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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

Anybody else experiences this. At first, I thought it was our home/office internet but I also see the same thing but to a far less degree when I am out of office.

I used the Lenovo system to check the wifi card driver and it tells me it is up to date.y920.jpg
Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

we need to find whether D-Link DWM-222 Dongles have any security vulnerability (with latest firmware update).
Do you know any? If not where should I start?

My fiancée's mother exchanged her laptop for a pawn loan 3 months ago and she bought it back today. The laptop had no password on it. Just turn on the power and your in. Now she is staying with us for a bit and wants our WiFi password so she can connect to the internet with it.

The problem is I am very worried about her laptop compromising the security/safety of my family and their devices. (I.e., In 10 seconds couldn't the pawn owner turn it on and install spyware that could spread to everyone's devices connected too it?!)

I Just wanted to get some feedback from professionals out there on what you would do in my scenario, what are some worst case scenarios and how likely are they too occur? Would you let her login too your WIFI? (Part of me wants to just burn it and buy her a new one)
We have a motel with WRT54GL routers for wireless access running WDS.  The "hub" site router seems a bit flaky and is being rebooted fairly frequently - so it needs replacement.  Additionally, the owner wants to add another WDS spoke to cover a corner area with poor signal.

I figure there are a couple of options:

1) Buy a couple of old WRT54GL units to replace the hub and to add the spoke.  I've already tried a WRT54 v4 and it doesn't work with the others.  So, I suppose matching the models is pretty important.  Inexpensive to try....

2) Replace the existing 2 routers and add a 3rd with a newer router model.  I've done a bit of looking and I'm not much impressed by the lack of WDS information that I found.  I've had good luck with ASUS routers for WiFi but getting them to differentiate their routers re: WDS has proven to be difficult.

Any comments would be appreciated.  If #2, then which (newer) router would you bring into service?  These must have detachable antennas so we can connect to the existing antenna system.

(Yes, I know that Ethernet is best - but thanks for the thought!)
I had this question after viewing LDAP access/integration to external company for web single sign-on..

So, I need to integrating Active Directory with Meraki Sign-On Splash Page and delegate the management of this access to a third person who is not part of the IT support team.
I am visiting a client tomorrow (50 WAPs, 5 Switches) to assist them in their wireless dropout issues.
They have cordless wireless phones which were on 2ghz, they upgraded it 5ghz, it didnt resolve the issue.
They have meraki switches and waps, and cisco asa.
Meraki waps they are using are MR 42;

I have worked on Meraki SWs and WAPs but never had any issues with them.
Should i start with disabling SSIDs and enable one by one?
Which tools / apps i can install on my computer to diagnose an issue like this?
AeroHive WiFi Radius Question.

Authentication issues when running Radius on the AP.

I know this is a specific product related question but I'll give it try nonetheless...

 I configured an AeroHive 250 AP as a radius server, I"m using Windows Active directory in the back end for user authentication. When i create users account in AD and assign the password connecting to the WiFi network works fine. If I set "users must change the password at the net log" in the AD account users are not able to connect to the WiFi. This is not an AD issue because if I run windows radius (NPS) users have the ability to change the password when connecting to the WiFi.

Is there a setting that needs to be enabled on the AP Radius function that will allow users to change the password when authenticating over the WiFi network???

Hello experts,

I was wondering how to display the wireless networks dialog box through AutoHotkey.
If you have advice on this please let me know.

Thank you for your help.
My samsung galaxy s9+ works for calls and texts but the internet isn't working whether on WiFi or through mobile data.

The following message comes up

You're offline. results will be available once you're online again.You'll get notified when they're ready

When I try to go to Chrome it says

No internet

There is something wrong with the proxy server or the address is incorrect. Try contacting the system admin

Hi Experts,

I am looking for a good software to map my home network. I have looked through EE search engine but could not really find the software I am looking for...

Specs are:

- list all IPs in my networks including IPs for device connected in Wifi (phones, tablets...) and on the LAN
- provides a visual chart / diagram on how these devices are connected on the network with icons and IPs
- give some information on each device detected (MAC, supplier...)
- Not a professional software that costs thousands of dollars...

Freeware of software up to $100 are fine
Waiting for your suggestions, thanks
I have already updated my WiFi password but why some devices still able to connect to my Wifi even I have rebooted my router? My router is Nighthawk X6 R8000.
Can connect to Internet WiFi with iPhone but not with laptop
iPhone 7 and Dell Dimension 15 3000, OS windows 10
When I try to connect on laptop I get message;
‘Name’ of WiFi and ‘No internet, secured’
Metered Connecty: off.
 Beneath are the IP settings
For Nighthawk X6 R8000, how to restrict remote Admin Login? in other words, admin can only login via Wired connection, wireless is not allowed.
I'm getting the following alert:
ERROR: Not enough disk space available in repository as available
space (16230304 kB) is less than backup file size (16970060 kB)

Not sure what to do here - I'm not a good cisco person.  But I know I have room on the server.  How do I clean up the space?

