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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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Hi Experts,

I know that that there are WiFi Extender products, but my question is not for these products, but rather, how to Extend my WiFi?

My apartment is close to 1200SQFT and used to have Bell Canada Internet Residential, which came  with 5 "Bell Pods" with a "Bell 3000" Router/Modem combo and my WiFi was good.

However, as I run a Web Design business from home, for one project I needed to get Static IP which was not offered through Bell Residential, so I upgraded to Bell Business. It comes with "Bell 2000" instead, but much higher down/upload speed 300/900 mbps. They don't provide the Bell Pods for business, saying that they only provide the bare minimum, and I need to build it up, which makes sense.

My networking aren't that great, but I'm not afraid of Router settings neither. So, my question is how can I extend my WiFi in economical sense. A few years ago, I had Rogers that also provided a Modem/Router combo, but I did add my own router and disable Rogers router feature, so I am able to do that as well if the Bell 2000 allows it.

My Bell is Fiber and the Fiber runs through the room with no WiFi, so I am also wonderig if I can take advantage of that by placing a device there, and then a Fiber extension.?However, currently my router in my office with a lots of wired devices.

I also came across https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie4imVwn9vk, which talks about Samsung SmartThings and I like that signal bounces pod to pod and finds the less congested route. …
DHCP  for Wired and Wireless Devices

I would like to have an Expert explain the path Wired and Wireless devices take to get IP address from DHCP  

I put a diagram below, it might not be the right path that devices take to get IP address, but it can be corrected by an Expert.

Thank you

Hi Experts,

after DHCP migration, all WIFI clients do not get any IP.
But over LAN it works.

Here is the error:

PTR record registration for IPv4 address [[]] and FQDN PC1-NB001.wittur.com failed with error 9005 (DNS operation refused.

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The DHCP is not on DC.
It is installed on another server.

Any ideas ?
I picked up a couple of the new Linksys Business APs that allow VLAN Tagging and I am having fits getting the VLANS on the switch configured properly to get these APs to work. There are currently 3 VLANS on the switch:

1: Management, ports 1-28, port 1 goes to SonicWall
2: Guest, ports 29-34, port 29 goes to SonicWall
3: Printers, ports 35-44, port 35 goes to SonicWall

Each port on the SonicWall is a different network and does the rules between networks. It is also the DHCP for each network. So... what I was trying to do was put these APs on the Guest network and if I were to tag a specific SSID with VLAN 3 it would give the clients on that SSID access to printers.

So what D-Link told me to do was to tag port 35 and share it with the Guest VLAN. So when a client on that specific SSID (tagged with VLAN 3) came in to VLAN 2 it would immediately pass the packet to VLAN 3 and in turn give it access to printers.

When I did that the management VLAN could no longer avvess printer. What a mess. It seemed so simple. Any ideas on what I am missing?
Does someone have a policy statement or can direct me to one for Wifi.  My company has internal wi fit, staff that travels so airports, starbucks, bars (!).  What should be telling them.  So far, we have said avoid any wifi with no password protection is a no. I rush off the plane and check my email and before you know it, I have been on the airport wi fi (no password) for an hour.  Executives pay for access on the plane, is that safe?

I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk Wifi 6 router and Wifi 6 mesh extender.  My ISP provides a cable modem and router together. The modem/router from my ISP has a wifi connection as well as LAN.  I have heard when you add access points to a network, the network speed gets cut in half.  My first question is, does that happen on a mesh network? Second question is, if I am getting all my connections from my Nighthawk, does the wireless on the modem/router cause the speed to get cut in half as my connection from my ISP modem/router to my Nighhawk is connected through LAN? Another words, should the wireless signal be cut OFF on the cable/router?
The client notebooks (Windows 10) of our company can only access the Internet using a proxy in our security infrastructure. When they are connected to an external (W)LAN, they use Citrix Netscaler VPN for connecting internal services and our secure proxy. That perfectly works.

If they try to access an external WLAN with a captive portal web page though (for example in a hotel), they have to disable the proxy first, so that the captive portal can be loaded.

If users are allowed to remove the proxy, users easily find out, that they can access the web bypassing our secure proxy.

