Adding an Experts Exchange site search to the Chrome browser

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Lucas Bishop
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Shows how to create a shortcut to site-search Experts Exchange using Google in the Chrome browser. This eliminates the need to type out site:experts-exchange.com whenever you want to search the site.

Video Steps

1. Launch the Search Engine Menu

In chrome, via your address bar go to:

2. Add a New Search Engine

Scroll to the bottom and "Add a new search engine" using the following values:
Name - Search Experts Exchange (This name can be anything you want)
Keyword - ee (This keyword will be what triggers the custom search)
URL - https://www.google.com/#q=%s+site:experts-exchange.com  (Site search operator URL with %s acting as a dynamic replaceable keyword)

3. Save the New Search Engine

Press Enter and exit out of your settings area.

4. Try your new custom search

Type "ee" in your address bar, followed by your search terms. All of your results should now be from Experts Exchange.
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Expert Comment

I never knew this and I have just tried it out !

Expert Comment

Typing this into the address bar of the Chrome browser on my Android tablet doesn't work.  Is it only applicable to the Chrome browser on PCs?

Expert Comment

This doesn't work for me because since I live in Japan, I am always taken to google.co.jp rather than google.com. Typing ee pulls up sites with ee in their names or content.  That's OK.  If I type in experts exchange, I am taken to a page where experts exchange is among the search results.  I click on the URL, log in and then do my search.
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Author Comment

by:Lucas Bishop
@ermooney, some feedback regarding your comments:

This doesn't work for me because since I live in Japan, I am always taken to google.co.jp rather than google.com

One way to work around this is to force English language and US based results with the following additional operators:

Open in new window

So when you are setting up the custom search engine, you would use the following URL:

Open in new window

Typing ee pulls up sites with ee in their names or content.
If you've completed the "Add a Search Engine" (Step 2 in instructions above),  to trigger this dynamic search with "ee" you will type "ee" into the browser address bar and then press the space bar (not the enter key). This will trigger the custom search engine to become active.

Is it only applicable to the Chrome browser on PCs?
It's only applicable to Chrome desktop browsers. Currently the mobile OS doesn't allow the creation of custom search engines.

Expert Comment

by:Michael Hurley
This is great, Lucas, Thanks!

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