Learn to use the POWER of Mailwasher Pro - Part 2

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Andrew Leniart
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This is Part-2 of Learning to use the Power of Mailwasher Pro so if you haven't watched Part-1 yet, I urge you to do so before watching this video. Click this link to watch Part-1.

Ok, that out of the way, what we're going to cover here is how to setup additional Email accounts in Mailwasher, along with how to classify what "you" consider to be spam and what you don't. Also, we'll be looking at how we can recover deleted emails, even if you've cleared your Deleted Items folder in Outlook and more.

Remember the old adage of One Man's Rubbish is another Man's Treasure? Well, that's why I dislike Online Spam Filtering services and prefer tools like Mailwasher because it gives me total control - a control that you should have too and in doing so, never having to lose a genuine email again.

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With that said, let's get on with the show. I hope you enjoy the video(s)


About the Author: Andrew Leniart is a self-employed IT Professional and Freelance Journalist with over 25 years of experience in using, fixing and troubleshooting Windows computers, dealing with a wide variety of installations, operating system versions, and software. He currently holds the Senior Editor position at Experts Exchange.

Video Steps

1. Introduction.

(00:00 - 00:20) An introduction on what is going to be covered in this episode.

2. Manually setting up an email account.

(00:20 - 02:50) How to set up an Email account in Mailwasher Pro, including an explanation of all the advanced settings available and what they do.

3. Checking Mail for the First Time.

(2:50 - 04:30) The ways to check mail for the first time using Mailwasher along with an explanation of what it is doing and why during the download process.

4. Evaluating downloaded mail and how to reclassify mail.

(04:30 - 06:20) Discussion about how Mailwasher evaluates mail it downloads and the process of reclassifying mail to help the program learn what is and what is not spam to you, including an explanation of the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down function in Mailwasher.

5. The Washing Mail process Explained.

(06:20 - 10:00) What happens when you wash mail - what does Mailwasher do and how does it do it. Explanation of how Outlook opens automatically after the mail is washed and what needs to be done after Outlook opens.

6. Dealing with accidentally deleted emails in Mailwasher.

(10:00 - 12:30) Explanation of what to do if you accidentally flag an email as Spam in Mailwasher and how to retrieve it by using the Recycle Bin function of Mailwasher. How to restore emails if you happen to accidentally delete it from your email client.

7. Concluding remarks and what to expect in the next Video.

(12:30 - 13:12) Quick summary of what was covered and knowing what to expect in the next video of this series, including some great tips on how to defeat spammers tricks to bypass Spam tools, along with a detailed explanation of the powerful feature of custom filters in Mailwasher coming soon in Part-3 of this series - coming soon!
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by:Basem Khawaja

Excellent article. Thank you once again. I learned a lot from your videos.

Basem Khawaja
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