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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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Sony Vaio all in one pc wireless adapter cannot get higher than 65 Mbps even though the computer is in the same room with the network wireless router.  My much older laptop gets 300 Mbps on its wireless adapter.

How can I speed up the Atheros AR9285 wirelss adapter on the Sony Vaio computer to go higher than 65 Mbps?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

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Our Windows 7 workstations are not authentication wirelessly. When we ask users to hardwire in they connect fine.
Windows 8 and Windows 10 are fine.

My teammate confirm certificate is not expired and from what we were told by another group no changes were made to Group Policies for WIndows 7 OU

Please see logs I am seeing on Windows 7 PC
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=25, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=17, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0
Skipping: Eap method DLL path validation failed. Error: typeId=43, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0

On the Raduis Server

Client Machine:
      Security ID:                  NULL SID
      Account Name:                  -
      Fully Qualified Account Name:      -
      OS-Version:                  -
      Called Station Identifier:            8A-15-14-8C-60-B0: test_wireless
      Calling Station Identifier:            18-5E-0F-A6-5C-A2

      NAS IPv4 Address:  
      NAS IPv6 Address:            -
      NAS Identifier:                  -
      NAS Port-Type:                  Wireless - IEEE 802.11
      NAS Port:                  5

RADIUS Client:
      Client Friendly Name:            ap--mgmt.example.com
      Client IP Address:        

Authentication Details:
      Connection Request Policy Name:      Use Windows authentication for all users
      Network Policy Name:            wireless
      Authentication Provider:            Windows
      Authentication Server:            SVexample.test.com
      Authentication Type:            PEAP
      EAP Type:                  -
      Account Session Identifier:            34323537373032463445343838424242
      Logging Results:      …
Hello, I have a customer PC which behaves in such an incomprehensible way I had to post it here.

Here's the facts: it's a desktop with Windows 10 and a PCI wifi card.

Wifi used to work, now it suddenly has stopped. It will connect and receive ip and dns through dhcp, but won't even ping the router.

And here, the strange stuff begins: I tried in my office and it worked. Cleaned it up, reset winsock and tcpip, brought it back. Doesn't work.

So I tried with a usb wifi adapter. Same behaviour.

I decided to format and reinstall Windows 10. And here's what totally blew my mind. Now it has the same behaviour in my office too, with the usb wifi adapter (still haven't tried with the pci card). It's a frakking fresh install for criminy's sake!

I honestly don't know what to think.
Currently in my home, due to a thick concrete wall, the corner when my bed
& reading desk is located can't reach the broadband Wifi even if I connect
a Vonets VAR11N repeater below to the Telco's Wifi router:

I then used a USB Wifi dongle plus a 6m USB extender cable to connect to
my laptop with dongle bypassing the thick concrete wall (with direct line-of
-sight to the router) & could now consistently get the Wifi signal:

However, for my iPad & my Android phone (which sometimes I read on the
bed), is there something equivalent to the Netgear dongle that I could use
with a USB extender cable?  Ideally one solution for both iPad & Android
instead having to buy separate solutions.

I ever seen a metal sticker which claims that once pasted onto the phone
will enhance the range of mobile phones' but lost that article : does this
work & can share an eBay/Amazon link to purchase?
Cisco 5520 Wireless Lan Controller unable to connect access point using wired connection using POE injector using CDP I can see access point but unable to have it show up in access point list.  The access point is directly connected to WLC, with no switch or router but both AP and WLC are using ip in same subnet /24.
ISE Express Wireless ScreenshotSetup

In setting up ISE Express Wireless Setup, does the "Wireless Express Setup" needs internet connectivity? I am having this error message says "At this time, Wireless Setup is available only on re-login. Please click OK to re-login or Cancel to dismiss."
I'm exploring the use of drones to do delivery (for items that weigh up to 20kg
ie about 44 lbs) of dimensions up to 2ft long x 2ft wide x 10 inches thick.  

Once local authority approves it, thought of sourcing/purchasing some of these
drones but will need to look into the cost effectiveness (ie its  gasoline/petrol
costs, maintenance/repair) or is there any that uses rechargeable powerbanks?

Has Amazon or any country done it & what's the safety & regulatory requirements?
Issue with Apple users for Aruba virtual controller

http:/ sites are not trusted and as Apple users  have no choice about the connection.  Android users have the choice to accept or reject.  For the Apple users (all types) if I open safari and put in arubanetworks.com the browser will show the site and allow the connection.

