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Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.

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Hi Experts,

I am installing new wireless equipment at a very small motel this week. They have AT&T business internet and just want to provide an SSID and password/key to guests to connect. No splash screen or anything like that. They were originally using Netgear signal boosters that you plug into wall outlets, but customers stole them.

I told them I would only use pro-level equipment, so I have ordered 2 UAP-AC-PROs and the Ubiquiti 8-port 60w PoE Switch for 12 rooms. Eight rooms are in a 2-floor building, four on each floor and the other building is just four rooms on a single floor. I plan to install one AP on the ceiling in room 3 (middle, bottom room) of each building, including the two floor building. The rooms are small so I think this will suffice.


Do I need to order a security device or new router? Can I use the AT&T provided router and connect it to the Ubiquiti PoE switch and configure the WAPs using the Ubiquiti controller software installed on the office PC? And will that software without a security device or new router be able to provide two SSIDs?

The owners are trying to save money (of course!) so I wanted to see if any other gear was necessary. It appears that the solution I've provided will do the trick, but it is not ideal security-wise. Any advice is appreciated!


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I have been trying to setup NPS for wireless authentication.  I have NPS server set up and the clients set up.  I have registered the NPS server in Active Directory and installed a certificate.   However, I cannot seem to authenticate any users.  I get a error stating username or password is incorrect for client.  In the accounting log I see attempt with group information from active directory.    The client is an extremenetwork wireless controller.  NPS server is 2016.    Is there anything that has to be set on the user directly or what am I missing.  I am a novice at radius so let me know what info you need.  Thanks
Hi all,

I would like to setup wifi authenticated by Certificate (CA server) for domain laptop.
If you have any best guide please copy me link

My appreciate

Can someone tell me what the CLI command is to remove a VLAN on a 2504 (AirOS) Cisco wireless controller?

Dear guys, can you please explain the advantages and disadvantages of Wireless Transmit power? Why do they always recommend -65 dBm for users? If I increase the AP's power to the maximum, is it always good?

These attached pictures display the coverage when changing AP's power. I use VisualRF to test HP AP Aruba 205H, can you suggest some ideas about the results?

- Red color: -45 dBm
- Orange: -55 dBm
- Green: -65 dBm
- Blue: -75 dBm
Dear Experts,

I am not able to get tech support to help me with this via chat and I can't get them on the phone.

I can connect to the devices via SSH. Not sure what commands are needed to run to get the devices adopted.


Hi, I recently switched to W-10 and used ethernet connection to modem/router. I was surprised not having to provide a ssid and passcode to connect, and wary as I am seeing my status as  logged on to a 'local network', (my modem/router).  My question is, am I better protected using the wired connection, or should I unplug and connect thru wifi?
Our CISCO Wireless Controler is hanging from time to time with the SYS led blinking Amber.  Is there any fix for that? Attached is the System log
My computer with Windows 7 was connected to the server and I was working fine.But recently my Ethernet card damaged and I reinstalled new Window. I have now TP-Link Wifi Adapter for Internet access. My question is that now how I can connect my computer to the server
 domain using TP-Link Wifi -adapter because Ethernet card is damaged.
I stay at a campground during the summer. They have free WiFi but every time you connect, an internet page pops up and redirects you to a page that says click to continue for free WiFi. You do not have to enter a username or password, Just click continue.
Ideally i would like to have a wifi access point setup that i can connect my laptop and phone to.
I started looking into setting up a router with DD-WRT but have no experience if that would work in this situation.
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Hey Guys,

I am upgrading my client's office wireless and confused on what UniFi WAP to purchase.  There is UAC AC Pro and UAP AC Lite.  What is the difference?  Are both for office use?  Also, is 5Ghz band used at business?  Thanks.
I have a set of headphones I bought at Harbor Freight Tools (yeah, I know, big time cheap) and went to hook them up, but the TV I'm using, while flat screen (and about 5 years old, and is not a "smart" TV) has NO audio output plug. I am also using Google Fiber, if that makes a difference. I'm not a tech type and need a relatively simple solution.

