Query data with no SQL code (2)

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Máté Farkas
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Section 02: Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio

Course: This course is created for business people or data analysts who want to query data from an SQL Server database but don't want to write codes and queries in SQL language. This course teach you how to use GUI of SQL Server Management Studio Query Designer Tool.

Video Steps

01. 00:00 Opening SQL Server Management Studio

After you downloaded and installed SSMS then you are ready to design data queries with no SQL codging. Start SSMS on your desktop or laptop.

02. 00:10 Login to a SQL Server

Provide login information on login screen of SSMS. You should get these information from your Database Administrator.

03. 01:19 Introduction of Object Explorer

Object Explorer pane is always the starting point of work on SQL Server. Here you can explore all functionalities and databases of the server. Now we need only databases.

04. 01:50 Explore databases

Open folder of Databases in Object Explorer.
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