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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for creating websites and blogs. Features include a plugin architecture, a template system and strong management, customization and search systems; through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create websites easily.

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Grrrr, not sure why I can't get this to work.  I am trying to make the background of this widget area (which is now yellow) to black.  When I use the inspector, it says to modify this code:
.education-pro-blue .home-middle {
   background-color: #yellow;

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But when I go into my css and add this with black as the color, it never changes!  Not sure what is going on.  Perhaps something is overwriting it?

Screen shot

Beta site
Secure Your WordPress Site: 5 Essential Approaches
Secure Your WordPress Site: 5 Essential Approaches

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On my WP site, I have section on the main page that I can find where to edit them, I went page by page and post by post couldn't find.

Where is the main window that shows where are all section and how do I get there to edit it?

I'd like to add a vertical Adsense column to the left side of my blog page in the zeroGravity theme, and a thinner one on the right column, and some small ads in the post text.

Are they widgets? or just code entry?
Where should I look?
I'm pretty sure I'm to blame for this, but I don't even know where to begin to debug.
Throughout the site, when I save, update plugins or pretty much anything I get urls like this:


With the ?ID= at the end. Sometime repeated over and over again.
Can someone give me a clue where to start debugging?

Hi - does anyone know of a function or some other method to make a link, that, when clicked, would add a particular product to the WooCommerce cart, but then redirect immediately to checkout?

I don't want to break normal purchasing processes for any products, but we'd like to have this option to get someone directly to the checkout page, product in hand, in one click.

What about a function that sniffs for a URL parameter like ?checkout=<productid> and then takes this action?

Thanks for any suggestions

Client is a township.  They are mandated to record meetings and post online for 90 days.  Meetings can run 3 hours in length.  Files are mp3.  Some are quite large.  

1. Is there a recommended method to posting audio on a website?
2. How large is too large?  Some files are over 300MB
I am using Google Tag Manager for Wordpress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duracelltomi-google-tag-manager/
I have followed all of the instructions.
I have an Analytics Account And a Tag Manager Account.
I have the Tags and the Trigger setup but I am still not getting Sales Data in Analytics.  Is there a tutorial out there or a know solution?  Does anyone have any recommendations on where to start to fix the issue?
I have installed theme invention and have created a slider with 3 slides. One of them with an UL Li content.

The slider with UL has description hidden, not sure what is overlapping and why the CSS is breaking.

This issue happens only in the Mobile view.

Any help appreciated.

For two years our vb.net sync app has been running quite successfully hosted on Azure. It gathers recent Db updates and additions from a SQL Db and transposes them on a schedule into the MySQL Db behind a Wordpress site.

The only problem comes when there are two many records to update/add. Then it is prone to either fail or abort in Azure. This happens typically when there are over 500 records to process and the program running time exceeds an hour or two.  We have worked with the Azure team extensively to try and prevent this, but it keeps happening.

We would like to experiment working with the Wordpress REST Api therefore, to see whether time is saved, and efficiency is improved, over the app's current direct SQL calls to the MySQL Db.

The thing is, I'm struggling to find any documentation about how to incorporate the WP REST Api calls in a VB.net application. Does anyone have any examples of how this should be done?

Thank you

In the Newsmag Wordpress demo page  here
it has a nice Newsmag header area

Can that exact header rectangle be a graphical banner I've made? or text only? I seem to remember it being text only.

Can this theme be a blog?
Free Tool: SSL Checker
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I have a few wordress sites on my VPS server and have noticed a sudden increase in the number of downtimes for the past few days. On checking it out, I noticed that a certain common process of my (two) wordpress sites hosted under the server are hogging up all the CPU memory. The process name is "php5-cgi" and multiple processes with the same name are simultaneously running even if there is no traffic coming in to the sites.

What could be the reason for this?

