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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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Windows 10 Pro ICS "Access Denied"

I am trying to enable ICS on my wifi adapter so I can run a WiFi Pineapple.  I can get to the sharing tab, select to enable ICS and the network I want to share with it, but when I click ok it tells me:

An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. Access is denied.

I've completely disabled all AntiVirus software (Cylance, Malware Bytes, and Defender).
I've made sure all the necessary services are running:
Application Layer Gateway Service
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Plug And Play
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Remote Access Connection Manager
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

I've followed the steps from this page:

I've reset TCPIP stack.
I've disabled services in the adapter properties (IPV6, PCap, etc.) so just the bare services are running (IPV4, Microsoft Networking, etc.).

Nothing I do works. I've tried it on an external wifi adapter as well, no luck.

This is not a domain computer, so there is no group policy issues.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Challenges in Government Cyber Security

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I need IP Ranges used by o2 which are used by WiFi Calling in the UK - I’m unable to find any info on this apart from the ports used.

Anyone done this before?
I'm looking for installation/setup manual as well as driver for
VONETS VAR11N-300;  refer to link below:

Saw somewhere that in a hotel room's wired LAN port (RJ45), just have to
plug this device into the LAN port & power it up & we'll get a Wifi SSID
in the hotel room?   Is this so?

If it serves as AP-client as in Q2, I suppose we won't need a driver, right?
if so, can I plug it into my laptop's LAN port & the laptop will become
accessible or the laptop will act as a router??
I am wanting to upgrade my home to a smart home. However, I don't want everything wifi or wirelessly controlled. I'm looking to be able to control everything VIA Siri, Homekit or Alexa. My first thought was smart outlets with LAN connections, since I have to wire my house anyway, but I can't seem to find any wall outlets that will completely replace the current outlets. I want then to have a LAN connection (whether male or female) and connect into my home network wired.

Please tell me that they exist, and where they can be found. :) thanks
Hi Experts,

on one of my network segments I use a DHCP server.
Now I have to install WLAN for GUESTs and I want to use another VLAN.
How to configure my DHCP server to serve also my VLAN ?
Over the weekend we needed to power down our servers for some building testing. After booting everything back up, one of our SSID's that use RADIUS was not working. The logs didn't show any issues so instead of wasting anymore time on it (I had spent 2 hours on it) I decided to uninstall the NPS role on the server (dc01) and decided to install it on our second server (dc02). Upon installing it, I tested everything and it works. Both on my phone and laptop.

However, coming in this morning. There are a couple of end users that state they are unable to connect to the SSID that uses RADIUS via Laptop. I check the logs and it states
Authentication failed due to a user credentials mismatch. Either the user name provided does not map to an existing user account or the password was incorrect

Open in new window

They are able to connect with their phones with the same credentials. Some are able to connect w/ their laptop (windows 7). All macOS are able to connect.

  • 2 x Windows Server 2012R2 NPS
  • 1 x HP Aruba (all iAPs, no network controller
I recently replaced my older DOCSIS 3.0 router with an Arris SB8200 (XFINITY compatible). The connection works on my Mac Book Pro but when I connect my Asus RT-AC86U to it, I can't connect any other devices and the internet LED is red. I need to get wireless from the Asus up ASAP. Please help. Thanks.
What is the most reasonably priced captive portal router/ap or just Access Point?  The owner should be concerned about segmenting network from guest traffic when utilizing the captive portal feature.  I was thinking Sonicwall TZ series for traffic segmentation.  I'm not sure if the integrated wireless does captive portal feature or simply get a Ruckus for the wireless part but then the pricing quickly gets expensive.   Another more hooptie solution is a daisy chaining the primary and purchasing a cheap router/AP solution that again has the Captive Portal feature.  However, I'm not sure how much perform degradation for both the business and the guest segment would be.  Thoughts?
Laptop with Windows 7 Pro. I am trying to connect to a wireless network that I have connected to in the past. The SSID shows up in the list of networks long with several others in range. When I try to connect I continually get the message that Windows Cannot connect to this network. I have reset the wireless adapter, updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled it, updated the BIOS and even tried a different wireless card (a USB dongle). I have also run to netsh commands to reset winsock and the catalog. I also removed the network from the list and tried entering it manually. Nothing has solved the problem. I can connect another laptop (same model, same O/S) to this SSID, as well as my cell phone and tablet. Please advise.

Thgank you!

We have a ubiquti wireless bridge in the office connecting to another ubiquiti wireless bridge in the yard and connected to that bridge is a wireless access point (have tried ubiquit, tp-link, netgear) and none of the access points is passing dhcp traffic once a single connection has been made (ie it won't allow more then one dhcp client).  We have even tried static ip addresses on the clients in the yard and they will not connect to the access point and will continue to say the wireless password is incorrect.  As soon as we take that one connection off we can then connect a different device.  DHCP is running on Windows server and the gateway is a watchguard firebox router and the wireless bridge in the office is hooked up to an HP procurve switch that was set as access and have tried trunk with no success.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
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We have a computer that shares it's wifi using Windows 10 'Mobile hotspot'.  The ba d part is that every time the user logs in, has to enable it.
Is there a way to enable 'Mobile hotspot' automatically when user logs in (see pix below).

When I change the wifi channel on a Draytek VigorAp 800 it stays on channel 6.

I have a VigorAp 800 that shows on its Wireless LAN >> General Setup page that it is operating on Channel 1 with Channel 5 as the extension channel. However the channel used by client devices is Channel 6. However I change the maion channel on the AP, everything stays on channel 6.

