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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for creating websites and blogs. Features include a plugin architecture, a template system and strong management, customization and search systems; through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create websites easily.

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Why does the sidebar font size change to a smaller size for the Header 2 widget?  I initially had a Header 3 in the sidebar as the last widget and that widget had a smaller font size and Header 2 looked good.  Then when I removed Header 3 widget, which made Header 2 widget the last one - then Header 2 displayed a smaller font!

Beta site

Screen shot
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I have an Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP server running Wordpress and vsftpd.
I am running Dreamweaver CS6 from my Windows 7 PC on the same LAN and have configured as follows:
Site Name: Wordpress
Local Site Folder: C:\Users\<myuser>\documents\wordpress
Server Name: Wordpress
Connect using FTP
FTP Address:
Username: wordpress
Password: <password>
Testing Server
Server Model: PHP MySQL

The development and testing server are one and the same.

I am attempting to edit a Wordpress theme so I have selected the theme's index.php from the remote server and I can successfully view the code. When I click "Live View" in Dreamweaver I get the message "This page may have Dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the server" and I'm prompted to click "Discover". When I do this a message is returned "Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because of an internal server error. Retry"

I don't understand what this error means or how to get Live View to work.
I've been taking on the occasional client, undercharging for my hours to meet market rates, but I just discovered Wordpress and I realized I can have enough output (you know for the average site someone wants to have built) and I can charge extra for custom plugins or Laravel or other solutions that require something more than Wordpress.

After 2018 I would like to start taking on clients - I would like to have the following on my portfolio
-Ecommerce site for local business built with Woocommerce
-Ecommerce site built for another local business built with Woocommerce
-consolidatedutilities.com rewritten in Laravel, possibly with a new design
-effinghamministorage.com possibly redone with wordpress
-pwsmeetup.com - a social media site for people with prader willi syndrome written in Laravel
-umstream.net - a streaming audio site for Umphrey's Mcgee written with Laravel and React

Would listing these sites be a good idea or a bad idea? Should I use Google Adwords? How much do I need to save up for advertising when I build a site advertising services?

I'm going to offer hosting and security. I'm studying Cyber Security and I don't know if I should put that.

I have Schizophrenia and Bipolar and it's a lot harder for me to communicate professionally that it is for most people. Presenting myself well will be a challenge, but I know that my work will be good. I have to work very hard at this, it doesn't come naturally to me, at least not since my diagnosis.

I created this site https://effinghamministorage.com/prices/

I would like to recreate the site with Wordpress.

I signed up for a beginner wordpress course on Udemy, the guy overstated the software's usefulness, but that said in 7 hours I will know the software and how to add themes and create pages.

I would like to redo the above site with Wordpress. I think the only thing I'll want to keep the same is that page.

I know HTML5 CSS3 PHP JavaScript and jQuery. So with those I can take a course on Wordpress plugin development and recreate the above page?
I have a link of this kind
<a href="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&amp;business=FOO&amp;lc=GB&amp;item_name=BAR&amp;item_number=BAR%20Donations&amp;cy_code=USD&amp;bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/webstatic/en_US/btn/btn_donate_pp_142x27.png" alt="Donate with PayPal" /></a>

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I want to change the currency code, but it seems it won't react if i merely change it in the html. Is that the 'fault' of Paypal itself maybe?

btw: i can't change the donate button to one of the <form> type as the WP installation won't allow plugins
btw 2: i can't seem to generate any other kind of donate button in my own Paypal account
I'm a Cyber Security major and I met a small business that wants an ecommerce site. I've wanted to learn Magneto, so I'm going to postpone my current projects and I wanted to learn Magneto to build the sites. I make $200 a week and I pay my rent, so I was going to build the site for $300 so I can put it on my resume.


I read the above link and it said a college student or a PHP Developer cannot create a Magneto website.

Is it unrealistic to think I could learn Magneto to create a site for a small business in 2018?

