New methods of rearranging columns in Excel

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Bob Flisser
Bob Flisser has authored many courses and books about Microsoft, Adobe and Apple products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s.
Excel has three new functions that will be available soon – at the end of 2022, they are being beta tested – that make short work of rearranging columns and rows of data. In this episode, we see how the TOCOL, VSTACK and WRAPROWS functions work.
Author:Bob Flisser
This article series will show you how to utilise the Next Generation Cryptography (CNG) API from Microsoft for modern hashing and encrypting/decrypting in VBA. In this part: Storing hashed or encrypted data.
This document presents the Modern Active Directory project, which aims to bring a more modern view on your Active Directory, whether to view key indicators or to perform advanced searches in a simple way. With this PowerShell module that accesses …

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