Watch How to Make Price of Configurable Product Change When Attribute Combination is Selected

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You have products, that come in variants and want to set different prices for them? Watch this micro tutorial that describes how to configure prices for Magento super attributes.

Video Steps

01. Assigning simple products to configurable

We assigned simple products with different prices to configurable product. Let's check them.

02. 'Associated Products' Tab

'Opening Associated Products' Tab

03. Checking variations

There are numerous variations, but only green shoes have different prices.

04. Front-end view

Checking the product at front-end...

05. Choosing the option

Selecting green color from the drop-down....

06. Another option

Choosing another size of green.

07. Nothing changes

No price changes again. Why doesn't it work?.

08. Magento specifics

In Magento price of simple products doesn't influence price of configurable one.

09. You should try super attributes

It is being done via super attributes.

10. Attributes

These are attributes, used to create variations.

11. Markups or markdowns

Input markups or markdowns for values.

12. Checking the product page

Let's check product page now, making a selection with green color....

13. Success

...hurrah, price is changing now.

14. Variations for multiple products

To set price variations for multiple products, specify markups or markdowns in the same way.

15. Bypass routine

What if multiple products should be managed? How to bypass continuous page loads?.

16. Alternatives

See how it's being done with Store Manager for Magento.

17. Find product

Find necessary configurable product.

18. Open product tab

Open "Associated Products" tab of the lower grid.

19. Checking variants

These are products variants.

20. Checking Attributes

These are super attributes.

21. Setting price alterations

Set price alterations without switching between tabs.

22. Another product

Let's process one more product.

23. Checking storefront

What do we get at the storefront?

24. Front-end

Front-end view.

25. Checking price

Price has changed.

26. Another product on front-end

Let's view this product at the front-end.

27. Success

Price has been calculated.

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by:Alex Morco
Really i was looking for a guide to help me in configuring products, i found a lot but could not went fine, but this post resolve my issue because everything here mentioned step by step and with images, i had another resource with me, https://www.cloudways.com/blog/magento-configurable-product/ , it also helped me, thanks for helping us with your guide, keep up the great work.
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