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Using Content Aware

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This video shows how use content aware, what it’s used for, and when to use it over other tools.
Author:Tony Baril
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Expert Comment

by:Need -a- Clue
Hi. I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed you video! I know how to use this tool and I really hope you have more of this type of tutorial. I will watch every one of them. You should sell a dvd book detailing the most often used tools. If there were such a product I would be happy to pay $100. if it touched on every tool. THANKS AGAIN!!

Author Comment

by:Tony Baril
Thank you very much, and i'm glad you enjoyed the video. I have only thought about listing on Youtube, but never thought about a DVD book! Although I am a terrible writer, I could maybe make a DVD, who knows!

Expert Comment

by:Need -a- Clue
Hi, thanks for the response. I have some ideas for you. Mainly because I am a frustrated user of Photoshop. I don't use it enough to become proficient, but often enough that I NEED to learn more. Your method of teaching is great. I got the point the first time I watched it. What I Am good at is being able to know when an instructor is not giving enough information, or too much. You did just perfect. I'd be happy to act as your proofreader helper for free. It would be worth it just to learn more. Think about it. Many have made TONS of $$$$ writing similar types of tutorials on other subjects.

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