How to Edit Text in Prezi

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Learn the basics of inputting and editing your text components in Prezi. We will cover how to set styles, position, and group your text components.

Video Steps

01. In your Prezi editor, click anywhere on the canvas to add text

A flashing cursor informs you that you can begin writing.

02. Click and drag the circle in the bottom right corner of your text box to size your text box.

03. Change the size and style of the text

Use the toolbar above your text box to increase/decrease text size, change colors, weights, and paragraph justifications. You can also toggle between Title, Subtitle, and Body text (this is set based on your Prezi theme). You can only have one style of text per text box.

04. Change your presentation fonts from within you Prezi theme

05. Select "Customize" from the top menu in your Prezi editor

A toolbar will appear on the right of the screen, full of Prezi themes to choose from.

06. Select "Advanced" from the bottom right

This will allow you to edit the global fonts, sizes, and colors within your Prezi theme.

07. Select "Next" in the Theme Wizard

Select the fonts you want to use in your current theme from the drop down menus. This allows you to customize the font and color for your Title, Subtitle, and Body text styles.

08. Select "Done" to apply the changes

Click the "X" in the upper right of the Customization right hand toolbar to exit and continue editing.
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