Do you have any idea how to connect to a WLAN with a captive portal when a company proxy is mandantory? Is there maybe a WLAN-connection-client with an internal browser and individual proxy settings?

Best regards!
On this new gig - the predecessors put one AP in the ceiling for 1/4 of the building which is top
execs. It looks like there are about 80 devices attached to it and 2.4Ghz is said to be 46% utilized and the complaints are off the chain. I wish to maximize performance and money's no object for adding more APs if I need to. How do I optimize the Merakis for peak performance with less regard for coverage radius?
Went on a call to a new client today, who has been having issues with their network.  They have a DSL modem with WiFi on channel 1 (Since disabled) cascading to a TP-LINK Archer c5400 (Upgraded firmware today).  They are working on getting the PPPoE (Centurylink DSL connection) so we can bridge the DSL modem and set the router up properly.  Some devices hardwired and wireless will not function because they are getting a DHCP address from the DSL modem.  I can log into the DSL modem on those computers.  Is this a malfunction in the TP-Link (It only happens less than 10% of the time and very random on devices)?  I have had very bad experiences with TP-Link switches, are their routers any better?  The owner said the problems have always been existant and the old IT company (who installed it), could never get it working 100%.  I am recommending replacement of router, but wanted to hear thoughts on this subject.  The client will be ordering their own new router, and won't have until Monday.  This should be a non-issue once the modem is bridged.

If I release the DHCP enough times, it will go back to the correct DHCP server of the router and start working properly.  The DSL modem is not accessible by devices connected when getting the working IP address.
How can I disable "all INTERNET access, including WIFI"
on the below #4 via gpedit.msc or something else ?

   ** Operating System = Windows 10 Pro
   ** User = 15 year old child
   ** Domain = NO

  1. I login as me since I am a "Local Admin"
  2. All "all INTERNET access, including WIFI"
     fails since I don't need it to work
  3. my 1 year old logs in with NO "Local Admin" rights
  4. All "all INTERNET access, including WIFI" fails
We have several Lenovo laptops, mostly Yogas.  All are having the same issue.  They connect fine to our (and other) wifi network, but the drop after a few minutes.  We've updated the drivers, turned off power saving, and it still happens.  We've tried limiting the dual band to a single frequency, no luck.  Anyone else have this problem.  We have a variety of other laptops by other manufacturers that work fine.  We like the Lenovos better other than this problem.
I wish to add an email account to the email client on my iPhone 7. My  email address is s…….@eircom.net (an Irish  provider, formerly Eircom.ie and now  Eir.ie)
 I have .’chatted’ online with Eir.ie  technical support. They told   me I have to get the details about outgoing and incoming servers from my own internet supplier, which is not eir.ie  but Lycamobile.ie. When I contacted Lycamobile support the didn’t seem to know what I was talking about (and probably I don’t) when I asked them about the  outgoing server I needed from them.
I rarely use Lycamobile for my internet, depending on the local WIFI in my office or home. I always thought that my email works with any  WiFi connection even if my supplier (Lycamobile)  is out of range or down, or if I have clicked on ‘forget this network and enabled a local WiFi). I’m probably wrong.
Anyway I have not succeeded in getting adding the account to my iPhone)
Hi all,

I have wifi at work which and it is for guest users. it works fine with laptops and other devices. The only App on the mobile phone that is very slow is Whatsup.

I tested with our new App for Microsoft Teams and it works fine. So the issue here is only Whatsup App. My question is:

How can I make this Whatsup App work faster?

Can you help?
A friend of mine recently recommended I get an access point in addition to the router I have.  What access point should I buy?  I have an Apple AirPort acting as my router/access point for about 30 wireless devices in the house.

My plan is to have my router hard wired to my desktop and smart tv, then an access point setup to serve the rest of the devices that use wireless (Nest, Baby monitoring cameras, cell phones, ipads, etc).

When you recommend an access point should I make the Apple AirPort the main router or have the new recommendation be the router and turn the AirPort into the access point?

Thank you.
AIR-AP1852E-B-K AP wont connect to Cisco 2504 Controller.  Is there a way to reset the device and have the controller see it without a console cable being involved?
For a switchport mode trunk, does it allow any VLAN to pass through by default on Cisco router ?