The TV in question is LG Model LS3400. User manual easily available online with good graphics of the back panel.

Is there a simple solution for this or do I wait until it's time to replace the TV?
I would like to know if there is a web site which lists all the location of 4G and 3G mobile phone transmitters in the UK and also the frequency used e.g. 1800mhz etc.
HI all,

I have a Spectrum cable modem with IP address

I used a TP-Link powerline adapter to get a signal to a room that's rather far away from the cable modem.

I then hooked up an ASUS RT-ACRH13 to the powerline adapter and set it to "Access Point" mode. After I did this, the IP Address that the Asus grabbed was I wanted to be able to admin the Asus, so I manually changed the IP address to

If i connect a desktop to the Asus Access Point via LAN cable, I can access the net no problem. A couple of WiFi SSID's are broadcasted from the ASUS. When I connect to the WiFi signal, the devices can connect, but get no internet.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
A warehouse / manufacturing environment with low ceilings ~ 15-20 ft are using Cisco 3702i APs . The APs are running in Flex Connect mode through Cisco 5520 WLC running code.   The site is facing frequent disconnects with their handheld units. These scanning guns have the following models (quantities) : Zebra XT15 (9)  , Zebra RS419 (9), and Zebra WT410N0 (3).   They face random disconnects. Whats weird is sometimes a scanner will be conneced to wireless , it disconnects and is unable to connect back to the SSID at all and will error out saying out of range.  It seems like the issues get worse when all of the scanners, handheld units are in use which leads me to believe that this might be client device issue. What can I do on the WLC side or recommend to the site for RF unit device configuration or otherwise to address this?
Got this cam Samsung from Costco SNH-V6431BN/US

I was able to connect to my WiFi but the connection is constantly dropping and I need to re-setup every time after that.  Does it have to be very close to the WiFi router?  Other devices are OK on the same router and not dropping.

2nd question.  Is it only designed for the mobile app?  Manual doesn't provide any instruction via the regular browser.

I have Win 10 desktop (hp).

This AM, internet stopped working. I have wireless connection through local cable co. (Cox).

I have dealt by phone with the cable company several times, they are sending a rep, probably tomorrow.

My question is, I am doing this question via my iPad, for which the wireless works. On the PC it says "(name of wifi), No Internet". Per the Cable company,  I did a disconnect, then connect. The yellow triangle with ! In it disappears, I try to connect to google.com, says server not found and the yellow triangle is back.

Any ideas what I can try?

I have cisco 5508 lan controller and 2702i WAPs with static IP address. I want to remove static ip address and assign through cisco ios dhcp server. I'll do the following:

On cisco switch:
ip dhcp pool <pool name>
network <ip network> <netmask>
default-router <default-router IP address>
dns-server <dns server IP address>
option 43 hex <hexadecimal string>

Then go to WLC GUI and go to each AP and click "Clear all config"

On switch the ports are configured as:
switchport access vlan 111
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk native vlan 111
switchport trunk allowed vlan 9-11, 111
spanning-tree portfast

All WAPs are in flexconnect mode.

Are these steps correct? If not, please list detailed steps. Thanks.
Dear fellow Experts Exchange members:

I have an unusual question that requires the input of fellow members who have had hands-on experience with *ANY ONE* of a set of USB wireless AC network adapters.

Here is my situation: I have an office with two wireless access points (one on the left side and one on the right side of the building).  I have dropped the transmit power of each AP to try to get the wireless adapters in their three-or-four laptops to roam to the nearest AP when the users walk from one side to the other.

However, I am unable to find any "Roaming Aggressiveness" setting in the hardware properties of the wireless NIC for any of the current wireless NICs (internal and USB) in the laptops.

