Shuffle - 4 - Append Query

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We have a Totals query, and change it to an Append Query, so we can use it to add records. Create an an expression for a calculated field. Get errors (oops!) when we run the append query, but see how to fix them :)

To Summarize, in part 1, we examined data and made a query. In part 2, we changed the query to a Totals query to get unique values and used an aggregate function in an expression. In part 3, we took a deep dive into table design. Now, we have created and run an append query. Records are now in the customers table, and we have two more tables
to put records in before the import from Excel is done. Look for those lessons in the future.

Here are other videos in this series:

Shuffle - 1 - Examine Data (imported from Excel)

Shuffle - 2 - Totals Query

Shuffle - 3 - Table Design

Video Steps

1. Open a table in Datasheet view to look at information

2. Click the Filter dropdown at the top of a column to specify criteria for the rows displayed

3. Resize columns to be wider or narrower, double-click to best-fit

4. Add new records at the bottom

5. Look at each column and determine what type of object it is.

      There needs to be a table to describe each type of object.

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