Windows 10 Delivery Optimization

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Edward van Biljon
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In this video we talk about how you can save bandwidth in your local network by having other machines connect to your machine to fetch windows updates.

Video Steps

1. Launch Settings

Click on the start button and click the cog wheel to open Settings.

2. Click on Update & Security

In Settings, click on Update & Security.

3. Open Delivery Optimization

Click the button "Delivery Optimization to view the settings.
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by:Andrew Leniart
Great explanation about how to optimise Windows Update delivery. Well done.

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by:Joe Winograd
For additional details on this feature, including a discussion among EE members about its security implications, see this EE article:

Windows 10 uses YOUR computer to help distribute itself

Regards, Joe
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by:Scott Fell
Edward, this was  very good video. You very succinctly got to the point and made it easy to understand. Sometimes in videos this can be more lengthy than it needs to be and you hit the target. Very good video!
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Author Comment

by:Edward van Biljon
Thank you for the great comments, much appreciated.
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