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Award BIOS continously beeps ocasionally at start up.

I have an Award BIOS which was made in Dec. of 98, a W6BXA
Pentium II AGP Based Mainboard in a Pentium II 350 MGz, 64 meg SDRAM PCI 100.  When I turn on my system every now and then it beeps continously.  I am aware that this is the Award BIOS code for either Sytem memory, video card or motherboard problems.  I've checked to make sure the mother board and BIOS are compatible and they are.  I'd like to know if this is a hardware problem or software problem.
I have a warrenty but the guy keeps trying to tell me my
problems are software and warrenty doesn't cover it.
I also don't get the It is safe to shut down your computer.
I saw it the first time I shut down my system but after I
installed Virus Scan I see the Wait will Windows shuts down
screen and then the system shuts it's self off.  I'm using
Windows 98, and have turned off the power manager and the
quick shut down.  I've only been learning computers since
Sept. last year so I'm not sure which way to go to address
my problems.  
1 Solution
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If your system beeps during the POST (before you see "Starting Windows 95") then this is NOT a software problem.  It may be a configuration problem with BIOS settings, but it is NOT a software problem.
James ElliottManaging DirectorCommented:
Agreed......NOT a software problem. Are system settings correct in BIOS? Have u detected the HD? Is ur video card AGP...if so is AGP set to default video in BIOS? How often does this beeping happen? Do u do anything different at boot at the times when it beeps?.....MUCH more info please.

Your motherboard and case are ATX and so are supposed to turn off automatically. I could guide u through turning this setting it off but I don't understand why u would want to.
JWB062499Author Commented:
To leew, thank you for letting me know that there is no way it is software, I will be getting ahold of the computer salesman.
To jell, like I said I'm not a computer teck, to give you an idea I just figured out where my manual for my mainboard is.  The mainboard and BIOS are compatible according to the manual.  I'm going to print the manual and then go to the BIOS setup and make sure everything is okay.  I'm thinking though that if I have warrenty on hardware the warrenty should cover this, am I correct in thinking this.  How do I detect the HD and is this the hard drive you are referring to.  This happens scattered times.  I will go for at least two weeks sometimes without doing it, and then it will start again.  If I hit the reset button it will start up for me with no apparent problems.  It will do it for about two start ups sometimes just one and then it will start up again no problem.  After doing it a few times it dosn't happen for a week or two again.  I pay close attention to any changes when this happens and most of the time I had not made any changes of any sort, that is why I'm having trouble figuring it out.   I'm running Win98 not 95.  I've seen somewhere that Win98 and the Award BIOS have problems.  They just never said what problems so haven't a clue if this is one of them.   As far as it turning off by itself, the very first time I shut it down, I saw the It is now safe to turn off your computer, then like I said after installing Virus Scan I didn't get it anymore.  I've had to format my hard drive already once and the same thing happened again.  After installing Virus Scan it happened again.
I'm going to check out the BIOS tomorrow or the next day, need more ink for the printer and it's a holiday.

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Alot of the time continuous beeping is due to a faulty keyboard, try another keyboard if you can.
qgenther.  Not in this instance as the keyboard is one of the last devices to be checked in POST.  The beeping is happening before the POST is performed.  Therefore, it is an internal problem.  

JWB.  I would say that you have a motherboard fault and that you should have the motherboard exchanged.  If it is under warranty, you shouldnt have any problems in doing so.

This sort of thing could be faulty socket for your memory or video card, or it could be a defect on one of the tracks on the motherboard.  If you are game, I would try taking out one of the SIMMs and trying them one at a time.  You could also try swapping the video card with one you know that works, but this is difficult if you dont have access to one :)

The best bet would be to get someone who knew a fair bit about PCs to look at it - perferrably the people you bought it from.  However, I certainly dont hold a lot of confidence in people who say that your problem is software related when it is just so obvious it is hardware related.  This sort of practice is usually done by companies trying to dodge their warranty obligations.

All the best with a weird problem.  Im sure if you swap your motherboard, all will be OK.  Its just up to you as to how you go about this.

Best of luck,

Stuart, please quote who said that this is happening pre-post, because I don't see it.
My appologise, sgenther.  I miss read the question :)  This was about the forth fault in a row like this that I have been discussing.

