Windows Insider Preview 20226

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In this video, we have some exciting news. This build now has monitoring of hard disks and like SCOM, it can predict failure, saving you time to backup your data.

Video Steps

1. Launch Settings

Click on start and then click Settings (COG Wheel)

2. Click System

On the settings page, click on System which is the very first item on the left under the search bar.

3. Click Storage

In the System section, click on Storage on the left hand side.

4. Click Manage Disks

Click on Manage Disks and Volumes.
The following article is comprised of the pearls we have garnered deploying virtualization solutions since Virtual Server 2005 and subsequent 2008 RTM+ Hyper-V in standalone and clustered environments.
Many programming languages have a Switch–Case capability. Since its first beta in 2003, AutoHotkey has not had one. Finally, in the recent 28-Sep-2019 release of Version, it now has Switch–Case. This article discusses it and shows a sample…