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When cloud platforms entered the scene, users and companies jumped on board to take advantage of the many benefits, like the ability to work and connect with company information from various locations. What many didn't foresee was the increased risk the cloud can bring to company infrastructure. The more cloud applications we add, the greater the number of vulnerable entrypoints. Most basic firewalls can't keep up.

In this webinar, Skyport Systems explains how legacy DMZ architectures cannot accommodate this highly agile, cloud-connected enterprise, and how companies can create new security policies to adapt to this shift. View the video to learn how to make your enterprise "cloud ready."
A summary of two approaches to help with discussions with stakeholders to a fruitful outcome - keeping assets secure beyond just being compliant in this evolving threat landscape.
There are several data loss prevention software in the marketplace and picking up one is really difficult. Today this particular post is going to describe the exact definition of an intelligent data loss prevention and its use in the business world.
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