Adding Boundary Outlines to Google Maps with Google Mapmaker

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This tutorial demonstrates how to identify and create boundary or building outlines in Google Maps. In this example, I outline the boundaries of an enclosed skatepark within a community park.

Video Steps

1. Login to your Google Account, then Google for "Google Mapmaker"

2. Once in Google Mapmaker, locate the boundary, building, or grounds you'd like to outline in Satellite View

3. Toggle in-between Satellite and Map view to make sure you aren't creating any duplicates

4. Select Add New, and depending on the type of outline, either "Building Outline" or "Natural Features"

5. Select the Category type, and input any relevant, accurate information

6. Click the Map and begin drawing the shape by inserting points

7. Input any relevant, accurate information. If you aren't sure leave blank. Add a comment to why you're creating this boundary

8. Once you've finished outlining the shape, click "Save"

9. Wait for moderator approval on your edit

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