[CommunitTea] EP 3: Rebirth Recap!

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In episode 3 of CommuniTea we discuss the highlights of the Rebirth 2022 virtual event as well as some of the programs and product updates coming soon! You can watch the Rebirth Recap here: https://go.experts-exchange.com/rebirth-recap
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by:Rich Weissler
Is there a text summary of the changes (with links) with the rebirth?  So far, I've heard/seen:
Logo - Done - Got this. (glad to see the old logo return.)
Leadership changes - ?
Community Leader Teams - ?
Swag changes - upcoming - (I'd love to see the old more unique t-shirt designs come back.)
Refer a friend changes - ?
Navigation bar changes - ?

(And it's funny - if I google "experts-exchange" and "rebirth", I get several links to https://www.experts-exchange.com/rebirth-info/ which give a 404 error.  :-( Is there a page somewhere that has all the information I'm looking for but got moved/relinked somewhere?)
The Navigation Update will be released on the platform on August 3rd, 2022! These updates were designed to make it easier for members to connect with each other and find content you're interested in. Learn more about why we are doing this and what t…
Here are some of the themes that I heard a lot while attending the Developer Week 2023 Conference.