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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

Hello Experts,

I've posed this question to Engenius support, but have not heard back, so thought I would see if anyone here has any suggestions.  I purchased an EAP1300 access point and then traveled to one of our offices to install it.  As I was working through the configuration I found that I was not able to change a number of settings to configure the wireless network as needed, and the settings I’m referring to are all greyed out.  I also noted that the list of wireless security mode options is limited compared to what is listed in the user manual.  This is essentially resulting in having to set a Hex wireless key on the access point, which will not translate well to the use of the wireless network by our staff on site.

I upgraded the firmware to the most current version (3.5.5) but still ran into the same issue.  To this point I have not been able to find any setting that "locks" portions of the wireless configuration options and forces the use of a hex wireless key.  Does anyone have any information on how to make these selections available?  I am ultimately trying to set up a wireless network with WPA2-PSK security and a ASCII regular text passphrase.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Experts, we are configuring a new network of new office in next week and have some questions about security:

- How to prevent "rogue" DHCP servers in network?
- How to prevent "rogue" Wireless Access Point in the network? For example: my office's wifi network is "ABC.com" => we'd like to prevent the other SSID "ABC.com" from users' APs?
- Can we prevent ransonware in some network levels?

Our infrastructure is:
- 2 x Firewall Sophos XG310
- 2 x Core switch Cisco 3850 (will be DHCP servers for 20 VLANs)
- 30 x Access switch Cisco SG220 and SG350
- 30 x Wireless Access point Unify AC AP PRO
I have a client that needs strong wifi access to a swimming pool area that's about 200 feet away from the house
- I currently have an outdoors Ubiquiti installed. WiFi access is accessible but not strong enough. 1 or two bars.
- There's basically no obstructions in view between the house and pool area.
- I looked at the "EnGenius ENH1750EXT Wireless Access Point 802.11ac Dual Band Long Range Wifi" AP. It's around $510. It has far more power than the Ubiquiti Nano unit currently installed. Price is not a concern with the client. This unit near double the power rating as the Ubiquiti unit.
- the customer does not want to install a point to point type installation for there's no power at the pool area

My question is,
- does anyone have any recommendation about this unit or another powerful unit?
Before "Neighbor Awareness Networking Specification"is utilized,  does each WLAN device have to be on the same channel?
Before two Wi-Fi enabled device communicate via "Neighbor Awareness Networking Specification," do they have to be on the same channel?
If a device communicates using "Neighbor Awareness Networking Specification," does both device have to be on the same channel?
Research: https://www.wi-fi.org/content/search-page?keys=neighbor%20awareness
Topic: Troubleshooting wireless issues:

Subtopic: Wireless channels: If connections are inconsistent, try changing the channel to another, non overlapping channel. Make certain you do not have mismatched channels between devices.”

I am looking for an interpretation of “Make certain you do not have mismatched channels between devices.” Does it mean that the client and the AP, have to be on the same channel? If yes, I thought that the laptop would scan the different channels to find out which one is associated with the SSID.
And I am also aware of two APs (access points)sharing the same SSID, would have to be on the same channel and this must be what the author is referring to when he said”Make certain you do not have mismatched channels between devices.”

Does anyone disagree?
I have a canon mx490 that I'm trying to connect wirelessly to an Asus RT-AC68U.
I've tried connecting via WPS - press and hold the button the router for 5 seconds - nothing.
I've tried providing a client (printer) PIN code to the router UI - nothing.
I've tried connecting to my primary 2.4ghz wireless connection - fails to connect.
The only other one that I can see from the printer is my guest network, which doesn't have intranet access.  I can connect to that one fine, however if I set it to allow intranet access, it drops off! :(

Both networks are setup AES with a WPA2-Personal-Auto configuration.
All my WiFi users who authenticate via my NPS server are unable to connect.
From the event logs of one of the affected users a pulled this error screen shot which is attached.

Event ID: 36884
The certificate received from the remote server does not contain the expected name

How do i resolve?
My WiFi is not connecting to 2 difference cell phones.  It has been connected successfully for weeks, suddenly not connected and won't reconnect.  It won't recognize the WiFi password.  The WiFi is fine on a laptop and a tablet.  I am not able to log into the router (won't accept my password).  Tried resetting the router and restarted the computer - no change.  I have a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900, Model R7000.  What can I do?

When referring to PMComponents, is the author referring to physical medium  components?
Taken from the context of:  “802.11 split the PHY, into two PMComponents.”

I believe, PM in PMComponents, mean physical medium, am I right?
“The 802.11 specification includes two physical layers.”
One is the frequency hopping spread spectrum and I believe the other is direct sequence spread spectrum, am I right?
Are “frequency hopping spread spectrum & direct sequence spread spectrum” apart of the 802.11 physical layers?
“802.11 is just another link layer, with 802.2 encapsulation.”

When referring to link layer, what does the above mean, when talking about link layer?
Gents have a bit of an emergency

I have a Cisco Aironet 1832 Series 802.11 Dual Band Access Point (Model AIR-AP 1832I-B-K9) that was setup at a location, however it wasnt provisioned.   The guys that ran the line are waiting for me but I cant get the device setup locally from the console port.   Does this AP require a power cable to function locally to do the initial provisioning and then can it be switched to POE?   I can plug it into the POE switch but it does not pick up an IP without setting it up first from telnet.   So pretty much am I pooched without having local power to set the device up locally?   When I plug it into the USB port it picks up and shows in device manager and I can update the drive and it assigns a port which I am attempting to telnet to but nothing connects the telnet session just hangs.   I have it set for com5 9600 8 n 1 like default.   I also tried com1.  Nothing.   Help!
“If encryption is enabled on the connecting system, the encryption type must match what is set in the AP.” I believe this means that the client and the AP, must support the same encryption level.
Has anyone encountered a case where a client cannot connect to an Access Point, because it does not support the encryption?
Here's a rather basic question for you experts I've never been sure I totally understand. I recently installed a new controller for my sprinkler system which also comes with it's own app.
The controller is in the garage. My Netgear R9000 router is on the opposite side of the house. Also, the controller only accepts 2.4G.

