PaperPort Send To Bar - Part 1

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Joe Winograd
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This video is the first in a two-part series that discusses PaperPort's "Send To Bar" feature . This first video tutorial explains the purpose of the Send To Bar, how to use it, and how to hide unwanted items that are automatically created on it when PaperPort is installed. The second video tutorial in the series discusses how to add a custom icon/program to the Send To Bar.

Video Steps

1. Locate the Send To Bar at the bottom of the PaperPort app

Run PaperPort.

Look at the bottom of the PaperPort app and you will see something like this (depending on the version of PaperPort, the other apps that are installed, and the viewing options for the Send To Bar):


2. Send an item to the Send To Bar

There are two ways to do this:

(i) Click on a desktop item (for example, a JPG file) and then click an icon on the Send To Bar (for example, Microsoft Paint).

(ii) Drag-and-drop an item (for example, a JPG file) onto an icon on the Send To Bar (for example, Microsoft Paint).


3. Perform an operation on the item in the program that was launched

Continuing the example from above, let's say you have a JPG in Microsoft Paint:

step3a.jpgRotate it and save it:


4. Confirm that the item was changed in PaperPort

After saving the file in Step 3, you will be returned to PaperPort, where you should see that the item was changed (such as a rotated image).


5. Hide unwanted icons on the Send To Bar

Right-click any icon on the Send To Bar and then click Send To Options.

Starting at the top of the vertical pane of icons, click on each one that you want to hide and un-check the box that says "Include icon on Send To bar".

Click OK.


6. Confirm that unwanted icons have been removed from Send To Bar

The icons that you chose to hide should no longer appear on the Send To Bar. For example, in the video, I removed the Evernote and SharePoint icons:

That's the end of Part 1 ā€” I hope you join me for Part 2.

If you find this video to be helpful, please click the thumbs-up icon below. Thank you for watching, Joe
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  1. PaperPort Send To Bar - Part 1(5:22)
  2. PaperPort Send To Bar - Part 2(5:26)
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