[Webinar] How Hackers Steal Your Credentials and Why Active Directory Must be Secure to Stop Them

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Sometimes it takes a new vantage point, apart from our everyday security practices, to truly see our Active Directory (AD) vulnerabilities. We get used to implementing the same techniques and checking the same areas for a breach. This pattern can result in an oversight, leaving weak spots in our system exposed to the outside world. The most often overlooked weak spot? Credentials.

In this webinar, we're shown how to step out of our existing roles and mindsets and step into those of a hacker looking for AD credentials. You'll see where credentials are stored and how improper monitoring can weaken security and make it easier for hackers to gain access to your database.

View the webinar to learn how to mitigate credential issues and vulnerabilities by locking down admin credentials for good.
This is a simple web application that allows you to use Active Directory photos anywhere that you can use a HTML <IMG> tag
To benefit others with the knowledge and experienced I gained during my study term, I've summarized the main underlying concepts in a general overview.
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