Any ideas on how to sort this for Apple users?
Fortigate 200D in HA cluster

i have a problem (user "accidentaly started wizard" to change gateway)....

and fortinet stoped routing as expected, as it seems nothing has changed.
static routes are the same as before, route lookup hits the right route, traffic seems to hit the right policy.

Monitoring the traffic it says       "Accept: session timeout" for everything

i can ping port to internal network from CLI, i can ping something on Internet (WAN) from CLI

but nothing gets thru from external(WAN) to internal network (PORT1) or viceversa
We’ve enabled Microsoft MFA for our Office 365 Accounts (aka.ms/MFAsetup).

I remain a bit unclear as to how frequently it’s supposed to expire and require a fresh text code.


1. Does it matter if I switch between Starbucks Wifi and McDonalds WiFi?  We have it setup so it never asks for MFA if you are on OUR internal WiFi network.  If I’m not on OUR WiFi, does it matter WHICH WiFi?  Or, is the fact that I'm switching between work Wifi and non-work wifi, is that causing issues?

2 How long should it last?  I believe if using a web browser, there’s a checkbox to ‘don’t ask for 60 days’.  However, if I’m using the Outlook App on a laptop, it doesn’t offer the 60 days.  How frequently is it supposed to ask?

A user was on vacation and was using Outlook on a Surface just fine.  However, as soon as she went on the airplane (American Airlines), it immediately wanted MFA.  Any ideas why?

Thanks for any clarifications,
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Mirror Apple TV on iPad Pro to view MLB-TV

MLB-TV with iPad Pro (iOS 11.4.1) consistently loses WiFi connection with LAN (44.7 mbs / possible 50) iPad rebooting necessary.

Is it possible to mirror Apple TV (MLB-TV OK here) with iPad Pro/Control Panel to view MLB-TV on iPad? Other folks will be watching TV on cable or Netflix/Amazon Prime. This is the reverse of screen mirroring (see Control Panel) as in viewing iDevice on Apple TV.

If so, are there special settings etc.?
Which cellular carrier has the best coverage?
There's a lot of marketing that says Verizon is the best.  But is it really?
And how about the super-cheap cellular services.  Which carrier are they using.  Surely the smaller brands don't have their own network backbone.

Another wierd observation!  Some people are able to surf the net on their smartphones in the NYC subways, others can't!  The transit authority WiFi ain't that good.  So, its gotta be the cellular carrier.
I appreciate links to useful studies, articles, or videos.
Cisco-AIR-AP1852I wireless antennas turned off. But to configure Cisco Wireless Mobility you need to turn them on to access the default page. We have 20 AP's and I can't get any of them working. Please help. I am with a Non For Profit - Hope Foundation in South Carolina serving autistic children, and we do not have a Cisco support contract because they are expensive.
There is a sticker on the front - "RADIOS OFF BY DEFAULT"
I dont have too much experience with VLAN Tagging so need a little help,  I have a Draytek Router and a Draytek AP, I have setup a Wifi Network for Staff which goes through LAN1 which works fine through both the Router and AP, I've then got a Guest Wifi network through LAN2 using a VLAN Tag of 10 which ive set on both the router and AP, the problem is there is a Netgear Smart Switch in between which I think is stopping the tagged traffic and I'm not sure how I need to setup the Netgear to allow the traffic, the guest network works fine on the Router but not on the AP the devie thats connected cant get an IP address from the DHCP Server (Draytek Router),  The router and AP are setup as follows: (Just in case you cant open the link I've also put pictures from the guide as you need a login to see the page)


After reading all reviews for above device at Amazon, I'm uncertain if it could meet my requirement below:

I have a home Set-Top box (from Telco) that connects to my broadband router via a wired (ie RJ45) LAN cable to stream movies (such as Netflix etc). How can I use this device so that family members can view the movies from their laptops in bedrooms?   This Set-Top box has an RJ45 LAN port, an output HDMI port that goes to TV & a USB port (which I'm not sure what's the USB port is for).

Currently from the bedrooms (can be 5m to 30m away from the broadband router which has wired RJ45 ports as well as Wifi), we can't view the movies/streams via the broadband router & one bedroom barely can connect to the broadband Wifi
I have a LAN point only in a reading room (that enables my laptop to
connect to Internet).

Is there any way that I can make this laptop an AP (without buying
extra devices, ie no AP router etc) to make this laptop a Wifi AP so
that other PCs/laptops/phones could connect to it to access Internet?

