Watch How to Add Fade-in Effects in Prezi

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Not only does Prezi allow you to create non-linear presentations, it also makes it easy to apply transition animations between your frames. Learn how to apply a fade-in transition to select items and entire frames in this tutorial

Video Steps

01. Select "Edit Path" from the lower left menu in your Prezi editor

This is within the path toolbar on the left hand navigation.

02. Select the star icon on the left side of the frame you want to animate

Animations can only be applied to objects that are within a frame already.

03. The animation wizard will popup

04. Hover over the object you want to fade-in

The object will fade as you hover over it.

05. Click to apply the fade-in effect

A number will appear in the green star to indicate the animation has been applied and the order by which it will fade-in.

06. Preview the animations within your frame by clicking the play triangle in the top right corner of the animation wizard

Click the reset button in the top left corner of the animation wizard to remove all animations from the frame.

07. Select "Done" in the top right corner of the animation wizard to apply animations

Now when you present your objects will fade-in as you specified.
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