Check CPU setup menu, correct speed take reference from mainboard manual.

Have you checked there is actualy PII 350 installed and does the CPU overheat in use, check the cooler working.

I have seen macines build whit lower CPU's than labeled.

If all Bios setings are correct then, I mainly suspect the power supply, the voltage may take too long to get steady and the mainbord won't start properly, thats why it beep at once as you start it. This may be caused by bad conections also. Do you have that optional systemmonitor chip?

Depends your waranty what is the best to do in here.


I've seen similar problems when one of the cards are only partially seated.  Especially common when a memeory card is not firmly in place.  Another thing to check is the cables from the power supply.

This is all assuming that the folks you bought it from are not honoring the warrenty so that you have to fix it yourself.
 According to the Award Bios web site, the only beep code utilized by
 their bios, simply indicates that a video error has occurred and the BIOS
 cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.
 This beep code consists of a single long beep followed by two short
 beeps. If you are receiving any other beeps, it's probably a RAM

Trying looking for beep error codes at hardwarecentral.com...

JWB062499Author Commented:
To Stuart Johnson- I'm not game for checking out the simms.  My husband has no faith in me following instruction and will not allow me to tinker with a computer under warrenty.  It seems like this is not something basic, and have reservations about getting the computer tech that sold me this to do it himself.  His suggestion to fixing my problem was to reinstall win98.  He gave me the wrong command for formatting the hard drive and then didn' get back to me for a week.  I've tried to return it and get my money back, but there was that , It's software so it's your problem.  Also Stuart the beeping happens seconds after I push the power button.
The screen does not display anything at all.  Would this mean it is happening in Pre-Post, yes?  Also we have to keep in mind it doesn't happen every time.  I found PC-Cillin98 on my pc 100 c-d.  Got ride of the Virus Scan and installed that.  It was on the same c-d that my video, sound and IDE drivers are on, so I'm thinking that
it is more suited for what I have.  
The thing I'm haveing a hard time grasping is that if it is hardware, why is it not beeping every time I start it.  It is good to me more often than not, also if I hit the reset or boot button, (unsure the actuall name for it) it will start up with no problem.
I went into my msconfiq to check out what is on the startup and I notice that on the
gereral tab the selective startup is choosen, and the checked ones are Process Autoexec.bat file, process system.ini, process win.ini and load start up groups.
Could this have anything to do with it.  Havent a clue why normal startup would not be choosen, if this was changed from the oringinal settings I sure didn't change it.
To Matti, this is the only system I have beside a commadore :~) no use to me.
How do I check to see if it is an actuall PentII with 350 MHz without taking off the
cover.  If it is the power supply why does it not do it every time.  I don't change a single thing and it goes from fine for two weeks or what ever and then is decides to start beeping for the next three or four startups, and it has alos gone as long as beeping everytime I start it up for  two weeks at a time, with good startups in between.  I've read the typing that comes up when the puter starts up and yes every thing is what the system says it is.
To Computist.  I've checked all exterior cables for loss connections, even had to unplug them all so I could move the system to a different spot on the desk.  No diffence made at all.  And I strongly believe that if the people I bought it from are so quick to say it is software without taking the time to check it out will be quick to say the warrenty is void if I take the cover off so I will not do that untill it is for sure that they will not help me.  I've been given the run around since March, when I bought it.
To Rayt333 You should check a little deeper into the Award Bios site there are three different beep codes for the Award BIOS.  One long beep for memory problem, One long and two short for Video error and Continuous beeping for memory or video problem, for the continuous beeping they suggest that system memory, video card and motherboard be checked.  Don't want to crack the seal, it's under warrenty.  There are no stickers that say void if opened but I've been given the run around already and don't want to give them an option to say warrenty void.
I've left a message on his machince three days ago and he still hasn't got back to me. You say it could be a ram problem.  I've already asked this question under systems on this web site and have been told it wasn't a problem but my icon for the 32bit ODBC has changed to a white square icon with the windows logo in it.
It was not like this before, and don't know how long ago this happened.  I was told it was okay.
To Delphiusr, thanks for the url and will go check it out to see if they have any addition info on the Award BIOS that they didn't offer them selves.  I've contacted Award BIOS to see if there was an upgrade for my BIOS that goes with my mainboard and they say there is but I can't get ahold of them on the phone, either we are on the net all the time or he is busy with others.  I would have to assume that warrenties don't cover upgrades.
All in all it still makes no sense to me.  If I don't move the system at all, don't change any settings or preferences of any sort, don't load new programs in or take old ones out.  Why dosn't it do it constantly rather than scattered for no apparent reason.  I even start it up the exact same way, and shut it down the exact same way.  I have noticed though if I turn it one and don't use it or use the computer very little it seems to be  almost every time after this situation.  But even that doesn't make sense.  Still waiting on the ink, store ran out and have to wait a few more days to get my Main board manual printed up from the c-d, Would there also be a manual for  the BIOS settings or are these in with the mainboard manual.  In the manual for the mainboard it does say the the Award BIOS goes with the W6BXA pentium II AGP based mainboard.
JWB062499Author Commented:
Well I went into the BIOS setup and found out that my computer can be started up by a combination of two hot keys.  Nice of them to inform me of this.  ::-)
I tried starting up the computer this way and it sent my display back to 640 by 480 pixels.  This has happened a few times.  I did not change anything in the BIOS set yo, so it is not something there.  Almost everything is set the same as the default settings.  There is not Monitoring program there.  In the chipset features setup the Auto configuration is disabled but in the defaults in the manual it is enabled  and the on board serial port 2 is disabled also.  Only things different that I noticed.
I started the computer back up after it restarted and it did not beep.  I'm going to keep the display as is and see if I get anymore beeps.  I don't have a new monitor, I kept the one I was using for the 486 I had.  It has Daytek written on the outside of it but when I checked what it was in the system of the control panel on the 486 processor it said it was a Trident SVGA.  Had no problems with it then.  It is five years old,  I have no diskette or c-d for it.  Not even sure if you have to install anything specifice for the monitor itself.  The display adapter is a SIS 6326, do I need a new monitor?

