Exchange 2016 - Disable the option to change password in OWA using PowerShell

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In this video we login to OWA to show you the change Password link that is available. We then launch the Exchange Management Shell and run a command to find if it is enabled on a server and also how to disable it.

Video Steps

1. Launch the Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Click on the start button and expand Microsoft Exchange 2016 and right click on Exchange Management Shell and run as admininistrator.

2. Run command to view status

Run the following commmand to check the status of the changepassword option: Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server Ex2016A | fl Change*

3. Run command to change status

Run the command to disable the changepassword option in OWA: Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -Server Ex2016A | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -ChangePasswordEnabled $false
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