Video Guidelines

The goal of each video is to teach the user a specific task that they will be able to complete after watching the video, or a theory that they can understand and use in their work. The video should accomplish this goal in five minutes or less. The tutorial script should follow this format:

Step 1


Begin the video by stating your name, who you are, the task or theory that will be covered (the goal) and how you will accomplish it. For example: “Hello, this is Bob Smith, and I will show you how to develop pivot tables in Macintosh Microsoft Excel 2008.” Please ensure that you call out software version and operating system as appropriate. Introductions should not exceed 15 seconds.

Step 2


Record each step used to complete the task or understand the concept covered in the introduction. Be sure that all actions performed are clearly contained on the recorded screen (or offline video of physical actions), and that the quality of the recording allows a user to easily see details for all steps performed. When navigating on the screen, please use your mouse instead of keyboard commands so that the viewer knows where to click.

Step 3


After you have recorded all steps, reiterate the goal of the video and demonstrate the completed task or concept.

NOTE: Experts Exchange will add an intro and outro animation to each video so there is no need to include these.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Video be?

Videos can be 5 minutes or less. If your topic takes more than 5 minutes to cover, you can create a series of videos to cover the complete topic, breaking it down into 5-minute sub-topics

How should I record Videos?

Videos should be recorded using screencasting software (and offline video equipment, when necessary.) If you do not already have screencasting software, we suggest using one of the following options:

  1. Windows: Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 - Free
  2. Mac: QuickTime Player - Pre-Downloaded. Steps: Click File / New Screen Recording
  3. Other Screen Recording Software is fine, too, and Camtasia is a popular choice for those looking to invest a little more.
In what video format/specification should Videos be saved?

The requested specifications for videos are as follows:

  1. Video compressor/codec: MPEG4 (.mp4 or .wmv)
  2. Video data rate: 6 MB or greater
  3. Audio rate: 48,000 samples per second, 16 bit, uncompressed (PCM) or MPEG Audio at 224 KB or greater
  4. Image aspect ratio is 16:9 (i.e. no 1440x1080 encode with 16:9 DAR flag). 1920x1080p full HD at 24 frames per second. No telecine or any kind of interlacing should be applied to online deliverables
  5. Recommended frame rate of 24 or 23.976 (not 30, 29.97, or 59.94)
  6. The pixel aspect ratio should be 1:1 (square pixels)

NOTE: The information provided above does not necessarily mean a complicated effort in configuration, as in most cases the default setting in the screen capture applications already produce these results.

What materials do I need to submit for each Video in addition to the video file?

To submit a Video for publishing, you will also need to submit the following information for each completed video:

  1. Title for the Video
  2. A description that explains the goal of the Video (for example: “In this Video, viewers will learn how to properly format headers in HTML using CSS.”) and any other necessary information such as software version and operating system, if applicable
  3. A list of topic areas (from to which the video is applicable. This will help members find your video
  4. (Optional for additional points) A written, numbered list of the steps and each step's details described in the “Process” section of the video
Do I receive Experts Exchange points for publishing Videos?

You can be awarded up to 12,000 points for a high-quality Video that is published to Experts Exchange, and can earn additional points from the community viewing and voting on your video.

What is the Video Publication Process?

Our editors will review your video for the quality standards listed above, and the video moves through the following statuses:

  1. Submitted

    When a video is submitted, it will be reviewed by an Editor to make sure it meets our minimum video guidelines. This process will take up to 3 business days. During this time, your video will be available on your profile but will not be promoted to members in the Experts Exchange network.

  2. Accepted Published

    A video reaches the "Published" status and is awarded 3,000 points if it meets the minimum video guidelines outlined above. It will be indexed and promoted to the Experts Exchange network. You will receive 100 points per endorsement of your video, and 1 point per page view.

  3. Approved Community Pick OR Editor's Choice

    A video reaches "Approved" status by reaching "Community Pick" status (awarded an additional 3,000 points once it receives 15 endorsements from members of the Experts Exchange Community) OR "Editor's Choice" status (Experts Exchange Editors identify the video as an exceptional submission and would like to recognize it as such).

  4. Awarded Community Pick AND Editor's Choice

    A video reaches the "Awarded" status and is given an additional 3,000 points if it has been chosen as a "Community Pick" with 15 endorsements AND the Experts Exchange Editors identify the video as an exceptional submission and award it "Editor's Choice."

NOTE: Your video can be a Community Pick, Editor's Choice, or both.

What makes a Video eligible for “Editor’s Choice”?

Here is what our Editors are looking for when reviewing videos:

  1. Structured & Clear

    Your video’s narration should have a clear structure and simple declarative sentences so the viewer can easily understand what you are trying to convey.

  2. Correct Grammar & Sound Quality

    Videos should be clear, understandable, and have minimal grammatical issues. We understand not everyone is a native English speaker or professional presenter, but you should aim to make your video clear and easily understandable. Be sure to test your recording device for feedback, distortion, and general quality.

  3. Original & Unique

    All videos should be your own original work. You can quote (or include) short sections of other professionals’ works so long as you include the correct citations, references and attributions. Videos should NOT be promotional in nature, and should have an unbiased perspective when reviewing specific products.

  4. Informative & Engaging

    Always check that your video provides valuable information and is recorded to be engaging and helpful to your audience.

  5. Concise & Comprehensive

    Videos should be comprehensive in that all of the pertinent information is presented within the 5 minute time limit.

  6. Comply with Terms of Use

    As with all content posted on Experts Exchange, your video must comply with the Experts Exchange Terms of Use.