You have one of four possible problems:

1. Bad SDRAM chip--Not likely or you couldn't restart with Reset button.

2. Bad Motherboard--Real Possiblility

3. Bad Processor--also Real Possibility

4. Border line Video Card---Not likely for same reason as number 1.

The Reset button momentarily shorts or adds +5V to the Processor Reset bus. This points more to the Processor not starting than to anything else!

Couldn't be the Power Supply for same reason as Number 1. Your Processor has to be correct and Setup right or it wouldn't run Normally after pressing the Reset.

Your Configuration Files can not be involved because they are not accessed until AFTER the POST runs. Likewise if your BIOS Settings were wrong the system Would not start with the
Reset button.

Your Shutdown has nothing to do with the Beeps on Startup.

You certainly have a WARRANTY situation. If the Dealer refuses to honor it see an Attorney. Let your Dealer know you are contacting an Attorney.

Any Dealer worth their salt should honor any problem on any new system (Software or Hardware). It is scum like this that gives the rest of the industry a bad name..


JWB062499Author Commented:
Hello jell,
 with my recent reminder of my monitor settings being sett back to 640 by 480 and I'm wondering more on this video thing.  In the BIOS under Intergrated Peripherals ; Init Display First is set at AGP.  In the BIOS feature setup; assign IRQ for VGA is enabled.  I'm assuming these are correct.

Yes my video card is an AGP.  My monitor is a SVGA.  The driver that was set up for me is a SIS 6326.  If there was a problem here would it be causeing a problem all the time.

Hello Stuart Johnson and Cumbo;
I'm thankfull for your assistance in helping me with something I had no idea about.
I've had problems with this computer since the day I brought it home.  It is now five months later with the warrenty slipping away.   I felt that it was impossible to be software, as if computers get corrupted as soon as you load the first program in.  The sales man tried to blame it on Virus Scan, so just to humor myself when he finally gets back to me he can't say that anymore.  I sure wish I could print this page and put it in his face.  I'm am not impressed with the way the computer world works and think it is a big scam.  :-(

I've had similiar problems with software companies trying to blame it on other programs not there own.  What a rat race.  Maybe I'll be able to enjoy the experience after all is fixed.  

Thank you once again for ending my journey on proving it was not software.
Jell could you get back to me on the video information.