I am creating a website in the Divi theme in Wordpress, the buttons on my mobile page are listed underneath each other but I would like to align them. The webpage is https://capitolreef.entrr.io/photography/landscape/ (it's about the specific landscape page) please note that I created different buttons for desktop and mobile, on desktop they are perfectly fine, but the mobile site is the problem. I've tried several CSS codes, but up until now nothing worked.
Can somebody help me out? Thanks in advance!
I am a wordpress beginner. I do not want to use a pre-built theme but wish to build the site from scratch. How do I eliminate a theme from a page?
Hi All,

I have a quick question I hope you can help me to fix.

Environment: I have an environment where I have installed a new AD and the domain name is something like corp.example.com

As a NETBIOS name during the AD install wizard I did choose "example" to make things easier and consistent with the public DNS name. The public DNS registered is example.com and there is public website running with example.com already hosted by WordPress and DNS registrar is GoDayddy.

Issue: Internal host names are not resolved properly with NSLOOKUP

1. Hostnames are working fine

2. IP Addresses are working fine

3. FQDN are NOT working fine. They are resolved with internal domain appended to external domain name.

eg. "VM1.CORP.EXAMPLE.COM" returns VM1.CORP.EXAMPLE.COM.EXAMPLE.COM and public IP Address registered with the website DNS Provider

4. FQDN with a trailing "." are working fine

eg. "VM1.CORP.EXAMPLE.COM." returns the correct IP Address as expected

Configuration: AD/DNS server is pointing at itself. NO forwarders configured. AD is pointing at an internal Gateway. This gateway is configured to talk with the internet using a different network through a separate Router connected to the internet.

My question: It's obviously not a question of routing but I dont understand why DNS forwards queries for FQDN names to external DNS servers considering that "A" and respective "PTR" records are fully registered and working on the …
Today we changed the DNS and MX records for my company's website and I am not sure how to confirm if we did it correctly since we are getting the Bluehost holding page. I know it can take up to 72 hours but I want to just make sure it is all in working order. However, when I run the website through intodns.com it gives me a lot of information I do not know what to do with.

The website is www.beechtreetrading.com

We bought the domain through G Suite/GoDaddy and Wix originally, and now are hoping to have the website on Wordpress as a mapped domain with Bluehost. We changed the DNS on GoDaddy to point to Bluehost and then since we have our business email set up through G Suite, we deleted the old MX Records on Wix and added the new ones.

Wordpress still says DNS configuration required and now when I try to preview the site in Wordpress it gives me this message: The webpage at https://beechtreetrading.com/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true&frame-nonce=82ddc6aeee&cachebust=0&calypso_token=c7539680-e97e-4b53-a62b-155823a59520 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Is everything still in the process of updating? Or is there a step we missed? Thank you in advance!
Hi All

At the top of the page A-Z on this website www.emsite.co.uk I want to click on the relevant letter and for the pages associated with that letter/category to display.

Each page I want to display this way has been assigned a category of A-Z too or left uncategorised for ones I don't want to display.

Currently if I click on a letter it does show all of the pages for that category but they are shown with large text where I would like them to list neatly similar to how I have them grouped in tabs below using the elementor application further down the page.

I started to try creating tabs A-Z below but not sure this would look right and not very neat.

I would appreciate any advice.
I am getting following error using WordPress 4.7.5
Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘phpmailerException’ with message
1.mysite\wp-includes\class-phpmailer.php:1023 2. \wp-includes\pluggable.php(354)
commented the line $from_email = ‘wordpress@’ . $sitename; and replace it with $from_email = ‘wordpress@your.site’; no use
I know that I have posted this question before to little response. However, I am hoping for a more creative answer.
1) Take a look at our website: www.peakventures.ca

You will notice that on the third page onward (I believe) there are scrolling testimonials near the bottom. My boss would like these testimonials to scroll on the top of every page near the header. Someone previously told me to add it in the header code, or something like that. I need to know how to do this. I did not build the website and it really needs some improvement I know. However, for now this is what I am dealing with. Is there a way to have those scrolling testimonials moved to scroll at the top of each page? The theme of the website is Sydney. If you need to look into our site, I can give you access - only if you think you have a solution.

