How to transpose data in Excel (rotate a worksheet)

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Bob Flisser
Bob Flisser has authored many courses and books about Microsoft, Adobe and Apple products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s.
In Excel, transposing data is like rotating a worksheet: columns become rows and rows become columns. In this episode, we learn how to do it two different ways: as a one-shot deal and dynamically with a function.
Author:Bob Flisser
Excel is a powerful tool and most working adults in an office are using it. In this article, I'll show some scenarios and how to handle duplicate rows in an Excel sheet.
The Indian number format for currency has groups of two and three digits. The native Format function of VBA cannot handle this if Windows is set for a Western localisation. Thus, a custom method must be applied. Here it will be shown how to use dyna…

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