Setting Up Basic WordPress SEO

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The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how to set up basic WordPress SEO.

This will be demonstrated using a Windows 8 PC. The plugin used will be WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Video Steps

1. Go to your WordPress login page. This will look like the following: mywebsite.com/wp-login.php

2. Go to Add Plugins under Plugins tab in the Dashboard sidebar.

Click on Plugins, then Add New

3. Search for WordPress SEO by YOAST. Install and activate it.

There are many WordPress plugins that can do SEO. This one tends to be one of the most robust, and it has a lot of really cool features that I will point out.

4. Click on SEO tab in WordPress Dashboard. Click on Titles and Metas. Then go to Home tab in top navigation.

5. Add Title and Meta Description.

In the title cell, we put the site-wide title, and in the meta description put the description for your site. This is what will show up under the URL in the search engines. Click save.

6. Go to Posts section and either start a new blog post or click on an old one.

7. Scroll down to the new SEO section added by the plugin. Choose a Focus Keyword. Make sure that it appears in the site title, content of post, SEO title, and Meta description. Publish or Update post.

The first thing to look at is the snippet preview. The next thing is the Focus Keyword. Every blog post should have a Focus Keyword. This section also counts the number of instances in which the Focus Keyword shows up. SEO title is where you put in the title that will show up on the snippet preview, and the meta description will show up right below it. Make sure that the focus keyword is in both the SEO title and meta description.

8. Click on “Page Analysis” Tab in the SEO section and see which changes can be made. Update post again.

We'll see a very detailed description, from least important to most important, of things that you can do to improve your SEO. As you improve SEO, the red dot will change from red to yellow to green to signify your SEO is good.

9. Make sure that the images in your blog posts are SEO friendly by making sure that they have relevant titles and Alt Text which include the Focus Keyword

Make sure the alternative text has the Focus Keyword is in it as well. It would help if the title had the Focus Keyword in it too.
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