[Webinar] Is Your Active Directory as Secure as You Think?

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Microsoft Active Directory, the widely used IT infrastructure, is known for its high risk of credential theft. The best way to test your Active Directory’s vulnerabilities to pass-the-ticket, pass-the-hash, privilege escalation, and malware attacks is to conduct regular penetration tests. However, most organizations don’t have the resources for this, and simply assume their environment is secure enough.

Many experts, like Ascent Solutions and Skyport Systems, know that “secure enough” isn’t really enough and have taken strides to identify the attack vectors and establish best practice mitigation guidance.

Howard Friedman from Ascent Solutions, Russell Rice of Skyport Systems, and Gene Richardson from Experts Exchange hosted a webinar to showcase:

  • How to gain confidence that your environment will survive a penetration test and be safeguarded against an actual attack
  • The threat model for Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers and its importance
  • Common attack vectors and best practice security techniques
  • How to comply with advanced guidance and mitigate many attack vectors

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