I'd like to wait until I've talked to the sales rep to let you all know what comes out of this.  It will probably be around supper time Monday evening.  

This is only my second question I've asked at this site, first one I goofed :~)
How do I award points to more than One person,  I feel that more than one is
on the right track, let me know how I go about this?  Can I simply click on your
name and then let you know it is me and then you can send an answer rather than
sincerly JWB

JWB062499Author Commented:
Hi again jell,
It is not the monitor.  I left the settings in the display the way they were when they
got set back after being in the BIOS and starting the PC using the hot keys.

It didn't beep for two power ups and now it is back at it again.

You can print this page. Click on Print in your Browser or, click on File, Print.

By the way, the suggestion to upgrade your BIOS is a bad one since this could also void your Warranty. Also, if it were a BIOS problem the Computer wouldn't boot normally at times.

Why don't you wait until you get your dealer to fix the problem. Then award the points based on what the actual fix
was. If you get no specifics, then keep your points for another question.

The problem could not be Monitor related since the BIOS, Operating system and Video card will function even if the Monitor is off.

This is easy to check by turning the monitor off and rebooting. When you turn the monitor back on the video is there.

JWB - there has been a lot of data passed here, some of it conflicting, some confusing, some incorrect.

Good of cumbo to outline some of the possibilities, but I think he's wrong about the power supply.  The very fact that it's intermittent, and somewhat periodic, would put the power supply at the top of my list.  Could be that the problems are occurring on days when the power company is doing better than others, or worse, and your supply isn't good enough to absorb the differences.

I'd expect the badly seated cards *IF* you were going inside the box a lot.  But you're not, so the only thing that would make THAT problem come and go would be changes in temperature and/or humidity - and I suspect you would have noticed that.

I sort of get the impression that the outfit you bought this machine from built it up for you - is this the case?  If so, I would suspect the processor first, the memory next.  It's possible that the processor could be overclocked, and not really quite up to the task.  If it's a factory built machine, I'd be more likely to suspect the memory.  I've seen marginal memories a lot in the past, although these days it's getting fairly uncommon.

The flaky motherboard or graphics card are certainly possibilities, but in my opinion, way down the list from power supply, processor and RAM.

One thing we all can agree on - it's not software - forget about messing with Windows.  And it's not the monitor - the BIOS doesn't even know if there's a monitor plugged in.

The fact that autodetect is off in the BIOS is a little suspicious.  Most folks would leave it on unless there was something unusual about the hardware - like an overclocked processor for example.  That, and the fact that the vendor seems to want to convince you it's not hardware, when he knows it is (or is totally incompetent), makes me wonder a little about him.
If the beeps are lowish, 3 in a row with a short pause then another 3, that indicates a memory problem, I recently visited a site (URL now lost if someone sees something similar please post) that said that a LOT of PC 100 SDRAM is incompatible to intels specifications due to improper circuit board design, at frequencies of 100Mhz and more the whole board has to be "in tune" to have traces designed as waveguides etc, not just have the right speed chips and the right connections to them, so it could be a memory lockup or failure due to some random occurence of standing waves on the circuit board or other radio frequency wierdness that defies simplistic troubleshooting. That kind of design requires a lot of investment, so unless you have a big manufacturers name on the SD RAM circuit board (not the chips) then start suspecting that.

Road Warrior
JWB062499Author Commented:
Hello Cumbo,
I'm so impressed with all the response to my problem.
I've tried printing this page before and all I got was a solid color.
Tried changing the cartridge to just black ink and all I had then
was a solid black page.
For some reason I can not print from this site.
If I have to I will send the dealer here so he can see for himself that I was correct when I called him two days after I recieved the system telling him there was a hardware problem.  I even told him I wanted my money back.  He simply laughed and said it was, well you know it all now.

Great idea about waiting untill the dealer gets this thing fixed.  I will award the points then.  Some of you are pointing in the same direction so I plan on awarding more points to divide them up among the correct responses.

Hello jjmcd.
Yes you are very correct in alot of information.  Makes me wonder how so many systems can work!!!!
I am almost sure that he put this together himself or gave me his brothers.  I had sent in my 486 processor to have it upgraded and he told me it was not 2000 compatible.  This I believed seeings how the computer was 13 years old.  :~)

I had extreme problems with the memory when I first brought the computer home.
The memory you use to open programs that is.  

