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Máté Farkas
Database Expert with 15+ years experience (SQL, Access, Power BI).
Section 10: Using multiple subqueries in a query

Course: This course is created for business people or data analysts who want to query data from an SQL Server database but don't want to write codes and queries in SQL language. This course teach you how to use GUI of SQL Server Management Studio Query Designer Tool.

Video Steps

01. 00:00 Second subquery

See that a query can contain multiple subqueries and how to make difference between them.

02. 01:40 Division by zero

Understanding division by zero problem.

03. 02:00 Null behavior in formulas

Divisition by NULL is different then division by zero. Operations with NULL results NULL. This way division by null returns null instead of an error.

04. 03:24 Benefit of this method

See that this way sql queries run completely on server side and only result is returned to the client (in this case to SSMS).
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