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PaperPort Send To Bar - Part 2

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVE
50+ years in computer industry. Everything from development to sales. CIO. Document imaging. EE MVE 2015, EE MVE 2016, EE FELLOW 2017.
This video is the second in a two-part series that discusses PaperPort's "Send To Bar" feature . The first video tutorial explains the purpose of the Send To Bar, how to use it, and how to hide unwanted items that are automatically created on it when PaperPort is installed. This second video in the series discusses how to add a custom icon/program to the Send To Bar and shows examples of adding both a commercial software program and a home-brew program.

Video Steps

1. Launch the New Program Link wizard

There are two ways to do this:

(i) Right-click on an empty space on the Send To Bar, then click Send To Bar, then New Program Link.

(ii) Click the Tools menu, then the New Link button on the ribbon.


2. Specify Program Type

Specify one of these three program types:

Image program that accepts image files
Text program that accepts text files
Fax program that allows another program to print to it

In most cases, it will be an image program. That's what I specified in the video and the remaining steps here are for an image program.

Click Next.


3. Select the commercial program to be added

Click the Browse button.

Navigate to a commercial program that you want added to the Send To Bar. In the video, I selected ABBYY FineReader.

Click Next.


4. Specify a name for the program

Enter a name for the program that you want added to the Send To Bar. In the video, I named it finereader.

Click Next.


5. Specify the file types that the program accepts

Click each of the file types that the program accepts. You may click any number of them — even all of them. In the video, I picked PDF Image.

Click Next.


6. Specify what should be done with the temporary file when the program closes

Specify one of these four actions:

Let program manage the temporary file
Delete the temporary file
Delete the temporary file if not modified by the program
Replace the PaperPort item if modified by the program

Click Next.


7. Specify the image resolutions that the program accepts

This is usually left blank.

Click Next.


8. Select the icon to be shown on the Send To Bar

Specify one of these four sources for the icon:

An icon provided by PaperPort
One of your existing icon files
An icon from the program
An icon from another program

Depending on your choice, follow the prompts in the wizard. In the video, I picked an icon from the program.

Click Next.


9. Finish the New Program Link wizard

Click the Finish button to complete the wizard.


10. Restart PaperPort to add the program to the Send To Bar

Exit PaperPort.

Run PaperPort and confirm that the program has been added to the Send To Bar.


11. Add a custom/home-brew program to the Send To Bar

Repeat Steps 1-10, except in Step 3, navigate to a custom/home-brew program instead of a commercial program.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed both Part 1 and this Part 2 of the Micro Tutorial series. If you find this video to be helpful, please click the thumbs-up icon below. Thank you for watching, Joe

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