The sales rep (whom I might add claims to be a computer tech) to me it was from my Virus Scan program and I had to reinstall win98 after formatting the harddrive.
Yes this fixed the memory problem that I was noticing, I put Virus Scan back in and low and behold the problem seemed to be fixed.  With in a short time the continous beeping started again.  That is when I told him I wanted my money back.

To Road Warrior,
It is a continous beep, I had even let it go as long as 15 beeps before hitting the reset button.

To All
I've noticed that the C-D rom light does light up breifly before the beeping starts.
So would this mean that it is able to get as far as accessing the c-d rom?

The CD light flashes as it gets power and does it's own self test, all it means is it is getting power.

Your whole problem does definately seem to be hardware related, and I would definately take Cumbo's suggestion of having it repaired under warranty.  Regardless of what it *could* be, we will never know because we can not see the actual problem.  In my 12 years or so fixing these damn computers, there is nothing worse than an intermediate fault - especially pre-post failures.  They are a time consuming, expensive and irritating fault.

You have rights as a consumer to have the system repaired.  As Cumbo said, see an Attorney if all else fails.  My suggestion would be if he doesnt honour the warranty, find someone who will fix it and send the person you bought the PC from the bill!  I have done it before, and although you can get into quite a few arguments, in the end, you will always win.

Best of luck no matter how you go.  

PS.  My money is on the motherboard :P

PPS.  If you were sending in a 486 to have it upgraded, what difference would it make if it was Y2K compliant or not?  I think this guy is fully taking advantage of you.  I wouldnt trust him as far as I could kick him!!  Part the upgrade process these days is Y2K compliancy - unless he is putting second hand junk in his systems!!  This is a very strange statement from your dealer - when you consider he is supposed to be a computer technician!!!
To jjwb,

If the Power Supply were the problem how can a SOFT reboot correct it?


Did they give you a complete new case with the computer or,
did they upgrade using your old case? Probably has nothing to do with the problem but, I am curious.

Which Browser are you using?

Regarding power supplies ....

It's not the reboot that corrects it - it's the luck of the draw.

Watch the output from these supplies sometime on a sensitive meter .... they can be all over the map.  The output is almost random.  As long as the random variations are within spec, no problem.  But if the line voltage is a little high, or a little low (more likely in the summer), if it's a little warm so the parts are a little more sensitive, you can get pretty random results.  Periods like JWB describes where it is more common could very well correlate to times when the line voltage is a little more off than usual (in most places, the line voltage can vary substantially).

Another thing that is happening is that power companies haven't been doing their maintenance because of cost pressures.  A consequence of that is that the lines to the house are often not very good, or the connections might not be clean.  If you, or your neighbor, happen to be running the drier or the A/C, the voltage might be down by as much as 10-20 volts.  Again, this can appear random.  If this occurs at a time when demand is high, and the power company is having trouble keeping up, it can be much more common for a while, then seem to go away for a while as the power company puts another generator online or whatever.

Can't really fault the supply manufacturers.  If you were to buy a bench supply with the capabilities of a typical PC power supply, it would cost $200-300.  They gotta sell it to the computer manufacturers for around $10.  The prices of these supplies have plummeted in the past couple of years, but unlike in memories or processors, the technology really hasn't changed that much.  It's simply competitive pressures that have forced a no-frills approach.  They can't afford to make the supply any better than absolutely necesary.  Get your line power on the edge of what the supply was built for, and/or get a supply that isn't quite as good as average, and you got flakeys.

Interestingly, this is a place where a little older supply is likely to be better in terms of how well it's built - *EXCEPT* - that a power supply is one of the few parts of a PC that ages.  The electrolytic capacitors in the supply go soft over time.

If you check the specs on a computer power supply you will
see that they are rated for 100-120 VAC. These are switching
power supplies that are very tolerant of voltage drops.

If the AC voltage dropped below 110 volts you would see the lights dim.

Take a computer supply and connect it to a variac and lower
the voltage in 5 volt steps and, you will see what I mean.

