Exchange 2019:- Disable MAPI access to a mailbox with PowerShell

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In this video we show you how simple it is to remove MAPI access to a mailbox using the EAC, meaning a users can only use OWA and not Outlook and we run a command in PowerShell to perform the same function.

Video Steps

1. Open the EAC

Click on start and then expand Exchange Server 2016 and click on Exchange Admin Center.

2. Login to the EAC

If you have a certificate warning, click yes to continue and then enter the credentials to login and press enter.

3. Click on Recipients

On the left hand side, click on Recipients.

4. Select a Mailbox

Select a mailbox you want to modify and double click it or click on the pencil

5. Select Mailbox Features

On the properties page, click on mailbox features and then scroll down to where you see MAPI and click the disable button and then save.
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