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There Are Alternatives to Email

Email is way too noisy, prone to hiding the important stuff, and really becoming unreliable for critical/timely communications. There are better ways to communicate.

6 Recommendations for Resolving a Major IT Incident

Scenario: Your operations manager has discovered an anomaly in your security system. The

Can Email Work for Critical Communications?

Note: This is the second blog post in a series on email clearinghouses.

Here’s What a Real DevOps Toolchain Looks Like

Learn how ViaSat reduced average response times for IT incidents from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

Email Has Failed Us

There's a better way to communicate time sensitive or critical info.

Have Questions about DevOps? Get them answered at The Agility Tour 2017.

Dramatic changes are revolutionizing how we build and use technology. Every company is automating,


HipChat Is Much More Than Chat

When the s#!t hits the fan, you don’t have time to look up who’s on call, draft emails, call


Control Alerting Policies with New Relic Alerts

How many times a day do you open, acknowledge, or close an IT incident? What’s your process? Do you


3 Keys for Successful Deployments

Deploying our service is a grudge match between customer benefits and customer pain. In one corner,

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