As far as hosting, I was going to recommend a $5 1GB Linode. I manage servers for my current job, so I will apply updates and manage the server for them for free, then when I need to update to a new version of GNU/Linux I will charge them a fee to do so.

I really want to learn Magneto. If this is possible can you link some good sites to learn Magneto?

If not I guess I will check out Wordpress.
I am not a Linux admin by any means so this is why I am reaching out to any EE that has knowledge to point me in the right direction.  

I have an Ubuntu 16.04 server running Apache2 for a Wordpress site.  I cloned it for dev purposes an I am trying to reconfigure the url for the Virtual Host as well as update the Wordpress conf database.

It looks like PHPMYADMIN is installed on this server, but I am not able to access it.  I did edit the apache2.conf to have a line
Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf

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service apache2 restart.  

When I do that I get mbstring missing error.
So I ran get-apt install php-mbstring  
Rebooted the server.  

No dice

I am pretty sure the PHP is 5.6 on this machine.
I am trying to make a video autoplay and loop in wordpress.   It at www.essentialwebdesignandgraphics.com.  

I did add iframe to header.php and got the video to display.   It won't autoplay or loop.    What can I do?

See code in header.php below.  


<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if lt IE 7]>
    <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8 lt-ie7"> <![endif]-->
    <!--[if IE 7]>
    <html class="no-js lt-ie9 lt-ie8"> <![endif]-->
    <!--[if IE 8]>
    <html class="no-js lt-ie9"> <![endif]-->
    <!--[if gt IE 8]><!-->
<html <?php language_attributes(); ?>><!--<![endif]-->
	<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">  
    <meta charset="<?php bloginfo('charset'); ?>" />	
	<?php $wl_theme_options = weblizar_get_options(); ?>
	<?php if($wl_theme_options['upload_image_favicon']!=''){ ?>
	<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php  echo esc_url($wl_theme_options['upload_image_favicon']); ?>" /> 
	<?php } ?>
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri() . "/style.css"; ?>" type="text/css" media="screen" />
	<?php wp_head(); ?>
<body <?php body_class(); ?>>
	<!-- Header Section -->
	<div class="header_section hd_cover" >		
		<img style="position: absolute;" class="hd-img" src="<?php header_image(); ?>" height="<?php echo get_custom_header()->height; ?>" width="<?php echo get_custom_header()->width; ?>" alt="" /> 

		<div class="container" >

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Hi, My client wants something pretty specific. Please see dev.techgardens.com/cyber-security/. There's a little floating button there:
She wants to replace it with a sticky flyout. So it would look something like SHIELD-ONLY.JPG, then if someone clicks on the shield, it would look like CLICKED-ON.JPG, attached.

An example of the flyout she gave is at: https://www.evolveip.net/  - the blue buttons on the right.

I haven't found a plugin that will give me that amount of design capability. Any ideas? Thanks.
I have a Wordpress site that I recently air-lifted from Hosting to Cloud (Amazon Web Services). This is on a fresh LAMP stack and everything seems to be working with the exception of sending mail.

So, two things that make me think this is Server level:

1. "Forms -> Entries" show the entires submitted from the website but they haven't been forwarded to the correct email address.

2. "Settings -> General -> Email Address" did not send the confirmation email (changing the Administrative email).

Where are places I can check to make sure that mail (specifically I believe "sendmail") is working? The maillog (e.g. sudo tail -20 /var/log/maillog-20171119) doesn't show any mail in the queue.

Thanks for your help.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
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Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

why is my woocommerce plugin not sending notification emails to my client's emails address?

I have more than one email and its sending to them on some emails...checked customers emails...they're not getting them either and no spam or junk folder mails either.

I've read about smtp settings on other plugins but I'm not sure which ones to reset or what to adjust.
In WordPress, before updating to version 4.9, I wanted to run UpdraftPlus backup, but received the error below; any ideas what needs to be done? TIA.