I could consider TPLink's device below but the piece I just got online
(from China) could not even be detected by Windows but I need to
get this thing up quickly:

The laptops I have are X230t and X61 with wireless modules  built into
them so I'm wondering if there's softwares to make the laptops to have
wifi 'tethering' function.

Let me know also if I need to configure the laptops windows to make it
 a router (by adding persistent routes) using
  'route add -p ... '
I'm trying to revive an old laptop I've been given that was surplus to requirements. Firstly I wanted to check how far behind it was in terms of windows updates. Using systeminfo command it details it as HP Pavilion 15 Notebook, running Windows 10 home. The problem is, in control panel > network and internet > network connections. There are no wireless adapters listed, only a WAN Miniport (PPOE) with status disconnected, and an Ethernet connection. Surely all laptops come with a wireless adaptor? Any testing I could perform to verify the spec/status of the wireless adaptor and why it isn't showing in network connections? I can provide the product ID if required for specs etc.

Just checked 'device manager' which lists the Realtek PCIe family controller for the ethernet adaptor, but the only other entries are WAN MIniPort, cannot see anything specific to wireless adaptors and a WAN Miniport is not something I've ever come across before.
hello experts
i have Cisco 1832 wireless AP which have ME enabled, current version is 8.5.131, i am facing a headache issue, which mobile phone has not problem with it, but for laptop(win7 or win10), it is not stable, after connected for a while, usually 10 mins later it disconnected itself then 1 or 2 mins later it connected again, then circular happened again and again, i am not sure how to fix it, attach is a debug file which only focus on windows laptop MAC address, lots info in it i can't understand, so need your help identify the root cause.
let me know if you need more information.
thank youdebugME.txt
Need a WiFi label printer

I do not like messing with Avery labels on a single sheet, passing it through my laser printer.

A sheet with 24 labels may need to pass through 24 times, causing the label to become dark. It just does not suit me.

I need standard label sizes and hope to set it up using WiFi and always loaded with blank labels, so I can just print.

What designs meet this need?

I expect to use Word to print the labels.
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Is there a limit to how many vlans can be placed on a Aruba 7205 controller.  Also are 4 SSID a best practice for Aruba controllers or will you see performance issues if you go above that number.

I have a 4G modem that I use to connect to the internet that sits behind a window.

Here is the model and URL:

Huawei B315s

Anyway I want to get some privacy window tinting where people cant see in and has UV protection.

I wanted to find out how badly this would affect the 4G modem. Plus if the film is metalic
could it be a disaster from the performance perspective.

Not sure if there is one available yet but if I find say a ceramic one how things would go then.

Have other people tried this and what has there experience been?


hello experts
i have 3 SSID configured on an autonomous Cisco AP, all authenticate against ACS server, so three policy for each SSID, i did configured DNIS as *WIRELESS_SSID in "End Station Filter" but looks like it only works for WLC not autonomous AP, and seem Cisco autonomous AP not sending SSID info to ACS while the processing of authentication, my question is how to make Cisco autonomous AP to do this, i did try the following:
radius-server attribute 32 include-in-access-req format %h
radius-server attribute 30 original-called-number
radius-server vsa send authentication
but it doesn't help, please give me your suggestion.

I would like to prevent users from selecting a guest network that resides close by our operations.  Our users are mobile, and the mobile devices are always connected to the enterprise wireless SSID.  However, some users are tempted to try and connect to the guest network of a nearby business.  In doing so it causes some pains when trying to reconnect to the enterprise network, and any remote support.

With that in mind I would like to "hide" the networking icon through some sort of registry update - if possible.  However, I'm open to other suggestions but they would have to be limited to changes on the local device.  I wouldn't be able to use a solution that requires making an update to the enterprise environment.  For example, creating/modifying an OU, introducing a 3rd party solution, system wide group policy changes, etc.

All mobile devices use OS WIN 7 and WIN 10.
I'm trying to get a Cisco WAP321 to be a wireless repeater (meaning no ethernet cable) to a Cisco RV130 wireless router. I enabled wireless radio, selected the (RV130) device and wireless network as a "Trust"ed network. But don't know how to proceed to make it a standalone repeater without a network cable. I'd also like it to have the same SSID as that of the router. I could SWEAR I did this with Cisco support once upon a time. What am I missing?


We have a dedicated 100Mb fiber connection and I am looking to upgrade our current wifi.

The building has two floors. The office warehouse is on the ground floor and the main office is located on the first floor.

I want to put a business graded wifi router that can support up to 30 devices. Can someone recommend a decent wifi router? I think I just need only a good one for the whole building.

Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.