7-wireless-connection-the-connection-attempt-could-not-be-completed?forum=w7itpronetworking

Windows 7 Laptop

but no help ,please help me on this
I have an unlabeled Cisco Access Point blinking green and red. Alas it's also unlabeled and
it's at a remote site. I don't see any ports flapping on the switches and if I show cdp nei
on the switches the resulting APs are matching what I'm seeing in the Wirelss LAN controller.

My understanding of red/green flashing is that it means the AP is trying to register to a WLC
unsuccessfully. Where would I see logging evidence of an AP unsuccessfully trying to register?
Any other thoughts on how I might be able to get more info on this flashing AP? AIR-CAP35
(Aeronet 3500 series AP)

Users in the vicinity of the flashing AP have been reporting bad performance. This could
be a red herring or perhaps related. Thank you.
wifi is dropping on some of my clients, i have a Cisco 2504 COntroller and 1852 AP's

looking through the Syslogs this is the erros showing up
please help

*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6

*apfReceiveTask: apf_ms.c:7398 Could not find the mobile e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6 in internal database

-cap-controller    Error    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_6: 1x_ptsm.c:730 Client e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6 may be using an incorrect PSK

The syslogs show:
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (Ipad 1)
    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:730 Client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a may be using an incorrect PSK
    1/8/2019 2:17:45 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (ipad 1)
    1/8/2019 2:17:41 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (ipad 2)
    1/8/2019 2:17:34 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning   NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_6: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:b6 (ipad 3)
    1/8/2019 2:17:31 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning  NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for …
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Ubuntu Linux 16.04
Android Phone

We are on the floor of a convention and trying to connect our linux machine to our Android hot spot. There are too many WiFi hotspots and we cannot find the one from our phone.

On our Linux machine, how to find the hotspot that is being generated by our Android phone? Is there a way to search for the specific hotspot name? Is there a way to turn off the other 100 or more hotspots that are filling up the queue?
getting errors from my Cisco 2504 Wireless Lan controller syslog

MYWLC: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:730 Client MAC Address may be using an incorrect PSK

i have been noticing some dropped connections lately so i decided to setup syslog and seeing hundreds of these errors
I have a user that athome and on a farm, uses Comcast as the Wifi company. She bought and extender because she was having issues with NetFlix. The extender was a NetGear. This helped some but did not make life fun. What would be the best route to getting her Wi-Fi so she would be able to see NetFlix the way it should be seen?
I am having difficulty maintaining a consistent internet connection with too many black spots around the property.

The current setup is as follows:

1st floor: WIFI Router (DSL) with wired connected to WIFI extender (plugged into power outlet) which sends signal to second floor. One other WIFI extender on 1st floor to improve wifi coverage. All are bare bones TP-Link products

2nd floor: Wifi Extender to receive signal from first floor and two other wifi extenders.

Each floor is roughly 100sq.m or 1000 sq ft. Each floor is a separate unit. The walls within each unit and the exterior walls are very, very thick concrete.

On the second floor especially I only get a clear signal from the WIFI extender near the main entrance whose purpose is to get the internet connection from the first floor. This signal serves only one room, the main entrance. The rest of the unit has so many black spots and connection stoppages even within a few feet of the extenders.

Outside I don't even have a signal within one foot of the entrances. This occurs on the first floor as well.

Question: I am looking for products/solutions that cost under 400$ total that will give me a clear signal in each room on both floors and give me an outside signal within say 10 meters of the entrances on each floor., despite the buildings heavy concrete walls and remote location. My internet connection is roughly 15 mpbs down and 1 up.

For an additional cost I wanted something that I could use …
How to setup a new RADIUS Server for Wireless Authentication?

I have never setup a RAIDUS server before.  In the past, for wireless or Citrix or any form of authentication we just had to configure:

- LDAP Server IP address (Active Directory Server IP address).
- User account with administrator access that could authenticate to the AD server.
- Worked with a vendor (like Citrix) that had accomplished this before.

Now, I am working in a new environment where my project is to migrate to the new Aruba Wireless System from an E.O.L. wireless system.   We have an older HP MSM700 series Wireless system used in production and the Aruba is in my test lab.  

We require a RADIUS Server for employee authentication to our Corporate Wireless network.  I have found a few web sites; but, I want to know how I can verify if the new RADIUS server (Network Policy Server) has all of the requirements?

The production Wireless Controller (older) is setup to use EAP Authentication and it is configured to use a local certificate that was provided to us by DigiCert (THAWTE - CA).  That certificate is labelled to be used to authenticate to the peer.  We attempted to use the currenlty used RADIUS server; but, after the new Aruba Clients were added the RADOUS server  stopped working; hence, it was decided to create  anew RADOUS server for the new Wireless system and that should not affect the users in the production environment.