Dropbox chunked upload exception (Dropbox_BadRequestException): Error in call to API function "files/upload_session/start": Must provide HTTP header "Authorization" or URL parameter "authorization". (line: 217, file: C:\home\insightandenergy.com\wwwroot\wp\wp-content\plugins\updraftplus\includes\Dropbox2\OAuth\Consumer\Curl.php)

I need to show Child category Slider with category in wordpress Is there any plugin to show Sub category using parent id.
How do I remove the white vertical line to the right of the Home button?
Hi, earlier this week the back end of my wordpress site was blazing fast. Now it's back to being slow, with the intermittent error listed above. I haven't added any new plugins, I did update wordpress, but the issue spans that update. Meaning it was fast before the update, slow before the update, and now slow again afterwards.

I'm on the most recent version of WP, and the most recent version of DIvi. Yes, I know it's a monster them, but the customer specifically requested it.

Any thoughts? Any troubleshooting I can do?
Hi, I'm using wordpress and divi theme. My client is asking for a button that can follow a person as they scroll down the page.

So they scroll the page, and the button follows them. Sounds kind of annoying to me, to be honest, but does anyone know of a way to do this? Thanks.
I was doing something with my wordpress site with DIvi builder, and Divi asked that I deactivate my wordpress plugins one by one to see if they were causing a problem.

I deactivated woo-commerce, which is only on one portion of the site, and I get this: This plugin required woocommerce installed.

That's all I see on the home page. Help!  https://techgardens.com/
Hi Experts

Can anyone recommend an effective WP Plugin that can handle Subscription payments via Stripe and PayPal?
Most Shopping Carts Iv'e seen are too big for my needs.  I have a few products but monthly / annual service subscriptions is my primary focus.  It will need to be simple for the client to use.

Many thanks in advance
We recently replaced the middle image logo (which display on all pages but home page) with code for a logo provided by the company that ranked this site.  After doing that, we noticed that the logos are no longer evenly spaced.  See screen shot below:


Screen shot

I tried using inspector to fix but when I did and you resized site for a phone, then the left and right logo got super tiny.

Here is code provided for middle logo:
<div id="hc-ratingRatingHotel">
<div id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__inner"><img id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__ribbon" src="https://media.datahc.com/ratinghotel/stellar2/ribbon.png" />
<span id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__year">2017</span>
<span id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__award">RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE</span>
<div id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__hotelink"><a id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__hotelname" target="_blank"></a>The Rochester Inn</div>
<a id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__hclink" href="https://www.hotelscombined.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">HotelsCombined</a>

<div id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__rating"><span id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__number">9.4</span>
<span id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__pipe"></span> <span id="hc-ratingRatingHotel__ratedby">Rated by Guests</span></div>
<div id="hc-data__hotellink" style="display: none;">The_Rochester_Inn</div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1/webfont.js"> </script> 

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How to Use the Help Bell
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How to Use the Help Bell

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So this week I have learned some things the hard way unfortunately. I have a T2.Medium EC2 Instance on a Ubuntu Server. I had decided to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04

I am a newbie but have some experience in this. I thought I had done this right and I made a snap shot of my volume image weekly.

Well after I have no idea what exactly happened but I could not access or repair my WordPress website after I upgraded. So I thought I would open a new instance using my AMI snapshot. But this didn't work either as the new instance was also the new 16.04 ubuntu.....

So my question is I know the newer version is better for security reasons and more but

how do I make a complete back up of my system so this happens again I can revert back and work on the solution on the side until I am sure the new upgrade works 100%?   And yes I know I should had done this the first time but lesson learned.
I've been tasked with migrating a Wordpress site from a hosting company to Amazon Web Services. I'm pretty familiar with AWS, but Wordpress not so much (medium, lets say). This site is going to use the same domain name, but on a different server.

Today I build a LAMP stack from scratch and have successfully tested Apache, MySQL and PHP.

