Learn to use the POWER of Mailwasher Pro - Part 1

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Andrew Leniart
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If you, like me, have a dislike for using Online Subscription anti-spam services, then this video series is for you. I have an inherent dislike of leaving decisions such as what is and what isn't spamming to other people or services for me and insist on being able to make those decisions for myself.


Because as the old adage goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. This video series is about a tool that I've been using for over 15 years now and as a result, my Outlook inbox has been 99.99% free of spam for many, many years. Yours can be too and it's easier than you may think!

This Video Tutorial shows how to obtain and install a tool called Mailwasher Pro which in this authors opinion, is one of the best Anti-Spam utilities available on the market. As mentioned previously, I've been using Mailwasher for over 15 years now and can honestly say that my Outlook Inbox is 99.9% free of Spam.

This is a multi-part series that goes into not just installation and use but shows you advanced configuration options to train Mailwasher Pro to know exactly what YOU consider to be spam, rather than rely on online services who make those decisions for you.

For those of you that prefer to read articles rather than watch videos, please check out the articles I've written on this topic and published on experts exchange at the following links:

Learn to use the POWER of Mailwasher Pro - Part 1
Learn to use the POWER of Mailwasher Pro - Part 2

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About the Author: Andrew Leniart is a self-employed IT Professional and Freelance Journalist with over 25 years of experience in using, fixing and troubleshooting Windows computers, dealing with a wide variety of installations, operating system versions, and software. He currently holds the Senior Editor position at Experts Exchange.

Video Steps

1. Introduction.

(00:00 - 0:30) This is an introduction to what this series is about.

2. How to locate and Install Mailwasher Pro.

(00:30 - 02.01) Locating the Mailwasher Pro download website link, downloading and saving the Mailwasher setup file and beginning the installation process.

3. Explanation of the various options during installation.

(02.01 - 03:40) Going through the installation process and an explanation of what the various option do, which options you should select and why.

4. What to be aware of and what's happening during install.

(03:40 - 06:15) Detailed explanation of what happens during the installation and why, along with instructions as to what you should be aware of during the install process. How Mailwasher imports any existing accounts in your email client if you have any.

5. A short Basic Video of starting to use Mailwasher Pro.

(06:15 - 07:35) Mailwasher is now installed, so let's watch a quick and short basic in-video tutorial about how to use Mailwasher, courtesy of the Firetrust Mailwasher developers.

6. Conclusion and explanation of what is covered in the next Video.

(07:35 - 08:01) Summary of what has been covered and an introduction to what will be covered in Part-2 of this series of Micro Tutorial Videos.

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This is Part 5 - [Final] - of my series about using Mailwasher which shows you a way to defeat spammers ever-changing tricks and tactics to get past your spam control, as well as a few tips to improve the performance of Mailwasher as well. Enjoy...
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