Does macbook has the same ports as windows computer?  
(for example Windows port 80 = HTTP, port 443 = SSL, etc.)

And what ports should be closed in a wifi router for better protection?
This one customer has a single Cisco Meraki MR32. Now he needs better coverage. I am no wireless guru but I guess the reason they got this was because they need multiple SSIDs and the killer..... the option to isolate every wireless client from each other so no one can see any other devices. They are probably going to need a total of three Access Points to give them good coverage so I guess I need either a repeater/booster for their existing one or need to go to another manufacture that makes access points that have these capabilities.

We have a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop with Windows 10 installed on it.

Someone's child was using the laptop and now the laptop seems like it is forever in Airplane Mode.

When clicking on "Wi-Fi", it turns to ON for 2 seconds then turns off as Airplane Mode is on.

Airplane Mode is set to "ON" and the option for clicking on "Airplane Mode" is greyed out and can't be clicked on.

We would like to try and fix the WiFi as it worked before this.

I have done the following to try and fix this issue:

1. Connected with Ethernet cable to internet (Internet works fine this way but shows Airplane Mode still on)
2. Updated laptop with most recent Windows 10 updates
3. Updated driver for "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
4. Updated driver for  WiFi network adapter we use
5. In "Device Manager", disabled then re-enabled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
6. In "Device Manager", checked off option for WiFi network adapter we use; "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
7. Uninstalled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection" then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
8. Uninstalled WiFi network adapter we use then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
9. Tried using Network troubleshooter but no solution

Any ideas on what could be done to fix this WiFi issue?

Hello Experts!
This is a remote customer.
One server five stations working as a WORKGROUP.
All stations have a wired network connection. Except a laptop using wifi 72 mb
All using 192.168.0.x as local ips.

Yesterday a blackout happened.
Only the laptop has started using 10.196.0.x
now this is a remote customer.
I try to change the settings manually but just before the last click I get disconnected,
Then the laptop restarts on its own and goes back to the 10.196.1.x

how can I fix this problem remotely ?
Or should I ask the customer to call their local IT service ?

Ok we have a a new server 2016 setup with all desktop computers connecting fine but I am unable to connect a laptop via wireless, router is a talk talk, I am unable to ping anything on the network nor browse to it.
Roaming issues with wireless calls using Apple iPhone 6 in a Cisco wireless environment.  The Cisco controller is a 5520 using firmware
Calls are fine if stationary.  Only have issues if roaming in the building.  The building has over 200 3802i access points so coverage shouldnt be an issue.  All are set to a power setting of 5

Any ideas?

I have a problem with several users HP EliteBook laptops wifi.

Download speeds really low (like 1mbps) and decent upload speed or vice versa.
I have updated the drivers in HP support assistant and it helped for a day and then reverted back to terrible download/upload speeds.

Users also see Microsoft Outlook "updating folders" status all the time, and a lot of emails arriving in on their phone but on the laptops.

Got an even newer wifi driver for the wireless card from Intel website and again it seemed to work for a little while but then reverted back to rubbish speeds.

Can anyone please help, is this likely to be a hardware or a software issue.

It is happening on several HP Elitebooks, but even on one user that has a Realtek wifi card, not an intel one, but exactly the same issue.

Advice much appreciated, users sick of this problem when working at home etc!

I'm trying to find a way to apply a mac filter on my WLC so that I can control who can or can not join my internal wifi.  

Preferrably a way that automatically pulls from my PDQ inventory or from my active directory so that we're not manually adding MACs would be great.  

I'm open to any other suggestions as well.  

Thank you!
I have 2 PCs that are both connected to the same WiFi network.  Both PCs are on the same work network, both have the same workgroup name and I have toggled network sharing off and on - on both of the devices.

Neither can ping the other.  However, where it gets strange here... If I run simultaneous cmd pings of each other, #1 PC starts successfully pinging the other, but stops if I stop the ping attempts from the other PC to it.  #2 PC pings never resolve.

Both devices are Dell Optiplex 3030AIO and on Windows 7 Pro, Service Pack 1
can't connect to a specific WiFi .

Hi experts, so I just got a dell xps laptop for a new user. for whaterver reason it can't connect to the corporate wifi network but it can connect to any other wifi network. doesn't make any sense, it simply says it can't connect to the network.

setup is new out of the box..

Any ideas?

Need to cover an area with WIFI connectivity  as the following scenario :
Area size 150 x 300 meter
Distance From Access point to first point of area is around 150 meter
Distance from Access point  location to The farthest point of that area is 450 Meter.

What is the best Access Point and Antennas to be used in such situation ?
Thank You

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.