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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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Refer to attached:
I was not able to launch/click on "mobile Hotspot"
despite that my account is a member of local
Administrators group.

Why is this?

I'm following the steps under the section
"Creating WiFi Hotspot in Windows Without Installing Any Software"
of the link below:

We noticed our WiFi has disconnected sometimes and is intermittent.

I have been pinging our WiFi network and stored the log in a text file.

I got the message "Request timed out" on some pings.

How much ping timeouts are acceptable?

Hi Experts,

What script or software can I use on Ubuntu 18.04.3 i386, for the following:
- Check whether there is a wlan internet connection
- if there is a internet connection, do nothing.
- if there is no internet connection reconnect to a predefined SSID

I'm really struggling at the moment with an issue getting Windows 10 wireless clients to authenticate using machine certificates to an NPS server. This previously worked but clients are now timing out when they try to authenticate, despite accounting logs showing a success.

I believe I've configured everything right because this worked before and I'm getting IAS_SUCCESS in the accounting logs on the NPS server, showing that the policies have matched, but the clients just time out.

On the client side, in the Windows Event Viewer under WLAN_AutoConfig, it's showing "Restart Reason: Onex Auth Timeout".

On Wireshark on the NPS server, I'm seeing a series of Access-Challenge and Access-Request messages and nothing else. Should there be an Access-Accept?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can provide logs/config info if needed!

Thanks in advance,
Hi there
Win2k16,  DHCP server with scope
installed 3 UniFi Access Points (APs)
want clients to obtain  ip requests from the Windows DHCP
and place under scope ... (Dont have Unifi USG)

please help
Since several month I can't connect to my customer PC (remote desktop)
Investigating this, I found the following :
My wifi connection says "connected, secured"
The I started VPN and this said "connected"
But after a couple of seconds, the wifi connection says "not connected, secured"
A few seconds later, it says "connected, secured" and then again "not connected etc..."
Then I try VPN and it says it can't find the remote computer
HI Experts

I need to have wireless design  all win 7 and win 10  domain users to be auto wireless profile as certificate to be installed locally on every user machine as I want to setup Radius server that authenticate  with Cisco wireless controller and push profile and certificates by GPO

I would like to know setup regarding to configuring NPS for Radius and Auto enrollement for certificates and pushing profile by GPO to win 10 and win 7 clients as when domain user client unplug lan cable it will be auto connect to wireless profile of company knswn that users has to login with his credentials and certifcate has to be installed automatically on user computer so if guest  need to connect he cannot so to be NPS+CLIENT+Wireless Ap +certificate authority+GPO

waiting for your kind advice for detailed steps

Hi Guys, i have a mini pc on 16 different locations. Each PC connects to a web address video.domain.xx/location 90% of locations are fine but i have one or two pcs that have poor wifi connection and they will lose connection to web address they are all using Firefox

The locations are in gyms and displaying on TV screens so its not ideal to have it displaying a timeout message,

Is there anything i can do get it to reconnect when decent wifi is restored? or even to notify if pc isnt connected to its associated website
I am Sriram from India, Network Engineer.
My problem is as below

I am unable to join AP to WLC

I am using Cisco WLC 2504 series with an image version of
and an Access point of AIR-AP1832i-D-K9 with an image version of

The AP console Output is as below

[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] CAPWAP State: Discovery
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type STATIC_CONFIG(1)
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type STATIC_CONFIG(1)
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type UNKNOWN(0)
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Discovery Response from
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Discovery response from MWAR ''running version is rejected.
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Failed to decode discovery response(status = 4).
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] CAPWAP SM handler: Failed to process message type 2 state 2.
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Failed to handle capwap control message from controller - status 4
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Failed to process unencrypted capwap packet 0x1b04000 from
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Failed to send message to CAPWAP state machine, msgId 0
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] Failed to send capwap message 0 to the state machine. Packet already freed.
[*01/31/2020 21:01:10.8373] IPv4 wtpProcessPacketFromSocket returned 4
We have multiple smaller type ISP providers in the city using microwave technologies.  Basically installing antennas on buildings and pointing to their HQ location.  Trying to figure which one to pick based on their building location, etc.

What's the max distance they can go without the hop/repeater?
I am looking for a very basic network testing tool/app that will accurately monitor and then send me an email or a text every time my network goes down.  

It's for a home network, often I am not there, so I will be unaware that there has been a brief outage, I have been working with my broadband supplier and also a local IT repair company to get to the bottom of an ongoing intermitting issue over the past 2 months..

I want to run two ongoing tests, one on my WiFi and one on my wired/RJ45 network, both of which originate from the same broadband supply.

I know that three are very elaborate network monitoring tools, but I just need something accurate and basic with an alert feature.
I purchased a Nighthawk AX8 to replace my Orbi 5 system. My goal was to start adding Wifi 6 equipment as it is available.  Although the Nighthawk has pretty good coverage, my house is about 3,000 sq ft and my office is in the opposite side of the house, 3 floors up.  I can still get a 5ghz connection, but it is very weak.  I am considering purchasing a Nighthawk EAX80 Range Extender that also has Wifi 6 (Mesh Network).  

