Typing on a Path in Illustrator

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In this tutorial viewers will learn how to type text that isn't in a straight line by using the Type on a Path tool in Illustrator

Video Steps

1. Open a document in Illustrator

2. Draw a path for the text to be typed upon. Don't worry about the fill or stroke as these will be automatically replaced

3. Switch from the Type tool to the Type on a Path tool by clicking on the Type tool button and dragging to the right, then selecting the Type on a Path button in the flyout menu

4. Click the path and begin typing. Adjust the color by selected the text, then changing the foreground color if needed

5. To correct the placement of the text along the path, either rotate the path like a normal object, or use the Direct Selection Tool (black arrow) to click and drag the line that marks the center of the path into the right position

6. To move the text to the inside of the path, simply drag the line across the path until the text "flips" onto the correct side

7. Paths can be resized or adjusted using the pen tool even after they have been typed upon


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