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Hi all from my first post / question. I want to create a full-width band in a page of my web site. But I couldn't achieve it at all. My website runs Wordpress and I think main div on the page doesn't let a div to stretch to be full-width. Screenshot : https://i.snag.gy/iJU61t.jpg

Page url
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by:Andrew Leniart
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by:Ali Ali
Got it, sorry. I'll pay attention to it for next time. Thanks for notice.
As i search my company through google it show the below description as
''Your access to this site has been limited. Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503). Reason: Manual block by administrator. Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your access has been limited because ...'' please check this issue immediately

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by:Brian B
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Solving the C10K problem with Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP + WordPress.

Just went through several days of tuning a new client's site running 50K-100K page requests/hour. Insane levels of traffic.

This surfaced problems in PHP + WP Super Cache. Bugs opened in both projects showing how to reproduce problem.

After all's said + done, site can now handle 10M visits in 9minutes. You read that number correctly. 1M+ reqs/sec sustained traffic out of WordPress.

So when someone tells you WordPress is slow, they're wrong.

What they should say is, something... somewhere... in the configuration of their entire LAMP Stack + WordPress setup is slow + likely fixing some minor setting somewhere will heal their site to run massive traffic.
WordPress Theme Selection.

This week I had one of my common client conversations. They'd downloaded some random theme from ThemeForest + paid some developer $1000s to create a new site for them.

They did this without vetting the theme, which had a backdoor built into it + the remaining code was of very poor quality.

One of my iron clad rules hosting client sites... I never install themes or plugins with backdoors... because Google has become draconian about dumping sites out of the index which are hacked. Since most of my hosting clients live by natural SEO results, getting dumped out of the index is unacceptable.

The first step of your WordPress theme selection process should be to run your theme through the Theme Check plugin + TAC plugin + verify no backdoors exist.

Taking this simple step, usually 30-60 seconds of time, will save you huge amounts of time + money in the long run.
Need a simple tech guys for a real estate project with web services with mls data  And wordpress

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by:Brian Matis
Hi Jeff! If you're looking to get help with a short-time, one-off project, I'd recommend checking out the Gigs feature here on Experts Exchange. If it's more of a long-term hire, then take a look at Careers. Best wishes!
Myth: WordPress is slow.

WordPress can support extreme speed, 1000-5000+ requests/second, sustained throughput, if...

1) The runtime LAMP Stack is tuned correctly, on an ongoing basis... meaning daily log analysis + retuning.

2) Code installed on site - Theme + Plugins - are all designed to scale.

Slowness occurs with hosting is used which isn't tuned for WordPress speed + themes/plugins are installed without vetting code for both PHP standards compliance + speed.

Almost every day I setup high speed WordPress sites for clients + speed problems only occur when one of the two guidelines above are violated.

So if anyone tells you WordPress is slow or you require some cruft technology to speed up WordPress, like NGINX or a CDN, you have a poser on your hands. Fire them + find someone who tools high speed WordPress sites + you'll be far better off than stacking cruft technology between your infrastructure + visitor browsers.
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by:Lucas Bishop
Shared hosting = the most common detriment to page load
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I'd generally disagree with that. It depends on the provider, but USUALLY a host isn't so under-powered that it is actually processing PHP at a slow speed. Bear in mind that a normal WordPress install's PHP will usually be processed in under a second. Even if you had a really underpowered or overloaded host, that might double at most (unless they're doing something REALLY wrong).

Plugins are usually where things go wrong. People install plugins that each slow down the page by 50 milliseconds here, or 250 milliseconds there, and it adds up when you install a dozen of them. Suddenly, you have 12 plugins that are cumulatively adding 4-5 seconds to the PHP processing time, even on a dedicated host. Themes CAN have similar impacts, although they're less likely to, since their impact is more on the static asset side (e.g. adding 15 images that have to be downloaded - even if the PHP code takes 1 second to process, it may take 5-10 seconds to download all the theme contents).

If you doubt the difference, use XDebug to generate a cachegrind on a shared host and a dedicated host and compare the differences.
hii Experts, i have a question.
I want to keep a popup for menu button in WordPress, is it possible without any premium plugin.
Had a fun time developing a nice little plugin for colorwerx.net site this past week.
Displays color boxes based on hex color input.

Check it out git repo here: https://github.com/aderse/wp_advanced_color_boxes

I will be updating with a 'how-to-use' page soon.
There's a myth that abounds about WordPress + LAMP (Linux/Apache/MariaDB/PHP) being slow.

Private Hosting, high speed sites for years, here's an example of how fast WordPress + LAMP can run.

One of my machines has been been running a sustained 250K+ requests for years now. This machine hosts only WordPress sites. The average CPU usage is 1/2 of 1 CPU unit continuous.

Any expert who tells you to place cruft tech (CloudFlare/CDNs/NGINX/Varnish/Squid/Load Balancers) between your site + your visitors is either looking to make a buck or has never actually done any extensive performance testing.

When clients ask me how to interview developers, I tell them to ask two questions.

1) What CDN should  I use? This is a trick question. The answer is none. Run a tuned LAMP Stack instead.

2) What WordPress caching plugin should I use? If they say W3TC, they've never tested it's effect on sites. If they say WP Super Cache, then you might have a winner developer on your hands.


LAMP == blazing fast.

WordPress == blazing fast.

If both are tuned correctly + in the case of WordPress, all code is vetted for speed, before installing it on site.

Also, your site speed depends on the quality of the admin you pay every week.

High speed sites are like high performance sports cars. They require constant attention + care, to keep running blazing fast.
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by:Brandon Lyon
"What CDN should  I use?"

This depends on if your audience is local or international. Sometimes a CDN can make a huge difference. Also the quality and configuration of the CDN matters in much the same way the quality and configuration of the hosting matters.

For most small-scale Wordpress sites served to a local audience though your advice is generally correct.
Hi,thank you so much for accepting me. Am still new in Affiliate Marketing, and i don't know the "free POSTBACK conversion software" to use, and i don't know how to set it up on my WORPRESS website, i want to promote "AdscendMedia Network" offers, and my Account Manager said they don't provide that level of support. Please, i need help on how to fix this problem. Thanks?

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Thank you so much: @ Mr David?

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by:Rob Jurd
Please continue this in your open question: https://www.e-e.com/Q_29052943.html

Rob (eenookami)
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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for creating websites and blogs. Features include a plugin architecture, a template system and strong management, customization and search systems; through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create websites easily.