Query data with no SQL code (8)

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Máté Farkas
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Section 08: Include a subquery into another query

Course: This course is created for business people or data analysts who want to query data from an SQL Server database but don't want to write codes and queries in SQL language. This course teach you how to use GUI of SQL Server Management Studio Query Designer Tool.

Video Steps

01. 00:00 Add a subquery placeholder

In this step you add a subquery placeholder to the main query. This can receive the SQL code of anoher query

02. 01:35 Pass SQL query text as subquery

Copy an SQL text from another query designer or from anywhere and paste it into the subquery placeholder.

03. 02:25 Set alias name of the subquery

By default the name of the subquery is derivdtlb_1. You can change that to any friendly name.
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