I have a compressed copy of the website along with the MySQL Database.

Can I just copy the contents of that zipped folder and MySQL to the new LAMP stack? (e.g use wget to dump the root contents, like the "wp-contents" folder into the /var/www/html root, etc. )

If anyone has a good recipe for this, I'd love to read it.

Thanks for your help.
I need to redirect just this url: http://2017test.rotarypdx.org/programs to this one: http://2017test.rotarypdx.org/programs-page

This url: http://2017test.rotarypdx.org/programs is actually a wordpress category so there will be sub-categories with posts in it. Those sub-categories and their posts I need to still go to the correct urls such as http://2017test.rotarypdx.org/programs/youth-programs/

When I use the regular redirect of:
redirect 301 /programs http://2017test.rotarypdx.org/programs-page
the sub-category also redirects with programs-page in it leading to a 404.
I am using Woo-Commerce with Wordpress.  I am trying to write a query that pulls specific Meta_Key Values but I'm not 100% on how to write it.

I need the order ID to locate all of the meta data, that is no problem, then I need to query those fields with that ID and pull specific values from meta_keys.  The query below is just a start but will get me going so I can ask additional questions.
Right now I have four meta_key that I need to pull the value from;
1.First Name (meta_key value / First Name)
2. Middle Name (meta_key value / Middle Name)
3. Last Name (meta_key value / Last Name)
4. Company Name (meta_key value / Company Name)

 global $wpdb;
        $order_id = $_POST['order_number'];
         $order = $wpdb->get_results ( "SELECT order_item_id, order_item_name FROM woocommerce_order_items WHERE order_id = '$order_id'");

         foreach ($order as $page) {
            echo $page->order_item_id.'<br/>'.$page->order_item_name;
            $meta_id = $page->order_item_id;
            $entity = $page->order_item_name;

$sql = $wpdb->get_results ( "SELECT
    CASE WHEN $entity = 'ABC' 
    THEN CONCAT(meta_key ='First Name', IF (CHAR_LENGTH(meta_key = 'Middle Name') > 0, CONCAT(meta_key = 'Middle Name')), meta_key ='Last Name')
    WHEN $entity = DEF' 
    THEN CONCAT(meta_key ='First Name', IF (CHAR_LENGTH(meta_key = 'Middle Name') > 0, CONCAT(meta_key = 'Middle Name')), meta_key ='Last Name')
ELSE meta_key 

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Hello,  I have a custom shortcode that calls an API.  Works great, but I'd like to add a parameter to it in order to tweak the output a bit.  We already have one paramter, but the second one I'd like to add would be more along the lines of an array, so I need some tips.   The shortcode calls an API that pulls events from a calendar database.   Below are the lines of code related to this (not the full script of course):
function cal_events_shortcode($params = array()) 
extract(shortcode_atts(array("limit" => 5), $params));
$eventTypes = array (3,7);

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This shortcode is called by inserting  [cal_events limit="4"] into a Wordpress page.   If no value is passed for "limit", it defaults to 5.  It then pulls events with the event types of 3 and 7, based on the hard-coded value for "eventTypes".

What I want to do is accept the values of "3, 7" as variables that are passed by the shortcode call and then inserted into the $eventTypes variable.    So, what would the "extract(shortcode_atts..." line of code look like if also accepting the values that need to go into $eventTypes array?

I imagine this is pretty simple, but I don't call myself a programmer.

Thanks for any tips!
Sample URL's


Our site is a dynamic site where data is pulled through API.

I'm not sure if something has to be tweaked in wordpress or htaccess file. Also another biggest issue is, our organic traffic has dropped 80%, I understand that initially when platform changes, there will be a traffic drop but it's not improving month on month. Did we do something wrong in migration, I'm not sure, Please help.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for creating websites and blogs. Features include a plugin architecture, a template system and strong management, customization and search systems; through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create websites easily.