I am new to Ubiquiti. On a previous installation, I used a Windows computer to set up the UniFi Controller.

Can this device replace the need to set up a Windows computer?  It is certainly more compact.

I just upgrade from ESX 4.5 to 6.7 and the controller can not longer see the access points. There have been some changes in ESX for the interfaces, but for some reason it is not working. (I can see one new difference is that the switch and the port can be configured for Promiscuous mode, I tried both but neither work)

Virtual Switch:
1. Allow promiscuous mode Yes
2. Allow forged transmits Yes
3. Allow MAC changes      Yes

Data Port:
1. VLAN ID: 4095
2. Allow promiscuous mode Yes
3. Allow forged transmits Yes
4. Allow MAC changes Yes

Service Port
1. VLAN ID: 0
2. Allow promiscuous mode No
3. Allow forged transmits No
4. Allow MAC changes No

Switch Config:
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 description trunked port
 switchport trunk native vlan 30
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 21,30,31,40,41
 switchport mode trunk
 spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
 ip dhcp snooping trust
Front sideHi,

I have a wireless mouse (Microsoft product); the USB dongle has been paired with this mouse (and also keyboard). (please see the attachment)
Question: Where can I get the software to pair it (Sometimes, I have the usb dongle, but different mouse which is ORIGINALLY (paired by Microsoft).

I know this is a weird question. but I'm sure you can help me with some suggestions please.

Bought a samsung smartthings wifi & hub thinking I can take it anywhere  (portable) but I realized it has to be connected wired (ethernet) to function. Since I have show a demo with this smartthings where I cannot get a ethernet and I have to depend on my wireless modem (portable) for this demo.

Looking for a wireless adapter or some device which can connect to my portable wireless and have an ethernet output, So I can take the ethernet out to connect my smartthing wifi & hub

Not sure, if these can help.


I am using Windows 2012 R2 and have just recently had a windows upgrade. I am using WD Media players to stream my movies from my HP Proliant Server.  My problem is that I can no longer see my media server's VM from any of my WD players. I have had my internet provider check my internet and there are no issues. I can see my my server on my Windows 10 desktop too. But I noticed on my server I can see my server name under network. However, it doesn't show on the top right side of my screen (see attachment). I tried resetting  my modem  and  then my Nighthawk router in that sequence. And still I my WD players are unable to connect to my windows shares. I have even tried changing my sharing options from on to off and back again and no joy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Experts

I am on a personal mission to under a little bit more about VoIP.

So we run a Gamma \ Horizon system at work. All configured and working via Cisco.

Our Wifi is controlled via Unfi USG, Switches etc. I've plugged in (With Consent) one of our spare Voip phones into a spare port on one of the Unifi switches and configure on it own Vlan etc.

The phone can call external numbers no problem, but if I try to ring an internal ext the internal phone rings but once connected I can not hear the person on the other end.

I get that something is blocking it or its not configure I just do know where to start trouble shooting,

Maybe someone could point me in the right direction?

I am unsure of the functions of the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway.

The installation I am working on has 8 Ubiquiti Unifi wireless access points.  At the present time I have the Ubiquiti Unifi controller running on a Windows machine.

Is the Security Gateway also a router?  The cable company - Optimum Online - provided a cable modem and a wireless router. Can I replace the cable company's equipment and connect the Security Gateway between the cable modem and the network switch?  

The website says "Integration with UniFi Controller.  This is unclear as to whether the UniFi Controller is built into the Security Gateway, or whether I need to continue using the controller computer.
(I assume that I program the Security Gateway using a computer.)

Ubiquiti also mentioned that the device allows remote management.
Does this require purchasing two units, and then setting up the VPN server?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!
best ap for wireless network setup,’like seeing different channels etc

best one for windows?
best one for an android slate ?
 I have a iPhone but there isn’t much available I thing
best all round setting to use.

is N covering just about everything these days in a modern home ?

best encryption? WPA2 ?

I can create two SSIDs to cover all angles if necessary

it’s been about two years since I’ve config Wireless and remember G and N but don’t recall B. B is very dated ?


Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.