As it stands, the users all experience drops when moving from one side of the building to the other due to the wireless adapters in their laptops stubbornly trying to use the AP on the other side of the building despite there being an identically-configured AP literally right overhead.

I have a list of wireless AC adapters recommended by various sites, and I would like to know from any Experts Exchange members who have first-hand experience with *ANY ONE* of them if their device drivers provide a "Roaming Aggressiveness" setting.

Here is the list of wireless AC adapters:
  • Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter
  • Asus USB AC56 Dual-band Wireless-AC1200 Adapter
  • Asus USB-AC68
  • Buffalo Technology AirStation WI-U2-866D
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How can you determine the MTU setting of a access point on a Cisco 5520 wireless controller from the command line.  From the command line, is there a command which will display what the access point MTU setting is?

I have a situation where we have about 30 people sharing a big warehouse. We have 4 access points in the building and they are mounted to the ceiling. There is absolutely nothing in between the APs and the workstations. It is one large open space.

We have recently stated having what I think are saturation issues. I am guessing that each person is connecting 2 or 3 devices to the access points.

Here is my question(s) its like a 3 in 1..sorry...

* What is the rule of thumb for amount of connected devices per access point (I heard 15 - 30)
** Is there a solution that each AP will stop accepting new connections at the number I set (so if we find that 20 is the magic number I can set the AP to stop accepting connections at 20)
** If we add more APs say, at least 2 more than we need, I would assume the new connections would route to a further AP, but would probably be better as it would be less saturation.

Thanks in advance experts!
We need to install a Wireless connection between 2 building (about 30m apart), the devices will be put on the inside the windows so not on the outside of the buildings.

The devices will need to support bridged mode as they are just used to connect the networks that are on the each side, no client devices will connect to these devices.

Has anyone got a suggestion for a set of devices or know if the Cisco Aironet 2800 or 3800 can do function as required above?
I want better wifi coverage and I thought an Ap working with my poe switch will do fine.

I am impressed by the reviews on draytek products. but also seems UAP-AC-PRO  is the king of the market.

https://www.draytek.co.uk/products/business/ap-910c. I like the multi ssid feature on this.

What are your thoughts between both.
I'm trying to cascade two routers together in order to use the second router for only wireless devices in an office setting.
The main router is a Cisco ASA5506X and the second router is Linksys AC1900. I've been researching everywhere for several weeks and still cannot find a working solution. Unfortunately, I had the right setup a year ago when I had two older routers doing exactly the same thing here but lost some of my notes and can't recall all the details.

The main Cisco router/ IP address:, Subnet

I've tried both of these scenarios below but neither work (I have some networking experience but not nearly
enough to toy with the sophisticated Cisco ASA5506X). The Cisco ASDM interface for accessing the router is bizarre to me
versus web-based access. Under the Interface Settings, I simply added the Linksys device with the IP settings below.

The second Linksys router/IP address (Scenario 1):, Subnet:
The second Linksys router/IP address (Scenario 2):, Subnet:

Linksys Internet settings/ Internet IP address:; Subnet:; Gateway: (another Cisco router for P2P); DNS 1: (probably not correct) and DNS 2: .

Notice any missing information? The main Cisco router DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT use DHCP. My local Domain Controller also serves as the DHCP server and DNS server (IP: In my older setup, I had a D-Link router …
Is anyone aware of issues (and work-around) with setting up a Cisco 5520 wireless controller SNMPv3 credentials?  I can get my controller to work via SNMPv2 but not version 3.  I have other wireless controllers (5760's) which have no issue in communicating with my Cisco Prime via SNMPv3.  The only one with issues is my new Cisco 5520.
Are there known issues with SNMPv3 and the Cisco wireless controller??

Appreciate any help


Wireless Networking





Wireless networking is anything related to the transfer of data between two (or more) devices without the use of a physical connection, ranging from getting advice on a new Bluetooth headset to configuring sophisticated enterprise level networks.