I have two questions.
  1. I assume I will not have to have a hard wire on the extender
  • Since it is not an access point (its a mesh network), I should not lose bandwidth (splitting bandwidth in 1/2)?

My goal is to have a full 5ghz connection throughout the house.  At this time, I am not considering running more wire in the house. I would like to keeps it mostly wireless.

We are looking to set up some sort of screencasting to allow mobiles and windows 10 devices to share their screen to a display wirelessly
it seems that most types of casting devices (mirecast ,chromecast , airplay, etc) require multicast which we cant enable.

we can use mirecast wifi direct but we need to be able to connect to our own wireless network
is there some sort of way to set it up using a direct connection?

Hi all, I want to share a printer (Epson ET-3600) throughout my home wirelessly and I am unsure and confused as how to do this. I have a Comcast cable modem/wireless router in my basement which gives WiFi that works fine for my basement and first floor, but not my second floor. I then bought and installed a D-Link DIR-810L wireless router and installed that on my first floor. The D-Link does provide good wireless coverage on the second floor but I had to create a new second WiFi network using this device. Now I have 2 WiFi networks in my house. Let’s call them Main and Second. I was told I should get a device to replace the D-Link WiFi router that would be able to boost my WiFi on the second floor but keep the same SSID that my Comcast modem/router provides, the one named Main. Once I do that, then I can share my printer on the Main network all throughout the house. Can somebody please tell me what extender device to use and how to accomplish this?  Thank you very much. Marc

On our site, we have multiple Aruba IAP-305's setup and they are used as our WiFi network.

Our network has been having internet connection issues recently where the connection was intermittent.

To try and fix this, we troubleshooted with our network provider and got router replaced with new one installed.

We have three D-Link 8 port switches connected wired to our router, where two of these switches have an Aruba IAP-305 connected to it.

Yesterday I tested and found the wired internet connection is working fine.

The WiFi had been intermittent and I found that both the Aruba APs lost WiFi connection every few minutes for a few minutes at a time (random times).

I upgraded the firmware for these devices but no improvement.

I had also tested disconnecting all devices from switch but the Aruba AP but still same issue.

I replaced the Ethernet cable for one Aruba with working one and found that the Aruba AP seemed to do a cycle of turning on then when LEDs fully lit up, the two LEDs would turn off for a few seconds then turn on again.

This Aruba AP is connected with power via power adapter and POE through switch.

1. What do you think could be the problem?
2. What do you think I should be testing?

SDN and SD WAN and SD Access and DNA Center

I have read about SDN and SD WAN.  if I understand They both are based on Centralized Control Plane.

So if I have  the Traditional Local Area Network  made up of Access/Distribution/Core   Layers,  and when I want to Implement SDN Technology , at what layer should I integrate SDN.
in other words if there is a hardware on which SDN is installed on, where should that hardware be located ?

SD WAN is WAN Technology , if I want to implement that technology  where should  I put the hardware that holds the SD WAN software.

if you can briefly give the    difference between SDN , SD-Access, SD WAN, DNA Center that might also help clear up the Terminology confusion.

THank you
The user has a Control 4 system that he primarily uses to control his TV's.  
His old WiFi system uses Apple Airports, which need to be replaced.

Are there any compatibility issues between Control 4 and eero that would prevent the eero Pro and beacons from being used for WiFi?

Cisco are easy to add a good margin on

does anyone have a fav Cisco AP ?

also any other fav ?

I have pfsense with the last version …. I have  minipc with wifi bcm43224.
the system is not detected …. I read about that and I see that I have to install bwn on the FreeBSD.
but I don't know how !
any one can help to do that ?

Hi experts
I would like to make design for Access points with wireless controllers as The password is changed automatically every period of time and sent to authorized users as I have open budget.

How can I implement that as now I have linksys stand by access points and I have to connect manually to change the password and send manually to group of users

waiting for kind reply from experts-exchange
How can I prevent others who are connected on the same wifi network from sending air print commands to my printer?  I want to include laptop or iphones that I want to print from.
I have a WD Passport SSD with wifi and it is connected to the laptop (running Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro via Bootcamp) but I can only see the drive in Network - I cannot see it in Windows Explorer.

Now the web view displays a graphic indicating the aggregate of files by type.  Cannot see the actual files, just this graphic.

Any ideas on how to have this work like a conventional drive?
When using Unify wireless access point, iOS devices were diconnected whenever they slept. Android and Windows are ok. Can you suggest the solution?
Will establish for around 50 users internet browsing,  How to estimate Wi-Fi usage bandwidth needed?

I've got a question on how to correctly setup some Unifi Access points that are connected to a dell 3024p switch. The access points are connected to ports 1-12 and port 22 is connected to our sonicwall router. I've got vLan1 is the main network and vLan20 is the guest wifi. I've got the network created in the unifi system and the vlan interface configured on the sonicwall also. The sonicwall also serves as the dhcp server for the guest wifi. All this was working on the unifi poe switch until it broke. We changed over to the dell poe switch now. I need a little help getting the conf dialed in. Currently I can connect to the internal wifi and get an ip address from our server and internet access. When I connect to the guest wifi I'm not able to lease an IP address, but if I put in a static IP I'm able to get to the guest portal and internet.

Any ideas?

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.