I'd like to change as a neighboring SSID is also using channel 6 and is quiteb powerful.
We need to establish a Guest Wifi VLAN on an ASA 5505. This firewall is live.

It's already using all three native interfaces on VLANs:

- Primary Internet
- Backup Internet
- Inside LAN

It seems like it's possible using trunk mode, as the 5505 supports 20 VLANs in trunk mode.


However, PeteNetLive states that sub-interfaces are not possible on the 5505, and therefore a 4th VLAN can't be created:


Is it possible to create a 4th VLAN on a 5505 that will support a Guest Wifi?
Client is running out of IP addresses on a 10.1.10.x network.  This has accelerated since mobile devices have joined the network.  I suggested setting up the WiFi on a separate network since mobile devices aren't to be used to perform business functions.

The client has a Cisco 2500 series Wireless controller driving 4 access points.  Not sure if the Cisco can be set with a different network/subnet from the managing router.
I'd like to know how, if possible to do so.

Thanks for any insight you can offer.
Hi Experts

Need to know any idea that I need to get current users connected  to that wifi.

I have 15 routes and I should get users connected at that time period.

I hope their might be app to get ?
I have a NETGEAR router with 2,4 GHZ and  5GHZ :on my HP pc (win10) I am not able to see the SSDI (the 5GHZ) On the others computer , IPAD , IPHONe, it is visible but not on that HP pc. It is the 5GHZ that I am not able to see. I can see the 2,4 GHZ, on the others computer I can see both??
Any suggestion?
I have an network with 200 users. we have 5 branch offices connecting through VPN. I have Cisco WAP571. I think it will be difficult to change the password across the users. Can i do this with GPO? Any ideas how this will work. I want to set up a radius server as well. what are the benefits of having a radius server?
Issue regarding WPA2-Enterprise and the certificate.

This is happening for Mac's and Windows machines both.

We recently upgraded our internal WiFi system to a UniFi mesh. We have the units broadcasting correctly and they are using an on site RADIUS server for authentication.

The error message is 'Continue connecting? If you expect to find TSS-Community in the location, go ahead and connect. Otherwise, it may be a different network with the same name.'

I have set up the RADIUS server as a Root CA and placed the generated cert in the NPS

I am using MSCHAPv2/PEAP for auth

Is there a configuration step I'm missing here? It's like my new root CA isn't trusted, even though it's coming in via AP's -> RADIUS -> NPS (cert)

Win 10
Hi In WLC Monitor page, there are some of Rogues ap. Based on the wlc 5508, can we know where these ap are connected to physically? Thank you
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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I am trying to renew a secured certificate on a pair of Motorolla Wireless Controllers RFS7000 and I am having some issue.  

From the WiNG console, I go to Configuration>Devices>rfs7000>certificates, and click on Launch Manager in SSH RSA KEY (see attachment 1), I click on IMPORT, select IMPORT CA (see attachment 2), select Import CA, specify Trustpoint Name (I just type anyname), and then I edit my godaddy certificate and do a copy-and-paste in to the bottom (see attachment 3).  

I then get the error as shown in attachment 4.

Please advise if someone knows what this means and how to fix.

Many thanks. Attachment 1[embed=Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4file 1366782]
We have an abandoned building about a football field away from our corporate office.  We'd like to have a kiosk machine for time keeping for our employees.  There are presently wires that do run from each building, but we tested the connection that runs underground and can't seem to get signal on the other end.  We're looking into some wireless solution, but not sure what are options are and the cost for such options.  Can someone assist?
Hi wlc is 5508 and ap is 3600 There are two ssid in this network. how can we configure one ssid has n band and second ssid has a band ? Thank you
hello expert
recently it is the second i am facing the strange issue, wireless client (windows 10 laptop) can't connect to network in particularly area, and it could connected move to other area in the office.
i am using Cisco vWLC network, version is 8.3.133, all AP under same group and flex group, and wireless is using WPA2 and pre-shared key authentication. and all other wireless client not have this issue, include wireless connection and roaming.
not sure if you aware of this issue and how to trouble shooting via Cisco vWLC network, also let me know if you need more info about this case.

I have a customer who is experiencing slow online service with Comcast. I have done the basic cleaning eliminating junk files, malware, etc without success. Rebooted the router, changed internet channels, etc. with now success. Since they are connected wirelessly I ran a speed test with Speakeasy. The test defaulted to the Miami NOC where the download speed was ridiculous at 15mbs however when I switched to a different NOC she was getting the speed that she was paying for which was 60-80 mbs and higher. I did this with a different speed test provider as well which showed the same disparity. The only one that showed a fast download time was Comcast's own speed test which of course I expected because in 10 years I have never seen a slow speed using Comcast's tests.
I hooked her up directly to the router with Ethernet and while the speeds were obviously better I received the same differences from various NOCS. Miami low, Atlanta, New York and California high.
My question is this. Does Comcast or for that matter any provider determine which NOC a router goes to by default or is it configurable somehow within the browser?
Or better yet, what am I missing here?
Any help on the subject will help me before I contact Comcast support for her which I'm reluctant to do until I get more information. I'm sure that they will run their test and say everything is OK and it isn't.  Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide.
Kindest regards,
Wayne Hudson
Hi all,

today i have problem with wifi. my wifi (bottom right corner) is not responding when I click the wifi icon. now, I investigated the problem, that Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 was the cause of it. I turned off KES 10 (Application Version=, wifi back to normal. however, when I running again KES, wifi can not I click.

while, I disable KES 10 but my laptop becomes very vulnerable. is there a way to this problem?

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.