I purchased an extender to boost the signal to the garage which puts out both 2.4G and 5G. My iPhone is set to 5G from my router.

Can I connect the controller to the extender at 2.4G while my iPhone is connected to the router at 5G or do I have to connect my iPhone to the extender at 2,4 too?
Lenovo X1Carbon no longer wants to connect correctly to WiFi network. The issue is that the laptop tries to connect to our internal WiFi and goes to no connection and then also the Guest network (that I have removed from known networks) causing the laptop to have no network connection. The user has to disconnect from the SSID and then reconnect to the SSID to gain the connection. I have removed all known SSID's and reset them up from known networks but the issue still occurs. Any thoughts?

Computer is Running Windows 10 pro- all drivers are up to date
What is the frequency band of 802.11a?
Context: “802.11a has a wider frequency band, enabling more channels and therefore more data throughput.”
Does the wider frequency band of 802.11a mean the range is extended more, for instance, 5.15 GHz to 5.875 GHz?
Hi EE,

I have a very strange problem at the place I'm currently living in.  My landlord is trialing a new Wifi connection this trial began at 11 am 1 day ago. No wireless configuration changes were required from my end and my tablet and mobile phone connected to the new wifi without issue. However, my Windows 7 desktop either by Wifi (using the same credentials as my mobile and tablet) or LAN DNS resolution doesn't work anymore I can ping external websites fine.

Tried setting my DNS to Google no luck.
Tried disabling IPv6 no luck.
Tried the ipconfig /flushdus, ipconfig /registerdns, ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew no luck.
Tried the Netsh winsock, reset catalog, int ipv4 and ipv6 reset no luck

Event logs on my PC confirm the started have DNS issues at 11:03 am that day warning is:

The warning is event 1014 and the source is DNS client events. The general section reads, "Name resolution for the name [insert website URL] timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

Any ideas I am completely stumped by this.

Thank you.
Hello gents I have a new Cisco Aironet Mobility Express 1830 series POE AP connected to a port in my POE switch.   The AP is getting activity as there is currently a solid green light on the device.   I am looking in my DHCP scope and not seeing the unique ID show up for the device so I could locate the IP address.   Anyone know if they can advise if the port on the switch is assigning a dhcp IP to the device from the server since the device is getting activity and how I can see if the device is online other than CDT which is not picking it up
Hi -we use ASA 9.1 ios  We have a wifi network that terminates on the ASA.
the wifi clients therefore are on different interface network than the adfs server which is on the inside interface of the asa

the internal adfs server is reached by the web app proxy in dmz

now when the wifi mobile users go to 0365 site (sharepoint) to login they hit micrsoft site ok  but then MS cant reach back to the adfs server to present our login page. When on the inside interface of asa or external to our LAN the adfs webproxy and adfs all works fine for thise clients. As the internal adfs server is on a different internal network to the internal wifi users i think asa is having trouble - I have tried ACL entries etc + dns but not sure how to resolve - thanks
Lenovo 430s.  Windows 10.  Solid state drive.  Internal internet card isn't working.  I guess I'll just purchase a USB wifi connections.  What's a good one?  I don't want to get bogged down with slow internet.
Gurus ,

I am in a facility , where there is an DSL Router with 5 DLINK Routers ( working as AP ) . I have been asked to troubleshoot the wireless slowness . Client claims it was working before perfectly for past six months ( the time these units were deployed)

As i dont have any info of the ip address of each unit, is there any software i can install to track the IP address usage

Also any ideas for troubleshooting the slowness


i am looking for a cheap and reliable solution , where i need to provide internet coverage on wifi ( 20 AP's) in an isolated area . So the modem needs to LTE time and goes to switch and thereby to Access Points.

I was wondering , if Ubiquiti, Engenius , Microtik can do this job .

Business Wireless coverage.  I have a business with two suites across a long hallway from each other.  The suites are connected with LAN so that's no issue.  Problem is Wifi coverage.  Wifi router (Cisco RV340WAK9NA) covers one suite, but the signal is very weak in the suite across the hall.  What is the best way to extend this wifi network keeping in mind that users routinely go back and forth so I don't want them to connect to one AP and go across the hall with a weak connection.  I wasn't sure if a mesh system worked for this or if I need some sort of roaming IP ability.


we experience print job hang if user try to print the file more then 4MB .But we try to configure the NB using local printer was fine.

if print using print server will hang the print server and have to manually delete the print job.

for testing purpose we using the same driver same as print server .Our print server is window server 2012.

at first ,we through is WiFi contested but we trying using LAN cable return the same result.

please advice ,we have facing the issue and how to solved it .Thanks
Need some help in creating some access lists on my router - My router is the default gateway for all my devices.  

I'm creating a guest VLAN for WiFi (AP's are already setup with SSID/VLAN tag) and the ports the AP's are connected to have the VLAN tagged...Everything is working.  

I have an IP-Helper address in my router that forwards the Guest WiFi traffic to my DHCP server and guest WiFi test users are getting an IP in that DHCP scope.  Only problem is that I can ping internal production resources from that guest IP.  The router is an Aerhoive/Brocade but the CLI is fairly similar to Cisco CLI.  

Guest traffic (VLAN 15) - 172.16.20.x/24
Production traffic (VLAN 1) - 192.168.24/21

Since I have no ACL's, I'm assuming the router is just forwarding the packets back and forth across the VLANs.  

Thanks in advance...I appreciate the help.

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.