How to set up an organization-wide email signature in Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)

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This short video tutorial will help you create a global email signature and legal disclaimer for all users in your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 organization. See step-by step instructions for the new Exchange Admin Center.
You can download free email signature templates from: https://www.mail-signatures.com/signature-generator/
To get more features and overcome native Exchange limitations, try a professional email signature tool for your business for free at https://www.codetwo.com/email-signatures/

Video Steps

01. Create a new mail flow rule

Go to Exchange admin center and create a new mail flow rule. Enter name, conditions and the append disclaimer action.

02. Create an HTML signature

You need HTML code of your signature, with the right Azure AD placeholders. Go to the free signature generator https://www.mail-signatures.com/signature-generator/ to make this as easy as possible.

03. Finish setting up the mail flow rule

Choose the fallback option, configure exceptions and make sure all is set up correctly.

04. Test how it works

Send a test email which complies with the conditions set in the mail flow rule
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