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Extensible Markup Language (XML) refers to the encoding of documents such that they can be read by both machines and humans. XML documents use tags...

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Expert XML and Linked Open Data consult.
Technology stack: XSLT, XQuery, XSL-FO, SparQL, DTD, XSD, XProc, Schematron, RDFS, SKOS, OWL ...

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Help with USPS Pricing API -


Struggling with the USPS Rate API -- The Documentation is not straight forward and I can't even get


Loading Complex XML Using SSIS

IntroductionIn my previous article

Enforce File Type Associations  In a Windows 2016 …

Enforce File Type Associations

In a Windows 2016 published Desktop, Citrix users are able …
Troubleshooting Solution

JTextPane Control Character Formatting / Custom Markup


I would please like to know what the best / easiest means of accomplishing the following …
Advice Solution

XML/XSLT How to do basics


I need some XSLT refresh.,  I have an XML file that I need to extract from.

Troubleshooting Solution

Identify Special Char in JAVA and Shell Scriipt

Hi Experts,

Could you help me how to find below special charcters "" in JAVA and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Content type error when posting data to 3rd party API

I am sending form data to a 3rd party API but get this error:

HTTP/1.1 415 Cannot process the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Querying XML field in Oracle Database


I have to create a query from a table; S$EMPL, that currently has a field called auditlog. 


Troubleshooting Solution

Using postman (or VISUAL STUDIO)  to capture xml that created by SOAP messaging?


I have been asked, 

"Can you use postman or something and capture a copy of the xml that is created

Troubleshooting Solution

XML will not display on the page

Hi all i have a php page that had xml on it, i have two other files, of course the XML file with the…
Troubleshooting Solution

XML Data use



I don't know much about xml but as far as I have read it is a very common way of communicating

Troubleshooting Solution

c#, file IO issue

I see alert message "Process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".
Troubleshooting Solution

Reading returned XML data with PHP

I have an API consisting of two files that takes a url from a user, processed it, and sends an array…
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help configuring project to use XML file with ASP.NET

I'm trying to ramp up on how to use an XML file in conjunction with an editor control (Telerik - …
Advice Solution

Replacing certain special characters for all the fields in XML except for one in Java


Hi Folks,

Need help with DOM parsing of XML. I have a requirement where in I need to replace certain

Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a method to read a XML file in IExplorer that doesn't involve Msxml2.DOMDocument?

Hello Experts:

I'm the fellow that has been trying to read and display 30 records making up the …
Troubleshooting Solution

trying to use an RSS feed in my site

Sup ya'll?

I do not know much about XML, XSL etc so please bear with me.

I am trying to use …
Troubleshooting Solution

Python XMLRPC TIME_WAIT problem

I am using XMLRPC (xmlrpclib) in python for InterProcessCommunication. Everything is working fine. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Update value in JSON


My table has a clob datatype column. We are storing JSONin that column. I want to update a value.

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