Exchange 2016 - Find all users with Archive mailboxes using PowerShell

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In this video we show you how to run a simple PowerShell Script to find all users in your org that have archiving enabled and then we export the information for you to view.

Video Steps

1. Launch the Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

Click on the start button and expand Microsoft Exchange 2016 and right click on Exchange Management Shell and run as admininistrator.

2. Run command to generate report

Once you have downloaded the script, save it as a PS1 file and run it from the Exchange Management Shell (EMS)

3. Navigate to file

Navigate to the C:\ Drive and open the ArchiveUserList HTML file to see all users with archiving.
What to do if there looks to be a compromise of on-premises Exchange. This list is _not_ complete but an aggregate of the various things we have in our toolbox.
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