Freezing panes of a large Excel worksheet

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Bob Flisser
Bob Flisser has authored many courses and books about Microsoft, Adobe and Apple products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s.
If you have a big worksheet where you’re scrolling far left and right or up and down, it can be easy to lose sight of column and row headers, making the worksheet hard to read. By splitting a sheet and freezing panes, you can keep column and row headers fixed while scrolling the data. In this episode, we look at a couple of options for doing it.
Author:Bob Flisser
This document presents the Modern Active Directory project, which aims to bring a more modern view on your Active Directory, whether to view key indicators or to perform advanced searches in a simple way. With this PowerShell module that accesses …
Often times what you may consider better indicators of various items, others do not.  It is always a good idea to have a way to turn off conditional formatting in whatever program is displaying it.  The most obvious I will use here - MS Excel.

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