[Webinar] Multi-Vector Protection from Cyber attacks

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We’ve all felt that sense of false security before—locking down external access to a database or component and feeling like we’ve done all we need to do to secure company data.

But that feeling is fleeting. Attacks these days can happen in many ways and from angles we never saw coming. That’s why companies like Webroot, who focus on security solutions, want to inform those of us in the IT security industry on best ways to protect ourselves from multi-vector attacks, not single endpoint protection.

Watch Webroot’s discussion of the complexities of modern-day cyber threats and how we can properly practice multi-vector protection for maximum security.
These basic tips can help you stay vigilant and protect yourself from falling victim to phishing attempts.
In today's world, data is more critical than ever. The amount of data generated grows exponentially, and new data sources are constantly emerging. This has led to the rise of the data-driven economy, where businesses and organizations use data to ga…

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