The new RADIUS server is setup as follows:

1.  Network…
Hi Networking Experts

I have a cunnundrum with VLAN configuration with products from different vendors.

Here is the setup.

DrayTek Vigor 2862 router.
Netgear PoE switch capable of VLANs.
Ubiquity UniFi Pro ac wireless access point.
Windows Server 2012 R2 that acts as DHCP server and also AD server for PCs.

Here is the requirement.

VLAN1 to be data VLAN for PCs.
VLAN7 to be guest WiFi networks. The AP has the capability of multiple SSIDs and putting a particular SSID in a specific VLAN.

I also need to put the VoIP phones in a diff VLAN but guest WiFi is more urgent.

DrayTek router is configured with VLANs and so is the netgear switch. DrayTek acts as DHCP for guest WiFi.

I just don’t know how to do the tagging configuration for ports on the switch where the DrayTek Router, the AP and the Windows server gets plugged in. I know that the ports to which DHCP server gets plugged into need different tag configuration than other ports.

DrayTek router is also special case since it needs to carry both VLANs and it also acts as DHCP server for guest WiFi.

Currently, the guest WiFi clients don’t get IP addresses at all.
What is the difference between the Cisco Aironet AIR-CAP3602I-E-K9 Access Point   and the CAP3602I-A-K9 Access point.

The difference being the E vs the A.

Is it possible to convert a A to a E? or vice versa. Thank you.
I have two networks in one closet for a small shared office. there are two internet connections going to WiFi. There is one copier that the two offices want to share. I need to know the best way for the two networks to share the printer but keep the networks separate. Could I connect a L2 router to the two current wifi routers and direct traffic that way?
I have 2 300 foot runs.  Cat 5E.  The switch attached to is a cisco POE fully managed Switch.  The run in question currently supports 2 time clocks.  I need to lay out solid, meshed WiFi.  The units supplied by the coporate home are Ubiquiti AC Pros.  They each require POE.  To that end I have a inexpensive 8 port POE 802.3AF managed switch due in on Wednesday.  The idea is simple.  Take the run and place into switch thereby joining the Layer 2 network.  Then we will have perfectly recondition the electronic signal as is consistent with Switching technology.  The Switch being a Managed POE will also supply my further run out Access points with POE.

This is completely compliant with The OSI model in theory.  The cheap switches, well, ive used them many times at other locations in other applications.  Sure, the best thing would have been a fiber run to my distribution cabinet,, but no such luck.
Has anyone applied a POE switch at or near the 100 meter limit.  For all practical purposes this will work.  Further, in teory a layer 2network can be grown to any conceivable size.  Limited only by the switching fabric and IP address.

Please advise.
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When this client connects to our Public guest WiFi her browser doesn't load. it comes up blank and she's not able to connect. It used to work. I had to delete the the public wifi during a large conference and then re-created after the conference. Ever since i recreated it she's not able to connect. I've not had another problems with any other devices. Her Kindle Fire version is 6.3.4_user_4120720. I don't have access to her device but if you could give me a couple ideas that would be great.

Is there a way to "Forget" the SSID or clear DNS on the Kindle Fire? any ideas would be most appreciated

I've opened a ticket with Ruckus support but that's not going to help me tomorrow (Sunday) when she'll try to connect again.
Hi guys,

When I am at my parents house,, streaming stuff is so slow. When running a speedtest it shows speeds of 25MBs download, 5mbs upload. It is 'fibre' internet that they have.

However, I am wondering how one can determine if the slowness is our side or the sender who we are viewing from. How does one determine whether it is our side? What tools can I run? Wireshark?

Thanks for helping
Hi, I have a friend who is traveling in Europe soon.  They'll be on public WiFi all the time, wherever they go, and they're concerned about doing things like online banking.

They asked me if they got a good VPN (I use StrongVPN), if that would be secure, because the connection between them and the outside world would be encrypted.

I didn't know the answer, so I am coming to the experts. What's the safest, most secure way for them to connect to online banking while on a public WiFi?

Can Cisco WiFi prioritize Skype for Business online real time ports? These would be UDP 50,000-59,999 and UDP 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481.
How would the access point be able to classify and prioritize that traffic relative to the other traffic received on the radio?
On a Cisco 5520 wireless controller, what are the steps to disable the 2.4GHz network
How can I find the up address of the DSL modem behind a router?  
Attaching the DSL modem directly to a computer did not help:
The ipconfig showed a 169 up address.

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.