Just to point something out.  If this system is under warranty, under no circumstances should you open the case unless you are a qualified tech.  It will void your warranty.  Take it back to the shop and insist they resolve the problem.
JWB062499Author Commented:
Hello Cumbo,
The system has a new case on it.  It has nothing in it that was in my old system.
On the sales reciept it shows the case in with the other specifications of the sytem.  
This makes me curious if it is a rebuild.  The BIOS is farely new, built on Dec. 28th
of 98, the main board manual suggests to use this BIOS version with this particular mainboard.  The sound card is what is suitted for the main board also.  Everything is suppose to be compatible.

I'm using Netscape communicator 128 bit version.  I also have a Canon 4400 series printer we just bought a month and a half ago.  Have not had any problems printing web sites with it before.  

Hello jjmcd
I spend time on the computer in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping.
Nothing else is running here except of course the electric alarm clock in the bed room.  It still does the beeping at night also, so if it is from low power supply it would be from the hydro company.  I had my washer and dryer running this morning and the kids have the t.v. and VCR on and the system did not beep at start up.
  The continouse beeping shows Motherboard, system memory, and video problems, says nothing about power input.  I did have problems with the memory you use to run current open programs before the sales rep. suggested formatting the hard drive and reinstall win98.  Haven't had any more problems with the memory thing but the beeping never left permenatly.


Take the system back and have them make it right. No dealer in their right mind would tell a customer to re-format the hard drive on a new system.

They should stand behind their product and, at least check the system in the shop before making blanket statements like
"it is a software problem".

Check your printer setup in Netscape. It may be set to your old printer.

JWB062499Author Commented:
Finally able to print this page.
Had to save it to My documents on my desktop.
Close the browser and my connection.  Then I
had to drag and drop the file I saved onto
the Netscape icon on my desktop, then it finally
allowed me to print it.  I've printed out stuff
off web pages before with this new printer.  Seem
to be running into more problems.
When I use to use the save as feature in Netscape
what ever I saved showed the netscape icon not a
white square with the windows logo in it.

To everyone who has commented;
I hope nobody on this page objects to me showing this
to the computer sales man who sold me this system, if it
comes down to it that is.


This is a public forum. No problem if you show the pages.

Good luck!!!!!

Goes for me too.  Stick it to him!! :

Which particular "Virus Scan" are you using??? I just had a sudden idea that it might be trying something clever/stupid in the way of innoculating the cmos ram against those newer viruses, since there are bytes in that that are unused by a majority of bioses, if your new system uses them for additional data, then a virus checker doing something strange in the way of detection/correction/innoculation in that area may be responsible for some wierd behaviour.

When the computer next boots correctly after a failure, do you get any messages anything like "cmos checksum failure, loading defaults" ??

just a thought,

Road Warrior
JWB062499Author Commented:
Road Warrior,
I have used every new release they put out since Mar.
of this year.  I uninstall the program before installing
the new update.  

I have never recieved any errors about the BIOS.
The only error I've seen was vxd error and that was
only prior to formatting the hard drive and reinstalling

I just reseintly got rid of the entire program and ran uninstaller after rebooting to clean the registry, and
am now using the PC-CILLIN98 that is on my driver c-d that
came with the system.

When the sales man told me it was the Virus program he told
me to edit the registry and it would be fine.  I'm not a computer wiz and already erased my previous computers hard
drive trying to edit the registry.  This was a tip from
my ISP tech to speed up the connection (change the MTU's).
I wasn't about to do it again :~)

After I did put Virus Scan back in after the second installation of win98 I had different problems.  This would
verify to me it wasn't the software.

Continueouse beeps is the keyboard key is stuck pick up your keyboard about six inches and drop it this is a tech fix

if it is two short beeps then a third and your agp is nvidia
it is a known issue with that card try takeing the screw out and booting up if this fixes it demand the card be replaced

by all means this is hardware related not software if that tech you got it from don't beleive you I would wonder what kind off poor tech he is tell him to go back to school
demand your money back and go to a more reputable dealer
rmunro - for a while I was agreeing with you about the tech - if the guy didn't think this was a hardware problem then he is either totally clueless or dishonest.

But then I read further, and JWB indicated she had a long bout with software problems before this problem.  I suspect the guy didn't even hear what she had to say, just wrote it off as yet another software problem.