Kind Regards,
I have a frustrating issue and wonder if anyone has some tip or solution for me. Its simple, I have a script that uses wp_mail function. All works fine and no errors in the log, however the mail comes without attachment.

Therefore I have made a little script to test this. And yes it does not send it out. The script is below and it works in terms of sending a email. But without attachment. Does anyone have some tip for me why this could be.

 * This file can be used to validate that the WordPress wp_mail() function is working.
 * To use, change the email address in $to below, save, and upload to your WP root.

// attach
$attachments = '/wp-content/uploads/test.pdf';

// Set $to as the email you want to send the test to.
$to = "info@domain.com";
// No need to make changes below this line.
// Email subject and body text.
$subject = 'wp_mail function test';
$message = 'This is a test of the wp_mail function: wp_mail is working';
$headers = '';
// Load WP components, no themes.
define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
// send test message using wp_mail function.
$sent_message = wp_mail( $to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments );
//display message based on the result.
if ( $sent_message ) {
    // The message was sent.
    echo 'The test message was sent. Check your email inbox.';
} else {
    // The message was not sent.
    echo 'The message was not sent!';

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I also tried:

$attachments[] = 'http://www.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/test.pdf';

Instead of the path. But does not work either. in both cases it sends the mail but without the attachment.

Next I tried with an array:

attachments = array();
array_push($attachments, WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads/test.php' );
array_push($attachments, WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads/master.zip' );

Same, email comes but no attachment.

In my case I only have one attachment that is suppose to be attached to this email.
Any assistance on this would be very appreciated because I am getting gray hair in this ;-)

Best wishes,
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I have a wordpress website and I am trying to get to a piece of User Meta Data that is serialized.
The Meta Value looks like this:

This is what I am looking for: access_s2member_ccap_cn
it can also be : access_s2member_ccap_en, access_s2member_ccap_ja or access_s2member_ccap_en

How do I write a query that says yes, access_s2member_ccap_cn is there.  Or Yes, access_s2member_ccap_en is there?
Here is what I have so far.
$sql_l = ("SELECT meta_value FROM wp_dd6xmx2by0_usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'wp_dd6xmx2by0_capabilities' AND user_id = '$user_id'");
        $language = $wpdb->get_results($sql_l, OBJECT);
// EXTRACT THE Language
        foreach ($language as $ls) {
            $lang = $ls->meta_value;
            $lang = unserialize($lang);
            return $lang;

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The above query returns something like this:
In my wordpress site, Ajax Load more plugin is not working for the specific page. Itz working in some of the pages. But not working in the rest of the pages. Below are the urls that can give you a clear description.
Working Page : "http://www.stockimagesafrica.com/people"
And not working in http://www.stockimagesafrica.com/downloads/category/southern-africa/
I have a site made on WordPress. I have inserted a video from the media gallery. The only issue is that it's a standard player and cannot edit controls or anything else. I have tried plugins but none cater my needs. Any suggestion on how to manipulate the code and make the video appear the way I want? For instance no controls and there's a black header and footer I wish to remove. Thanks for any suggestions.
I have a site and their blog page has gone askew.
Can anyone help with the code to get these back into a 3 col. layout.
Its obvious that it would be a setting in the theme to get it to be 3 columns, but that setting is set, so where, and how can I override this with css please to get it back into three columns...
I hope someone can help?
Hi All,

I am trying to setup a WordPress site for a company that does not have internet access.  It takes quite a while to load as each of the external HTTP requests have to time out.

Is there a way to disable / block the HTTP requests?

I tried adding this to my wp-config.php, but it doesn't appear to have done anything.

define('WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL', true);

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Any suggestions?
I am displaying 50 images using archive.php in wordpress. But while loading, it is getting mixed up with each other. After loading fully, it is coming in a perfect way. I tried applying lazy load in that page. But it is not working. Is there any other way to do this?





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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for creating websites and blogs. Features include a plugin architecture, a template system and strong management, customization and search systems; through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create websites easily.