How to hide or not show certain Gmail IMAP Folders in Outlook

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Many of my clients call in with monstrous Gmail overloading issues with Outlook. A quick tip is to turn off the All Mail and Important folders from synching. Here is a quick video I made to show you how to turn off these and other folders in Gmail so they do not sync with Outlook.
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Article by: Rob
This is a revision of an earlier article for archiving using Notes 8.5.x Most of the article is the same--not much has changed from Notes 8.5 to Notes 9 A few images we changed, and explanations were made clearer hopefully =) Hope this info helps…
This is Part 5 - [Final] - of my series about using Mailwasher which shows you a way to defeat spammers ever-changing tricks and tactics to get past your spam control, as well as a few tips to improve the performance of Mailwasher as well. Enjoy...

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