At least I hope that's the case.  If the guy is a crook or an idiot, she's not going to get her problem resolved without a lawyer.

Please reject the answer. He jumped in after a week of effort by others. Another attempt at stealing points. He said nothing different than the rest of the thread.

Interesting, that a very new book says that a continuous bee is an indication of a motherboard failure.
I had the exact same thing happen to me when I put my newset computer together. It just beeped and wouldn't stop beeping. (This wasn't a keyboard error as at this point I was just testing the motherboard/memory combination).

It turned out that the problem was with the memory. The newer memory modules fit really tightly into the sockets and I didn't push down hard enough to properly seat it. You may want to check to see if your memory is properly seated. The amount of pressure I had to use was staggering in comparison to how careful one should be with motherboards and memory - violated everything I had ever been taught or learned. :) Oh well, hope that's it. Later!
JWB062499Author Commented:

The problem is not the keyboard.  I am very carefull with my computer and would NEVER treat any of it's parts in this
fashion unless it was being dropped in a garbage can.

JWB062499Author Commented:
I'm back all my helpers.

He took the system on Thursday.  Just got it back today.  He
sent out the video card to have it exchanged and temperarly put it a more expensive card for the time being leaving me the option to pay the extra difference of the cheaper brand.

I like this one much better already.  The problem did not show up on any of his tests.  I insisted that he checked the
memory card and the motherboard or the video card.  He
started with the easiest I'm assuming.  He kept the system
at the shop for an extra 4 days and it has not beeped once yet.

The main points will be going out to Stuart Johnson, can
you post an answer.

I would also like to award Cumbo for his persistance and
assistance in getting this page printed.

rayt333, you had the wrong code in your comment, the proper
code was continuous beeping, which I wrote in in a preveous

I'd like to thank matti for getting me to check out my
BIOS, as there were problems there.  Let me know how I
can send a small amount of points to you.

It is extrememly possible that the only visual problems
I was seeing at the time where software problems.  There
was no problems when the Computer dude ran the tests on it.
I never gave him a chance to say anything untill I told him
everything that was wrong with this.  :~)  I would also like
to award you some points.

Thank you everyone for giving me the strenght I needed to
get this system running without extra noises.  I still get
nervous when I start it up, but so far so good.  :~)

P.S.  He told me if it beeps again to bring it right back.

Congratulations!!!! Give the points to the other experts as I am not here for the points...

That is one reason I seldom post an answer. I like seeing a problem through to a successful end.

Thanks JWB.  Glad we could all help.  I'd be definately accepting your 'computer dudes' invitation of taking it back if anything else happens too it.


JWB062499Author Commented:
Thanks Stuart Johnson,

This was a difficult question to pin point.
Even the computer dude could not find the problem with his
testing equipment.

I'm giving you an A because the oringinal question was "Is
this hardware or software.

I'd like to give others points, but I can't figure out how.

JWB062499Author Commented:
The best deal I've come up with to offer Cumbo, Matti, and
jjmcd some points for sticking it out with me and being
my backup support in the event computer dude didn't help.

I'm going to post a question to each of you under new
computer user.  I'll simply say Hi and that this is regarding the BIOS beeping.  You can simply answer back
and this way I can give you credit.

Cumbo, it is very thoughtfull of you to refuse the points.
It would make me feel better if you could accept some points
I want to offer you.  Please look for the question I'm going
to post for you also.

Greetings to all.
JWB062499Author Commented:
Stuart Johnson

I went to upgrade the points from 70 to 90 for you.
I see at the top of the page it says worth 9 points.
I strongly believe I have goofed and didn't put the
zero in behind the nine.  

I am so very sorry if this is the case.  Please let me know
what you actually recieved for points for this answer.  If
it is only 9 points I'll post a question for you at computer, new users so I can give you the remander of your

Once again I'm so very sorry for my mistake and please not
get insallted, it was an honest mistake.


It says 9 points at the top of the page now because you have accepted Stuart's answer and the question has moved to the Previously Asked Questions area, where other people may buy the answer to the question for 10% of the original points, not because you mistyped.


Road Warrior
JWB062499Author Commented:
Thanks road warrior

Just confirming, the question was worth 90 points.  Thanks very much for that.

Good work all!


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